Never too busy for the rain


It’s never too busy to stop for the rain. I’m working on a website this week and my client sent me this video telling me to take a break. I just love it. It calms me at first and then refreshes me at the end. Songs like this inspire me to be creative. I’m almost done with her site and except for helping to maintain it over the next few months, it–is–finished. I would show it to you but I’ll have to wait until December. They don’t want the creater of the website involved in the advertising until the release. It’s all so mysterious isn’t it?

Hope you are all well. I’ve also been learning the program GIMP—awesome and even better than photoshop–plus it’s free. Over the next week, I’ll have comments turned off and I’ll be involved in another hush hush situation—but you are in for a treat. I’ve got some photos ready to be posted day to day for you to enjoy.

I miss you all and I’ll be back at blogging in a little over a week.

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  1. hmmm, you’ve got me curious. I’m always glad when you’ve got more garden time and less computer time on your calendar. As much as I love your bloggy stuff, I like even better for you to enjoy your beautiful life. I have a feeling that’s also what you have in mind.
    Hugs and happy week ahead…


  2. That was interesting and unexpected. I like it. H.


  3. mothernaturesgarden says:

    I’m always interested in your adventures. Love PJ.


  4. Darla says:

    I was sorry that I missed the Gardening By Mail game too. Love all of your “Top Secret” projects Anna..Hush hush..


  5. Phillip (UK) says:

    Have a great week Anna, I’m sure it will all be worth waiting for. We have plenty of rain here at the moment if you want some!


  6. Janet says:

    Very interesting clip Anna. I am going to Google the GIMP program. Will I find it?


  7. Now you’ve got me all curious! Can’t wait to see what you are up to.
    It doesn’t have anything to do with gardening 🙂 It’s a website design and I’ve a lot of fun with it. It hit the front page of google search in its catagory tonight and I nearly had a baby.


  8. Betty says:

    What’s this “Gardening by letter” category on yours and others blogs? Can us “newbies” have an explanation of it? How does it work?
    Several months ago—I had people sign up that wanted to do a letter exchange and have it garden themed. Sign-ups are no longer open but the project will be going on till January of 2010. There were 12 people who signed up and we’ve been exchanging letters or cards once a month. We’re always behind schedule cause artsy folks are almost never on time with anything—but you should see some of the cards and gifts that have been coming in—just beautiful. Everyone mails me their stuff once a month and I remail it back out to that month’s recipient. The recipient gets an exciting package in the mail and then post about it.

    If I decide to do it again next year, I’ll let you know.


  9. Betty says:

    Looking forward to the surprize! Have a great weekend!
    Neat experiment making the sounds of rain. We had a much needed rain storm today. Wished it would do like that each day for 30 min. then let the sun come out as it did today.
    I hope you have a good weekend too. I love that video–I’ve listened to a million times.


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