Waving Your Colors


Flags hang patriotically on the streets of Old Salem, North Carolina.


There wasn’t much of a breeze blowing yesterday but a flag waves its glory even if there is no stir in the air. It will stir your emotions more than a gale force wind.


What do you think of when you see your country’s flag?

hg16There were flags hanging in the beautiful town of Wilmington.

Wilmington 2 224

Love the Cardinal vine.


There were flags in the Mennonite community of Dayton Virginia.


There is a flag on my uncle’s porch. He’s got a craftsman home.


And they decorate the fronts of houses no matter the season.

11That’s my former home above and it’s one of my favorite picutres of that house.

100_9774And then today at my current home. So do you wave your colors for your country? Is it just us Americans who show our patriotic heritage so often? What national holiday shows your country’s colors the best. For us, it is the 4th of July. It’s almost the end of July but I’ll still wave my flags.

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  1. Your flag pictures are amazing, Anna, and gave me a rush of pride for our country. We are proud to display the U.S.A. flag at our home! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.


  2. Lynn says:

    What a beautiful post! You have stunning homes, both old and new. I love the flagstone steps.


  3. Catherine says:

    I love seeing flags up too. I make sure ours is up for July 4th at least. I’ve noticed the main people on our street that put flags up are people in their retirement years. It’s almost like the younger families don’t think about it the same way. The main reason I like ours to be up is in support of our troops.


  4. Jane says:

    Anna, yes we do fly our flag. It shows support for our troops and lets others know we are proud of our freedom. Thanks for the pictures…love your blog! Jane


  5. Betty says:

    Peggy, don’t know where you live but there are many Mennonite and Amish communities in the USA, but Lancaster, Pa. seems to be the most recognized and if you ever get a chance to visit there, it is beautiful, interesting and so peaceful. From their sytle of clothing and hair sytle to their mode of living, it is unique. They are very good people and you’ll never come away from their tables hungary. Yummy food! The Mennonite have similar yet different beliefs than the Amish; they are not as strict. Do a search on the internet and you can learn more about them. I know a lot because my husband’s family lives in that area and he has Mennonite relatives.


  6. jgh says:

    Memorial Day thru 4th of July is when I put out flags. I don’t have a big one on a pole but I have a few small ones that I like to put in containers, like you did around your porch. There’s a really good chance though that I will forget to take them in and they end up hanging around til Veteran’s Day!
    It’s better to forget to take them down than not put them up at all–right? It’s one of the only things I can think of that goes with any style home.


  7. I love seeing flags waving on people’s houses. These pictures you took are wonderful! We decorate for the Fourth too and leave our flags up until fall pretty much. -Jackie
    Same here–I usually put them up same time and take them down when the weather starts getting yucky. Thank you about the pictures—I just love snapping shots and would do it all day if possible.


  8. I decorate for EVERYTHING!!! Every season…Valentines, Easter, Spring, Summer, 4th of July, Fall, Halloween and Christmas! I love to decorate!
    Yes! you do and it looks very good! You have a wonderful personality and that is why folks love to visit your blog and life. You make it fun.


  9. My fave is the multi flags gracing your former home. H.
    Thank you and I loved that stone. Wish I had it here.


  10. Janet says:

    Love the picture with the Mennonite buggy. Nice!
    And who can resist the baked goods!


  11. Heather says:

    I don’t have one yet but a nice flagpole and garden is on my list for next year for sure. Love them and the symbol for which they represent!
    Proud to be American rings true throughout the land! I bet the veges will grow better with a flag;)


  12. Betty says:

    Anna, do you remember what street that house in Wilmington was located? Some old home lovers have really done a fabulous job of restoring and saving those old homes. Thanks for sharing..that picture is making me homesick. When we were “home” 2 yrs. ago, we took a tour by trolley and saw some of these homes that had been restored to their beauty. They don’t come without a hefty pricetag though. Could you see me “grinning with pride” when I looked at that picture? You made my day!
    Yes, I knew you would love them. I don’t remember the street names as I was wandering around not caring if I got lost. MrD was in a meeting and I was being a street walker. 😉 Old Wilmington does have a keen preservation group. If you look at my sidebar–under catagories–you’ll see a story about a 154yr old house that was moved. It belongs to a man and his wife who have renovated many of the old homes of Wilmington. I interviewed them and did their story. Wonderful couple.


