Sugar Tip, Blue, and White Chiffon Rose of Sharons

White Chiffon Rose of Sharon

Blooming beautifully in my garden are Proven Winners’ Chiffon series of Hibicus syriacus. I also have Blue Satin in the front and back of my house. They are all long bloomers which cover the bush from top to bottom. They grow quickly to approximately 12′ in just a few seasons. Hardy in zones 5-9. I like White Chiffon the best because it shows up so well from the road for great curb appeal.

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Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon by Proven Winners

Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon

Sugar Tip Rose of Sharon by Proven Winners

Sugar Tip Rose of Sharon

Sugar Tip Rose of Sharon by Proven Winners

And why did I put it by my back steps like this—long story—It was moved from our former home and survived sitting in the middle of our yard for 8 months of no watering and not attention while the house was being built. Then I moved it here May of 08 to give a chance to recuperate. I suppose it will be trimmed and moved again this Autumn. Just where I’m not sure yet but it is worth the effort. As you can see from the sidewalk that it has already lost lots of blooms that have dropped and it’s still going strong!

Blue Satin Rose of Sharon by Proven Winners

Lastly Blue Satin which has a bunch of eaten up leaves which is proof my garden is organic. Even with these poor leaves, the blooms have been beautiful. My other Rose of Sharons were not affected so badly. I can highly recommend PW’s cultivars. I would say that I have purchased about half of PW’s in my garden and PW has sent me the other half asking that I test them and then write about what I think. They do this for several garden writers and I’m appreciative. Just this week I got the new 2010 catalog and it’s fantastically beautiful. I think it’s the best one yet!

You can go to and look up plants for your zone—get color ideas, arrangement inspiration, and see their new online magazine. I was buying PW’s long before they ever showed interest in sending me any. I worked at a PW nursery for 6 years off and on and loved seeing the new plants come in. My passion is new cultivars and so far—-PW leads the way. I hope you will start asking your local nursery for them and be specific. A nursery would love to know what your desires are for 2010. You need to start asking now cause they are already making plans for what to order.

I’ll be making a list soon of my favorite and must have PW’s to share with you. I’ve not done that in the past and found it hard to locate the many I suggest to my friends and those I do arrangements for. This year I’m trying to get the word out so you can ask early and help your nursery get prepared. And how is my garden growing today…………

Flowergardengirl Craftsman Cottage Home and Garden

That crazy Senorita Rosalita cleome on the right—split in half, mended itself, and keeps on blooming like a fool.

Flowergardengirl Craftsman Cottage Home and Garden Knock Out Roses

Just in front left is the new Ipomoea by PW that I’m going to write about next! And my Knock Out red roses are doing well this year but not blooming as much as last year. We’ve been on the cool side except for yesterdays heat wave.

Cockscomb at Flowergardengirl's house

Look at my cut cockscomb vase—huge!

Ok—more in a bit…….hugs to all!

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  1. Pam/Digging says:

    Annie in Austin told me about your post too, and I’m even more wowed by seeing the ‘Senorita Rosalita’ cleome in your garden than in mine—and I’ve been plenty wowed by its performance in my own heat- and drought-stressed garden. Obviously this is one great plant, even if it does tend to split. If I can find it again next year, I may stake it, which I’ve never had to do in my life, but it would be worth the trouble for this lovely, nearly carefree plant.
    This is at least the 3rd year I’ve grown it and wished I would have planted more. I bought 3 and gave two away to beggars. I had to share the love. If you don’t get them early—they fly out of the nursery. It never stops blooming does it? I mean the thing is happy all day and night from Spring to Frost.


  2. Gail Morris says:

    The blue satin is my favorite!!! all of these are very “paintable” photos, Anna! Just beautiful! I love the terrarium on your kitchen island. Maybe this fall you can help me make one. I have a container just like yours!!!
    You make my head swell with all this painting of my photos. I’m so glad you can use and enjoy my photos. I intend on doing a post on you soon as you recuperate from your big art show coming up. It’s soon right?

    I will be very happy to help you with a terrarium. My DIl got me that container and I do love it.


  3. Sweet Bay says:

    Your garden is looking lovely. I really like the White Chiffon.
    Thank you and White Chiffon blooms a very long time.


  4. meghan says:

    your garden is looking beautiful! that ‘blue chiffon’ is soooo pretty; might have to add that to my list. 😉
    Yes, you must add it to the list—-that every growing list–and stay tuned for more trouble as I introduce the 2010s!


