Rudbekia Cherry Brandy

Rudbekia Cherry Brandy by Thompson and Morgan

Here is the update to my rudbekia Cherry Brandy by Thompson and Morgan. The first seeds to germinate earlier in the season were not as deep red. Now they are this deep burgundy that you see in the photos.


Thompson and Morgan says this is the first red rudbekia to be produced by seed. I wonder if my second generation seeds will be true to the parent? I sure have lots of rudbekia of all different sorts—if they get together no telling what might come of it.

Rudbekia Cherry Brandy by Thompson and Morgan

Sorry to everyone that my blogroll images have disappeared. The load time for my blog was taking forever and I can’t show pictures like this and do that at the same time. But you know me, forever changing.

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  1. Betty Eshenou says:

    Hey, she’s a beauty! Might have to add that to 2010 list too. What’s the purple flower growing along side of the Rudbeckia? Can’t make it out with my eyesight. Hopefully when I go into eye Dr. Oct. 2nd. he will schedule my cateract surgery.
    They are very pretty and so deep colored. The first few blooms on each bunch isn’t so red–but the other blooms darken as the plant matures.

    The blue/purple in the bottom photo is Victoria Blue Salvia and I forgot which variety. The upper purple is Supertunia Bordeux by PW

    My mom got cataract surgery and she it was like someone turned all the lights on after she healed. She could not believe how bright everything was. She was thrilled with the results and healed in one day. I hope yours is as successful and you heal quickly too.


  2. Such a cool color, Anna. Hope it continues in our garden. H.
    It needs white flowers growing behind it so I’ll remember that next year.


  3. Heather says:

    Those are some darn handsome flowers! I am going to look for those for my garden. Rudbekia does well here and I like things that do well. Takes the crying out of it for me.
    I know right? They required practically no maintenance. I prepare my soil well but that’s about it.


  4. fairegarden says:

    Hi Anna, thanks for showing that these can actually grow and bloom from seed! Ours have not even formed buds yet, but are growing so maybe there is hope. I look forward to seeing if you get more reds from collected seed too. Your garden looks amazing! 🙂
    Thank you and these do flower long after the rest. They should be considered an early fall or very late summer bloomer in our Southern gardens.


  5. I’m glad you posted this; I’d seen this in nursery catalogues but you know how they are. I think your REAL red rudbeckias are beautiful. I agree with Catherine about the centers; I’d never actually thought about is but it is one of the big things that draws my attention. And I really like chocolate…

    If you get some illicit hybrids, that could be fun too!
    I knew you’d like this and I bet it gets added to lots of carts next season as people rush to buy. I’ll be one of them. I want to keep buying the seeds until I’m sure the 2nd generation seeds can produce originals.


  6. Hi Anna

    I’m growing this too. It’s in a pot. The flowers are a little past their best now and don’t seem to be producing more. I love the colour though. It’s quite near to chocolate cosmos. Yours look healthier mine!
    I’ve got to remove the spent blooms today to encourage more. I’ll try them in pots next year.


  7. Jen says:

    Love that pretty baby. My Sister, and I were in the most gorgeous little nursery last week, and they had masses of them outside the door. We stood there admiring them, going “oh I didn’t know that echinacea came in these wonderful colors” how brilliant they are. I was snapping photos like crazy, and then suddenly we realized that it was definitely not a echinacea. Both of us seasoned gardeners….I think we ended up the same color as the petals.

    I can certainly see how the mistake was made. You aren’t expecting a Cherry Brandy rudbekia for certain.


  8. Kalyan says:

    simply beautifully captured shots….lovely!


  9. cindee says:

    Lovely(-: I love those colors!!!!
    I like them so much and they were not expensive that I’ll order them again for next year.


  10. Catherine says:

    What a pretty color! I love the centers of rudbeckias almost as much as their petals. They somehow always make me think of chocolate.
    Chocolate and raspberries huh?


  11. Janet says:

    Very nice colors!! I like it!


  12. Beth says:

    Oh…I thought you were offering me an after dinner drink!
    Really, that is lovely. I am starting my gardens all over again, since we moved in March. Beth


  13. Les says:

    That certainly is a luscious color. It would indeed be interesting to see if they stay that color in the next generations.


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