100 year old brick for Copper Top Cottage’s patio


Remember this 100 year old house? Someone gave it too me so I can use the parts for whatever. I just had to move it!

See that pile of bricks on the second floor? I went up there today and got them. I also disassembled the second fireplace you see on the front right corner. It was super hard. You had to work in a pattern. Talk about heavy.

The brick is handmade and solid.

The flooring in the house is not stable and I was sitting on mostly open rafters with nice little hand forged nails sticking in my rear. It was really pleasant.

I arrived about 1pm and worked till 3ish by myself—hoping MrD would show up. When I left our house he was sleeping. I left him a note that said—-I’ve gone to get the brick. I took his truck, a ladder, and a sledge hammer. He showed up at 3 and worked with me till 7ish. I was so relieved. We’re about 1/4 done removing the brick and bringing them to our house.

The owner of this house lives on the property and is going to get a backhoe to help remove the roof so we can get to the fireplace on the two story side. Hopefully he’ll also knock it down. Much easier— even though it does break a few in the process. We are breaking them anyway as some are very brittle. It just happens.

The bricks on the second floor are leftovers from the roof knock down. One of the neighbors took a few but I’ve been promised the rest. I tried to use the same process on that two story fireplace as I did on the second smaller one in the corner but it was a no go. The mortar is stronger. There are a bunch of brick under the roofs that are laying on the ground.

This little farm house is located on a beautiful horse farm out in the country. It’s about 10 minutes from my home. The owner and I are testing a new organic soy growing juice. So far, the results are very impressive. Soon as I can market that product—I’ll introduce it to you. You’ll be shocked at the results. It gets rid of moles too! Do you have a shrub that is looking a bit tired? Just you wait and see what I have up my sleeve. Cutting edge technology!

The little fireplace in the corner did come down and we hauled most of that brick out back to Copper Top Cottage. There will be a patio for the shed and then little walkways running through the back beds. The walkways and patio will have a sand base with the brick on top.

I can’t imagine what kind of savings this is. I’ve never priced solid 100 year old brick. But I’m thinking it’s a gold mine and worth the effort to get them moved.

Let me tell you though—-the brick fronts that were facing the interior of the room were covered in a 2″ layer of the best plaster on earth. Numerous bangs with a sledgehammer is needed to get to the brick. It’s a slow process cause if you bang too hard you break the brick in half. I’m 5’4″ tall and standing on a ladder swinging one of those hand held mini sledgehammers over my head. It was nice to get the whole process to at least an un-ladder level. My arms are in ache mode.

Once you knocked off the plaster, there was figuring out which brick was loose enough to dislodge. I got pretty good at it. You’ll never get them dislodged in once piece of you don’t develop a pattern.

Copper Top Cottage:


I still have to pick out the outside paint color for Copper Top, paint the inside, paint the gecko leaf pattern on the floor, put up the lace curtains, put up the old window cabinets, and so much more. Many of you thought this project would be done ages ago. My projects tend to grow but be worth it in the end. Stay tuned.

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  1. Wendy says:

    Wow!! THat is so neat – and how cool that you got to scavenge for good stuff! Copper Top looks great so far!!
    Thank you and I get to keep going back and getting more!


  2. camille Paul says:

    I love that your are re-purposing the parts from an an old house. You are very resourceful! lucky you!
    I bet this is a very satisfying, if not tiring, project that will make you happy for years to come.
    Thanks for stopping by blog.


  3. nancybond says:

    Anna, I’m so sorry to read about your son’s accident! I do hope that his x-rays and other tests were all routine and that he has no serious injuries. Working as a paramedic, I saw many such accidents where the outcome wasn’t as good. He’ll be sore as the dickens for a while. What a shock for you all.

    Your little copper topped cottage is so adorable! I love copper, too. The brick should look amazing and what a wonderful way to acquire it. 🙂 Take care.
    Thank you so much. We went to see the car tonight. It was awful–the left side all bashed in. You are so right–it could have been tons worse. He’s such a good driver. He was probably going 5 miles under the speed limit cause he’s not a speeder. He transcribes for a large hospital and like you—knows how bad it could of been.


  4. Darla says:

    Yep!! Work it out……………..if you can… Your colors sound great!!


  5. Catherine says:

    Your cottage is looking great! I can tell you’re having fun with all the planning. The brick sounds like a lot of work, but it will so be worth it. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Sounds like you need a day to rest your arms before you get back in there with the sledgehammer.
    I am resting for sure. Had thought I would get back out there today but we had some very unfortunate news early this am. My son was in a bad car wreck and it totaled his car. He was hit head on and he’s so sore right now that he can hardly move. We’re waiting on xray results to see what internal damage it may have caused. He’s bruised up pretty badly and his right lung seems to be a bit under inflated. He is not in the hospital and has just gone home to rest.

