Yesterday’s Wreck, My son

100_9775Yesterday I held up ok, but today I’m just sick with worry. My son was in a head on collision on his way to work. a car pulled in front of him. Both cars ended up facing the opposite direction they were headed. I’m so thankful to the Lord that my son is alive as this is one of those accidents you don’t walk away from. He was wearing his seatbelt and that vehicle is sturdy. The frame is bent so it’s declared totaled.

He has two full time jobs and is a full time student. This was his last week at the 2nd job as school starts next week. He was using the second job to get ahead on car payments and help them through the academic year.

His main job—–He’s a medical transcriptionist for a large local hospital. He types at amazing speed and gets paid by the line. I’m worried he won’t be able to type.

His wrist were badly injured in the wreck. He had a bunch of xrays done yesterday and they’ll do his wrist soon. Right now he can’t move the right one. He’s bruised quite a bit on his shoulders, the air bag hurt his nose and scraped his arms, and his stomach hurts badly. Of course he is super sore all over.


100_9782His backpack flew from the back to the front and we think either that or the passenger airbag broke the windshield. See how his seat is sitting crooked?

100_9786The force of impact first threw him in to the steering wheel and the airbag stopped him. He has total recall of that and then he flew back against his seat—can you see the seat is out of alignment? This is one of the reasons his back is wrenched.

100_9776I’ll check back in later, I’m off to get ready to go to his house. He has the most precious adorable wife–and I love her so much. She’s there for him and that means all the world to me. He’s still got days ahead before we know he’s ok. So please pray. He’s such a good son! I have two wonderful boys and a dil who I adore.

I’m really worried about him. I’ll be taking them over supper soon. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes.

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  1. Kristy says:

    Hi! I love reading your articles on everything. You’re a good writer and photographer. How is your son doing? Kristy
    Thank you and my son is doing ok. Not great but ok. I’m so glad you like my blog. That made my day.


  2. lynnsgarden says:

    Your little boy (even when they’re men!) will be alright, Anna! Positive thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family!
    They grow up too fast and very sweet of you to word it that way. Thank you for the positive wishes.


  3. Betty Eshenou says:

    Sorry to hear about your son’s accident and glad he’s not hurt no worst than he is. He’s lucky he didn’t crack his sturum. Wish for him a speedy recovery. The flower beds are looking really good, Anna. I think that variety of cleome will be on my list for 2010. Somebody last year sent me some cleome seeds and I sprinkled them on the ground, but these mystery plant has taken over. It looks like a wild ageratum, yet it is in area where I had pentas last year and another place is where I had Victoria blue salvias a few years back that didn’t do well. I’m going to leave it and just see what it looks like, but it is beginning to bloom and one of the landscaping persons said he calls it Wild ageratum. Are you familiar with it? I know I haven’t planted any ageratum since living at this house.
    Thank you for the support about my son. He’s doing better today.

    Yes, I’ve heard of wild ageratum and geranium. I wouldn’t let it go to seed or you’ll be finding it everywhere. Sometimes cleome seeds will come up the following year after laying dormant. Senorita Rosalita doesn’t seed as she is a cultivar.

    You may have a bunch of weeds in your seeds if the company isn’t reputable. Buying off brand seeds can invite a whole host of foreigners in to your beds. My favorite two seed companies are Botanical Interest and Thompson and Morgan. I’ve never had trouble with either.


  4. Lona says:

    Amazing. No wonder the poor boy is sore and bruised all over. He is one lucky fella that he was not hurt more. It is one of those nightmares we mothers go through.Prayers are going up.
    I’ve always worried about this sort of thing and will continue too. It’s a good thing to pray even when the goings good. You know, I don’t mind one bit telling others we need prayer cause that is what the family of God is all about. Family! Thank you for stopping to offer support. I appreciate it.


  5. Yolanda says:

    Anna –

    Good morning. With the love and support of his family I am sure that your son will heal just fine. I am thinking about and praying for you all.
    That is so important isn’t it?, love and support–prayer the most important–and then we stand a good chance of healing. Sometimes we don’t heal without scars but we do heal. Thank you for stopping by to offer prayers. My son and dil read my blog and I’m sure they feel the hugs.


  6. Janet says:

    Man, doesn’t that just scare the crap out of you? (pardon my ‘french’) Rachel had an accident two summers ago, while we were in SC and the call I got was from her as they were loading her into the ambulance. That was the longest 8 hour drive home!! Hope he is healing and it is just bruising! wow.
    I can just imagine an 8 hour drive of excruciating worry. Wishing you could be right there and not on the road in route. Heaven forbid there should be traffic cause I’d get out and beat the crap out of anyone who got in the way of me and my child—and then I’d say excuse me.

    My son seems better today. He’s in a good mood and sitting around recouping with his dog. I hope the dog feels better too cause she worried herself sick.


  7. Just checking in to see how you are all doing today. One reader mentioned PTSD, and I imagine some of that for your son and his father, who came upon the scene immediately after it happened; and of course,you Mom. This stuff just reverberates in the heart of a mom for a long time.

    I loved hearing about the dog. Dogs are so caring and intuitive, and I love the way he sniffed your son’s wounds. You are all very much in my prayers today and in the ache-y days to come. I am praying for a full recovery for your son, body and mind, and for the rest of you who came so close to a tragedy.
    He’s got you in His hands, Karen
    Thank you for checking back. I’m really drained today but he seems better. Time will tell if all the owies are going to mend properly. I’m just glad it’s not worse. I feel like I might go take a nap as it’s been so exhausting to rehash the wreck in my brain over and over.

    His dog is in step with him and they are the best of buds. I’m not surprised she knew the whole story even before he walked in the door. She loves them so much. When they first got her, she developed a tear duct problem. It’s expensive to fix and so far hasn’t bothered her but does make her look odd. The breeder said he’d take the dog back—but my son and dil said no way—they accepted her as is. So she’s this beautiful English Pointer with a quirky little face. She can weave her way right to your heart if you give her half the chance.


  8. myenglishcountrygarden says:

    Anna- just saw your post and I want to send my best wishes and prayers for your sons recovery( and for his loving parents and friends to recover from the shock too).Huggs and kisses
    Thank you so much. He seems to feel less sore today and his countenance is better. Of course that makes me happier. When they hurt—I hurt.


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