  5. Les says:

    My favorite from this series is the Blue Satin, I am not much on the doubles. I get a few of these brought in to sell every year. Unfortunately the begin blooming when summer traffic starts to die down at the shop. Is your Sugar Tip variegated?
    Blue Satin was my first Rose of Sharon purchase and Blue Muffin Viburnum was my very first PW purchase–they have a similar color don’t you think. No–my Sugar Tip isn’t variegated it’s just been eaten to death by bugs. That Sugar Tip was mislabeled and had a Lavender Chiffon tag on it—but I learned the difference and got that in straight order right quick.


  6. Randy says:

    Oh those are just beautiful! Jamie and wanted some for our garden, but we are just simply out of room.–Randy
    I do believe that you are out of room! But your gardens are so grand and the hard work shows. White is a nice addition to any size garden if you can swing it—cause it’s not so loud and stays quiet while it grows.


  7. Oh, I loved that. And a peek inside your kitchen, too! Pretty cool that PW is asking your opinion. Nice!
    PW sends plants to several garden writers and we are brutally honest. I don’t want to suggest something to you that might not work. There are very few PW’s that I don’t like and it’s mostly because my NC climate is just not right for them. So usually–I just don’t write about the ones that croak.


  8. Darla says:

    I haven’t a clue what my Rose of Sharon is, it’s the last one you have posted..I love it, I also have the double one just like it. They root soooo easily!! I have one started on my porch right now!! I have been eyeballing the white ones around town!!! Your gardens look beautiful Anna. Nice kitchen.
    Thank you and the Rose of Sharon’s are hard to name. There are so many on the market these days.


  9. Anna

    The stuff around your house is really growing in nicely.

    Tough as old boots those hibiscus. I like the white one best.
    Thank you! Rob, you won’t believe my Cherry Rudbekias–so slow to bloom and so slow to turn red but they did just as you said they would. Thanks for the advice.


  10. Love the blue Rose of Sharon, Flower Garden Girl, and the Sugar Tip is such a delicate color! In a rainier year they do pretty well here, but are looking pitiful in the summer of 2009.

    Pam/Digging is also testing Proven Winners… she posted about the Senorita Cleome, too – but when hers split in half it stayed in half. Too bad – it’s an interesting plant. Here’s Pam’s post.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    You are always so helpful and thoughtful–thank you for the link to Pam-I did go over and comment. I find it so interesting how different climates treat the plants. I’m inspired to do another post on the SR. I told Pam I’d link to it.


  11. Sunita says:

    Oh, I’m eating my heart out here! Those blues look so gorgeous but there isn’t a chance that I’ll get to see any of them in person … they’re not available here in Mumbai , or anywhere else in India, I think 😦
    Oh and I know all about lacy leaves and organic gardens, believe me! 😛
    And what a lovely home! I love the way you have landscaped around it. That cockscomb is really big, isn’t it? How long does it last as a cut flower?
    About the cleome … maybe it has a split personality now 😉
    Thank you and it’s actually been a calm year for bugs in the garden but then a slow one for bloomers. I had more blooms in the heat of last year and I surely thought this cool summer would be much better. Maybe it’s cause there haven’t been many bugs that there aren’t many blooms as one does help the other.

    Sorry you can’t get the PWs in your area. That is sad.


  12. I bought a PW ‘Blue Satin’ this year. I was so thrilled because it was labeled “deer resistant” — well, that only lasted until August. The deer have now demolished it. I did get to enjoy SOME blooms before they decided to munch it down to a skeleton. I thought I was so smart by planting it right after the Japanese Beetles packed up and left. HA!

    Anyway, if you know who tests deer resistance at PW, tell them they should trial in my garden! 🙂

    You would be perfect. I’ll pass that along to Danielle. I drive the woman nuts anyway. Blue Satin is the fastest grower so I think yours will mend and maybe grow higher than the deer next year.


  13. Dave says:

    Anna your house looks great! I really like the front landscaping you’ve done with the birch tree. I know birches have their problems but I’ll happily deal with them. I don’t have any Rose’s of Sharons but I’ve been told by certain relatives of my wife that i should have some.
    Thank you
    People worry about my birch tree but I assure them it’s a trained beast. I have her roots corralled with cinderblocks and I can call out a cherry picker trimmer to tame her height. I want it to provide shade to my little morning room.


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