The Home Moravian Church

The Home Moravian Church by

This is the church belonging to many generations of my family. I don’t belong in writing but consider myself part of the family that makes it a church. This is the Home Moravian Church in Old Salem, North Carolina. Moravians are a true worship congregation. They love to sing and fellowship. You would love it too!

Every now and then, I miss worshipping here and long to go back. Today is one of them. There is nothing like sitting in the pews of an old church full of families whose families came long before. This is a church full of tradition and customs just as true as they were back when the first Moravians came and built. I don’t know of many places on earth where you can do such a thing.

I’m away from my computer this week but I’ll be back soon. Hugs to all, Anna

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  1. Cathi says:

    I have been to Old Salem twice and absolutely fell in love with the whole area and the church. The architecture is beautiful. I hope to go inside the church one day.


  2. jgh says:

    Sometimes it’s very hard to find a church that you feel “at home” in. For a good exploration of science and creationism, read “The Language of God” by Francis Collins.


  3. Phillip (UK) says:

    Don’t worry Darla its not rude at all. Anna and I know each others views and agree to differ. She is one of the lovely people of this world but I will never understand how she mixes science and her views on Creationism. Its partly cultural. Church going and Christian beliefs in general are much rarer here in the UK, though most people I think would say they had some sort of spiritual belief. That is a gorgeous church and as I said if it gives Anna comfort and community to go to it, why not.


  4. Darla says:

    May I be so rude as to comment to Phillip’s comment………WHAT? A beautiful Church and I can see the worship, fellowship and the Spirit!!!


  5. Phillip (UK) says:

    I’ll never understand Anna how you as a scientist derive comfort from such fairy tales – but each to their own, and if it makes you happy.


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