  13. Betty says:

    Can we see more photos of your former home? It looks pretty spectacular! Some of those first pictures of homes needed Flowergardengirl’s touch out front..some curb appeal. How can people live without flowers? Not even container flowers out front. I have to have flowers surrounding me as soon as it becomes Spring until the late Fall. Flowers make my day!
    Thank you so much. I’ll go find some pics and do a post some day. MrD and I built that stone wall. I’ll add stone to this house one day but just can’t afford it right now. Too many plans and not enough money. Flowers make my day too.


  14. Darla says:

    What gets under mine and my husband’s skin is that people hang their flags so proudly and then do not properly take care of them….Up at dawn, down at dusk…and out of the rain….Sounds petty to some…that flag is very important!
    If you display a big flag on a pole, house, etc-you are correct and it does need to be displayed properly. Having a light on it at night is the easiest way to keep from having to take it up and down. I can’t stand a torn flag—makes us look weak.


  15. Peggy says:

    Hi Anna, we don’t wave the national flag from individual homes either over here, county flags maybe for hurling or football matches . Your flags do look nice and decorate the houses. What is the Mennonite community?
    When I was little, I use to think that America was the only nation who fought for freedom and the only people who struggled to go from nothing to something—Ha! as it turns out…we are one of the newest to do so. I’m proud to be an American for certain but I’ve learned that you are proud to be Irish and just as equally.

    Let’s see, the Mennonites are a religious sect of warm hearted folks who strive to live pure and clean. Those are my words but you get the idea. They worship together and usually live on good farmland where they can be self sustaining. But they do live amongst others in the same area. They are loved for their baked goods, vegetables, farming advice–etc. They have stunningly beautiful farms–crystal clean. Their women dress modestly and depending on the group/order, their woman may dress in long dresses with their hair pulled back under a bonnet. Mennonites don’t usually use phones or electricity–again that is depending on which order they come from. They call their groups–order I believe. They use the buggies to get around and it’s a pretty site to see them out and about. I pretty much love everything about them.


  16. Autumnbelle says:

    It is usually on Independence Day or National Day that we seel the flags hung everywhere. We also raise it up during the weekly school assembly or when the national anthem is sang during official events. Cheers to your patrotism!
    I’ve lived all over the USA so I feel connected to the our flag more than others. Some Americans have lost that pride. I’d like to see them get it back. It’s pretty when a whole neighborhood flies their flag.


  17. Phillip (UK) says:

    Rob is right, rarely see it here, except on sporting events where it is often the flag of St. George. I think it would be considered rather odd over here.
    I completely understand what you are saying. And I actually wondered about that as I saw so many flags this weekend being displayed all over. Our country is proud of its United States but we could do a better job of being united. There is a huge cultural difference between NC and California–both have different issues of course but we like grits and they like?–not sure what their favorite food is–ha!


  18. Hi Anna

    There’s a few French flags waving about over here.

    Back in Britain, flags don’t get hung so much except for say major sporting events such as the soccer world cup. What has happened is that whereas 20 years ago the flag waving would be the Union Jack, nowadays it is usually the individual country, so where I was it would be the cross of St. George.
    OH yea, I can see what you mean. We have state flags too that we sometimes fly beside the country flag. Our NC flag is beautiful with all kinds of history designed in to the story.

    Rumor has it in these United States that some of that state flying may become more popular. Meaning—the more wealthy states don’t like helping out those that spent their money already. I’m not casting a vote on that issue but it is a dividing factor. With our states governing differently—-they don’t want to share debt.


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