    He was traveling to work and a car cut in front of him to make a left hand turn. I think the speed limit along there is 45. I haven’t seen the report yet —or the car. We’re going to take pictures tonight. My husband saw the car and he says I’m gonna cry.

    The seatbelts saved both drivers. Wear you seatbelt!

    We are so glad our dil wasn’t in the passenger seat as she would of hit the windshield most likely. My son is a medical transcriptionist and has excellent hand and eye coordination plus total recall.

    He says he can recall every minute his face came closer to the steering wheel and then the moment the air bag popped out and shoved his nose out of joint. He was grateful for the bag. His eyes aren’t black yet but I’m betting they will be tomorrow as more soreness sets in. I’m wondering too if his nose is broken.

    He is a big strong guy and out of sheer adrenaline forced his door open. It was jammed shut but that wasn’t keeping him in. He was terrified his car was going to catch fire which it didn’t and thank goodness. Nobody could get the door back shut afterwards which tells you it was stuck tight to begin with.

    The poor young man that hit him is Ok too but he was only 16. He was on his way to cross country practice at school. I’m sure he’s very shaken. My thought and prayers are with him too.

    We are counting our blessings to the Lord for looking after both young me.


  6. Gail Morris says:

    Anna, you amaze me!!! The Cottage looks adorable! Be careful crawling around the ruins! Can’t wait to see the finished “escape”! Robin’s egg blue would be perfect!! I am jealous!!! gail
    We will have to do a tea party. You can bring your favorite teddy bear! I am having loads of fun with it. So you think the Robin’s egg blue is good? There are lots of shades of that color.

    Thanks for the pictures of Winghaven and all the sayings. This will be a very good opportunity to decorate with sayings and such things. There is just no end for ideas to charm a place up like my little cottage/shed/elegant hideaway.


  7. That’s a project with a capital P!! VERY impressive. You are industrious, resourceful, persevering, and braver than most. You’ve probably been told that before, but I’m saying it again. Just amazing. Your CTC is wonderful and inventive. I just love it.
    You and Joe must come see it when it’s done. Thank you for saying such kind things. I am confident about my ‘Can Do’ attitude. I’ll at least give it my best shot!


  8. WOW! What a woman you are! But Copper Top Cottage looks like it’ll be lovely. Keep at it, girl, but remember those epsom salts baths!!
    I have a jet tub and it just might get some action.


  9. Randy says:

    Don’t forget my tip about cleaning the brick. Scrub the mortar on a very wet cinder block and it grates it right off the brick. Or at least it did for me. I can’t wait to see everything when it‘s done.
    Thank you for the tip and they will need to be cleaned that way. I tried to knock off the stuff with another brick–but they are too brittle for that. They are fine to walk on once laid properly–but you just can’t bang on them.


  10. Jen says:

    So smart and resourceful of you Anna – not to mention brave (since the site looks kinda scary!) Can’t wait to see the finished product. The workout is a bonus, huh?
    I hate to workout so this was nice to have fun while I was losing weight.


  11. mothernaturesgarden says:

    A job like that should be followed with an asprin. 🙂 CTC is coming along nicely.
    You can bet that a few doses of Aspirin have been consumed. I’m probably going over later today and do some more dislodging.


  12. Janet says:

    I ache just thinking about it! You are very industrious! It will look great when you get it laid into a patio. Good for you.
    I love doing it for myself but I’d starve if it was my day job.


  13. Darla says:

    Good work Anna…I can feel the soreness in my arms for you~~~so curious of the paint colors you have in mind….so much fun~~~
    Hey Darla—It is loads of fun to plan. I’m leaning towards a Robin’s egg blue for the outside and vanilla for the inside. I’ll keep you updated.

    I woke up this morning to a very sore back and arms. I guess that means get busy again and work the soreness out right?


  14. Les says:

    Your brick efforts will be worth it. You can not buy bricks today that will give your garden that instant aged look. Is Copper Top going to be used for storage, escape from the rain, a quiet get-away, for overwintering tenders or some of each?
    Copper Top is going to be an elegant hideaway. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted a garden house/ play house.

    The roof is copper on the front and tin with a few panels of that opaque roofing on the back. It will get lots of sun in the winter and I can overwinter several of my plants. I’ll also start seeds and cuttings in there. And make birdhouses, do some sketching, reading, future garden planning—it’s going to be Anna Central.


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