Christmas Cards already ;)


I’ve already been ask to design some Christmas cards—do you want a peak? Of course this is solicitation. Contact me for quotes. I do corporation and boxed sets. This is a series that I’m working on for a local garden center.

Not your typical card huh!?

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  1. Jen says:

    This is so pretty – I love the colors in this card. We always design our own Christmas cards. I try different things but they usually involve photos of the kids and sometimes their artwork, but I’d love to work some garden photos in – wonder if could somehow do both!
    I get inspiration from just about any color and can make it a Christmas theme. I even think I’ll do one on Autumn and the thankfullness of the season–but make it Christmas cards. You do have that artistic flair and lots of creative ideas…….Let’s see—off the top of my head……I’m seeing the kids decked out in greys while sitting on some of the rock formations you showcase on those adventure walks. Have each kiddo holding a single colored flower–like a red geranium or something. Then say—Christmas Rocks!


  2. jodi (bloomingwriter) says:

    Of course I love these, Anna! Beautifully refreshing, and not your standard ‘snow and santa’ routine. You have such a glorious artistic flare. I’m envious, but in a happy, contented way.
    Thank you so much! I value your opinion greatly. I can see you liking the unusual as my Gardening by Letter early card was so unique and I’ve got it set aside to frame and put in my new guest room.


  3. Betty says:

    You’d think that Christmas Poinsettias would have been chosen to grace their cards, although I like the wording on the front. Are there going to be other versions? Gosh, is there anything you don’t do, Anna? You sure are talented; and get involved in so many things, how do you have time to sleep? Thanks for sharing with us, as always.
    Betty—I can’t lose weight 😉 and so there you have a major thing I struggle with daily.

    Although a hamburger I just ate from McD’s is not setting well. It tasted like it had liver in it. I hate liver. Course it was a good diet motivator. If this is what their new angus burgers taste like then they need to get a new cow.

    There will be lots of versions of the cards—-online ecards, valentines, special occasion-etc! I’ve got a business plan that was set in motion over a year ago and am taking things very slowly. Cards, aprons, gardening clothes—will all be under the Flowergardengirl name. I’m waiting on some trademark details for the merchandise but the cards are a go. I have a few clients who like my amateur photographs and one of the local garden centers is going to carry my line.

    Nothing will be for sale on this blog but I’ve purchased two domain names and am not sure which I’ll use for the business.

    Next year–I hope to offer some very unique Christmas Gardening items. So I have my hand in quite a few bags. Thanks for asking!


  4. Cinj says:

    Great idea Anna. It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas. I start my shopping the day after Christmas for next year. Well, at least I used to before money became an issue….
    You know I completely missed sending cards last year cause MrD was real sick. I just didn’t have the energy. I bet you make a lot of home-made items—which I love to get. My best friend says she would rather have something home-made from me any day.


  5. Jen says:

    Absolutely gorgeous.

    Hard to believe that it is time to start working on the Christmas orders already. I for one, am not ready to buckle down in the heat and start producing Christmas images. But I have no choice….sigh. Pinecones anyone?

    Oh goodness—what a nice thing to say coming from such talent as yourself. I don’t consider myself the card maker that you are. Your cards are up there with Rembrandt.


  6. Phillip (UK) says:

    Yes. I’ll take 30 Anna. Happy to pay the postage and a whatever you think reasonable.
    Really?, I’m thrilled Phillip! You won’t be disappointed–I promise.


  7. Darla says:

    We aren’t typical people now are we…LOL Beautiful!
    I love you for saying that!


  8. Janet says:

    Very nice. You are truly a woman of many talents.
    I enjoy it almost too much. I’m obsessed about it. My brain will not turn off.


  9. cindee says:

    That is my kind of card! I would love those! Wonderful creation(-:
    You should do them too! You could do a whole theme on creation!


  10. Joy says:

    Anna girl ! I had never even thought of this aspect … it is wonderful for a gardener to do something like this for Xmas cards .
    Thank you so much for the idea girl !
    Joy : )
    PS … that was a beauty by the way .. I have some nice hydrangea shots myself 😉
    You really should consider it! You have grand pictures and so many to choose from.

    I thought of you this week as I added extra support for Little Lamb. She blooms her heart out but the stems need something don’t they?


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