The Best Roots In a Jar, Ipomoea batatas Midnight Lace

Ipomoea batatas Midnight Lace by Proven Winners

The best roots in a jar come from the new Illusion Midnight Lace and Emerald Lace Ipomoea batatas. They make a pretty impressive mound of luscious deep burgundy or emerald foliage too. I grew them in the ground and planters and they are by far the best Ipomoeas out there. They will not take over and have grown to about 3 feet by 3 feet this summer.  They will be available in garden centers Spring 2010. They proved to be disease, heat, and drought resistant in my zone 7 garden.

********** Updated to say—–this Ipomoea will not be planted in the ground! Sure I could make a million more of them this way but patent means—-PATENT. You can not reproduce this for yourself or for anyone else. I’m using this Ipomoea for a display—period! Just like if you cut flowers for an arrangement. Just wanted to make sure I cleared that up.

Ipomoea batatas Midnight Lace by Proven Winners

By patent, you can not share these cultivars so I root them in a jar for my enjoyment only. They’ve got the prettiest roots I’ve ever seen. They rooted in one day! I’m not kidding. The vase root pictures are from one week’s growth. So not only are they pretty to grow outside but they make a lovely and interesting arrangement inside. It last forever in water.

Ipomoea batatas Midnight Lace by Proven Winners

The leaves are more dramatic than others in the family and have deep cut spaces between the lobes. It’s very graceful.

Flowergardengirl craftsman cottage garden

Organized Mess!

Ipomoea batatas Emerald Lace

Just behind the wicker chair you can see Emerald Lace from earlier in the season. It is the same size now( Mid August) as the Midnight Lace from above so you can see how much it grew in once season. I like that it doesn’t get out of hand.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Sweet Bay says:

    I love your porch and your flower beds.
    Thank you


  2. Randy says:

    That sure is a cool plant. I wish it was a perennial for us.


  3. cindee says:

    Wow that does make a striking display! I love those plants!!!(-: Everything is looking fabulous in your garden!!!(-;


  4. Darla says:

    Very nice Anna. I linked to you today…..I haven’t seen this paticular Ipomoea yet..


  5. Wow, I had no idea that plants have legal rights. Vedddy interesting…A whole new world of litigation out there with plant judges and lawyers and lawsuits and everything we love about the legal system. I had no idea. You are a good girl to respect the patent, and saved yourself from getting sued for millions, probably.

    PS…I like the plant.
    As much stealing as is going on—it would not surprise me if lawsuits were filed on behalf of the those who spend years developing a cultivar. It’s OK to divide and share non patent plants like the very old fashioned variety. Even then you have to be careful who you purchased it from cause they may have attached legal rights. Otherwise the whole plant industry would go under and research would come to a halt.


  6. deb says:

    So, if I come to your house and swipe a cutting, what happens to me?
    You of all people would not do that and you know it. So I’m not worried. You just couldn’t resist finding out what I’d say. If I was worried about you, I’d remove your tomato category from my sidebar! That would surely cause you to run wailing with tail tucked.

    You must be feeling better.


  7. Janet says:

    Very pretty gardens Anna! Like the Emerald Lace a lot. Will keep my eyes open for it in the spring.
    Looked for your town on the interstate today….went up 85.
    You would have to have really good vision to see me from that far away. You’d have to get on 40 and go West. I could hear you yelling though. I appreciate the attempt. Next time stop for front porch gossip and goodies.


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