It’s always good porch sitting time!

We North Carolinians are having a marvelous Summer! Not too hot or muggy–so me and my MrD have been sitting on the porch/porches every chance we get. I post a lot about my porches and the swings. This came to the attention of Mary and Dave over at

Front Porch Ideas and more.<—–Click Link

Front Porch Ideas interviewed me about my porch and then wrote a beautiful post about it on their site.

See the post HERE.<—–Click Link



I am excited that they featured my porch and they have invited me back for a special on my Autumn decorating theme for the front porch. That makes me motivated to finish sewing my orange and sage cushions.

One the annuals I love growing around the porch—Lantana Apricot Frizz


I like Apricot Frizz cause it has yellow, peach, white, rose, and orange!


It only grows to 24 inches.


It matches the blooms on the Winchester honeysuckle climbing up my post.




Thank you Mary and Dave at Front Porch Ideas and more! <—-Link


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  1. Sweet Bay says:

    We have had a nice summer so far. Some evenings I’ve had to stop and remind myself that I’m in NC and not in PA (we lived there for 3 years about a dozen years ago).

    Your porch looks so lovely and inviting.
    Until tonight and it turned about 100% humidity–I was so happy. Well, still am and it is not nearly as hot as last year. We lived in NY during MrD’s AF years and they had gnats that drove you nuts. You had to wave your face constantly. It was so pretty up there but so cold in the winter. I guess NC is just about the most perfect place on earth when the humidity behaves.


  2. Jen says:

    Your porch is calling out to me now – looks so restful. ” Come smell the honeysuckle and drink Iced tea with Anna………..” Nobody in my neighborhood has a porch, but I’m thinking a couple of Adirondack chairs painted some pretty colors and set out under the canopy the big tree in the front yard might suffice. I would love to have a swing, though.
    I once saw–and will try to dig up the photo—a pergola out in the yard with big old vines growing on it. Hanging on one of the cross beams was a swing—I loved the whole thing.


  3. Les says:

    Just a little north and east of you it has also been fine porch sitting weather.
    My son is coming your way next weekend on a business trip. He’s looking forward to touring the area. You do get a cooler climate than I do but I’ve got a better winter 😉 I think–maybe you are so close to the ocean that it’s more mild. Well either way—it has been and continues to be a marvelous summer. Best since I moved back in 94.


  4. myenglishcountrygarden says:

    You know I find the idea of these porches so bewitching-as Phillip so rightly says we dont have this tradition much in england. The closest I can think of is a veranda, but we could never really leave the soft furnishings outside.

    I love your comment abut making people so comfortable that they dont want to leave. What an admirable philosophy 😉
    Thank you and I do love a visitor or two especially when it’s porch sitting time.

    I make my cushions so they can be washed. Haven’t had to do that this summer as it has been wonderful weather–dry and on the cool side. By cool, I mean in the 80’s. Last year was horrible with many days in the 100’s or close to it. This is like the summers of my youth. It may mean a good old fashioned snowy winter–which I love.


  5. Catherine says:

    I love your porch and the garden around it. It is so inviting! I enjoyed reading your interview too! 🙂
    Thank you for reading the article. I was thrilled they asked.


  6. Phillip (UK) says:

    Not a tradition we have over here with our weather, but a lovely thought and you have such a beautiful porch.
    NC does have good porch sitting weather in my location. My kids went to the mountains of NC this weekend for a horseback riding trip. They said it was about 10 degrees cooler and commented how lovely it was there—-and to which MrD replied–yes, but we will be 20 degrees warmer in winter.


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