Flower Dog

100_9762This is Flower Dog. She was staying with me last week and I wore her out. Well she’s not really Flower Dog unless she’s at my house. This is my grand dog. She’s an English pointer and my son said she needs to sleep in her kennel at night. You mean this one?

100_9763 This abandoned lonely kennel that hasn’t been used in a week? Me and Flower Dog have been out in the garden and I wore her out.


I was taking a picture, which you can enlarge, of my Knock Out roses and Bilbo jumped in front of the camera. I can not be responsible for his out of focus state cause he moved not me.


Growing in that rose bed is Amerboa <–click to purchase.


Guess what this is? Anyone know? I’d love to know ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have a lot of it. The seeds all came up. All of them.


I call the above shot—acitivity. Ha! Now how can I make that in to a card? The post on Bilbo will be up by noonish tomorrow. I hope.

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  1. Cinj says:

    They have more than one? I thought Ally was your grand dog. Am I just confused?? Bilbo? Oh, maybe he’s the statue… I guess it has been a busy summer, maybe I’m not focusing enough.

    Love those Amberboa, very pretty. Never seen them before. Getting ready to take son to the new HP movie but it’s been a while since I dropped by to say hello. Hope it’s a great day over there!
    I’m not getting around to many bloggers myself. I have loads of computer work to get done. It’s a good kind of busy.

    Bilbo is the statue and Allie is my grand dog–good memory. Did ya’ll enjoy the movie? I haven’t been to a movie in ages.


  2. Jen says:

    Amberboa is gorgeous. Love the puppy, darling.

    Could your mystery flower be Chinese Forget me nots? I am pretty sure that is what I planted this year, I have the blue version. And the shade of pink is similar, to regular forget me nots. They always have a funny purply pink tinge to them.

    It could be and tried to figure it out by googling that images. Maybe I’ll do a whole post on them to find out. Thanks for the guess. They sure are pretty and bloom profusely.

    I really liked your post on the neighbor’s cottage garden.


  3. Cute Flower Dog! ๐Ÿ™‚ Amberboa is not something I’ve tried. As always, must find out if it is deer resistant!

    I have deer too and they don’t bother it. But who knows right–if the deer get hungry–they eat.


  4. Janet says:

    I see Flower Dog likes sleeping next to the hearth. She seems quite comfy at your house. Your Knock-outs look great. Thinking that will be the type of rose I get for SC as a hedge near the driveway side of the house. Not sure on your reseeder. Sweet little flower.
    Blushing–thank you for noticing my Knock Outs. My grand dog loves to be at grandma’s house. I love her more than Newton loves rooting in your flower beds. I’m growing some white Knock-Outs too.


  5. woof-woof, romp, lay down, sleep. Flower dog’s life looks esp. good on a warm Saturday. Wish I was him.
    She does the sleeping part real well! And she eats like her life is in danger. She gobbles her food. I like to watch her drink the water afterwards. She’s a slobbering dog and MrD is a neat freak. He follows her around wiping the wood floor and her mouth. I don’t know who is funnier.

    I like your Virginia Lanai. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. Darla says:

    You are spoiling Flower Dog I see. What a cute photo. Your flowers look great and that Bilbo has some spunk jumping up in front of your roses….which look spectacular too.
    Bilbo is leaving tomorrow for Ireland. He’s sure a lucky chap isn’t he. He gets to go all over and spend the night with us ladies. My grand dog is spoiled. She looks forward to coming over here and living outside the rules!


  7. Phillip (UK) says:

    Great pictures, love the dog.
    I made a really funny video of her tonight. She runs like the wind and never barks. If she didn’t shed she’d be perfect.


  8. What a cutie.

    Amberboa muricata is a new one on me. Looks lovely. Is it drought tolerant?
    It’s the first time I’ve grown it too so don’t know yet. Our only drought was the past two weeks. It held up really well.


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