This Makes Me Giddy, Hollyhock


Ok, so this makes me tingly inside. I know some people reserve that kind of conversation for such things as love and… so….I love this hollyhock. She came in a package that said old fashioned mixed. But who knows really as I scattered a bunch and said grow darn you. And it did—and so did the cleome–and so did the Vanilla sunflowers by Martha Stewart. How grand is that?

100_9975Miss Old Fashioned Hollyhock is a pretty little thing even if she’s not looking at cha. Look at the veining–so elegant.


That’s some sassy cockscomb isn’t it?

I’m so extremely busy right now. I will resume visiting blogs soon. I’m designing cards, making podcast, doing more commercials, developing a website for someone, and redecorating my guest room–well even maybe my living room. I never really finished either since we’ve moved in the new house.

I appreciate those who stop by daily and leave comments. Thank you for that. I enjoy writing for you.

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  1. Gail Morris says:

    Anna, the hollyhocks are beautiful! Your photography is wonderful – you seem to capture the “personalities” of your flowers and make them real to the reader!! Don’t work too hard and forget to stop and “smell the roses”!!! Gail


  2. Darla says:

    Just beautiful Anna. I too have been very busy around here…..


  3. deb says:

    I’ve got hollyhock seeds from meadowview thymes and can’t wait to get them planted this fall. Need to clean up the bed first though, durn.


  4. RobinL says:

    I’m crazy about the black hollyhocks I planted this year. What a stunner! I just wish they’d stay pretty. Now they are all leggy and seedy, and the japanese beetles are feasting on them. But they sure were pretty while they lasted!


  5. Well I would be giddy if I had hoolyhocks too!! I planted 2 packs of them and not a one of them did a thing!!! I will try again next year! I am really excited about the “good” news ;-)! Can’t wait to see it!!!!


  6. ~~Rhonda says:

    The hollyhock is a beautiful color and it looks great paired with the cleome. I’ll have to give that combo a try. My hollyhocks were severely abused by the Japanese beetles. I am cutting back the poor, sad, leafless stalks and hoping to get some new stalks for early fall bloom. We shall see. ~~Rhonda


  7. Catherine says:

    A very pretty hollyhock. Maybe I need to get some new ones going in my garden, I have no pink ones anymore.
    It sounds like you are good busy 🙂


  8. Beautiful flower show. Those colors!! While you are working so hard, you enable me to take a mini-vacation when I come to your site! Thanks for making it possible!


  9. Jen says:

    Anna, I am giddy also. That is such a lovely color combo. Why didn’t I think to plant vanilla sunflowers this year? Mine are all lovely shades of russet. But now I want vanilla……LOL.



  10. So pretty and love the Cleome behind it! H.


  11. Janet says:

    Hi Anna, That is either a very tall Cleome or the Hollyhock is short! 🙂 Wish I had planted my Hollyhock seeds earlier. Lots of pretty colors in that garden!


  12. myenglishcountrygarden says:

    Ditto_ I lvoe hollyhocks.I prefer the single to the doubles but you never can tell what you are going to get with these ladies are you? I always think of them as female….don’t you? LOL


  13. Phillip (UK) says:

    That is one gorgeous Hollyhock. Remember to slow down some time and smell the flowers.


  14. Bee-yoo-tiful new blog design! The house ain’t bad either 😉 I have wanted to grow those sunflowers and am glad to see them here. Good luck with all your endeavors!


  15. nancybond says:

    I love Hollyhocks, too, Anna — such an old fashioned beauty. 🙂


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