Agastache Summer Glow


Summer Glow is appropriately named as it cast a golden tint to that part of the garden where it grows. The bees are nuts about it.



If you click on this photo and zoom in–you can see it on the middle left. It’s a small clump this year—-but just wait until it multiplies and takes over that spot!


I like it with the Alaska nasturtiums and coreopsis.


And the Black Eyed Susans


And this beautiful Sweet Potato Vine is only too kind to help set the yellows off nicely. Having more orange in the garden this year has been a big success.


Everything is growing very well together this year. I love it!


So I guess you know what I’m going to be doing next year—I’ll be dividing perennials and so glad to do it.


Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Would love to see three of those Ipomoea “Blackie” (or whichever) as a groundcover with the yellow rudbeckias just poking through… I’m inspired.


  2. jodi (bloomingwriter) says:

    Ooooh, you’ve got Summer Glow! I read about it but it’s not around here yet so I’m just happily enjoying yours. I’m hoping to see it here next year. Your perennials are doing fabulously, that’s for sure. I too will have to do some dividing next year, but at least I’ll be home and able to do it, unlike most of this spring. Things work out eventually, though, and stuff happens for a reason, I always believe.
    Hmmm, so you’ll be home—trusting that is a good thing all around.

    Yes, Summer Glow is glowing in my garden. It’s a profuse bloomer with little effort on my part. All I did was make sure the soil was in tip top shape of course. I’m pleased as punch with it.


  3. Karen Johnson says:

    I am in love with those nasturtiums and Black-eyed Susans. Such sunshine on a cloudy day.
    Put nasturtiums on your list for next season. They’ll do so well in VA. Sure wish you were going to grow them on that farm you guys had picked out.


  4. Janet says:

    Agastache is one plant I have not had in my garden. Think once I get to SC I will include it in my garden. Love all your pretty flowers.
    You’ll have oodles of choices and yes you must get agastache. I like them all.


  5. Cameron (Defining Your Home Garden) says:

    I planted small pots of summer glow and they are very lanky and falling over. I’ve been keeping one pinched back to see if I can create a sturdy plant. My ‘summer sky’ is fabulous, but the rating says zone 8 is the coldest and I’m in 7b. We’ll see if it overwinters. I sure hope it does! It looks like a salvia instead of an agastache.

    (sorry that I’ve not been around. So many things going on here. The archaeologist returns home today for the first time since February! I’ve been working on other family projects as well as travel writing. Grumpy stopped by my garden this week, so I had to do a lot of tidying up before his visit! LOL)
    No need to apologize. I’ve had very little chance to comment myself. I’m just glad when you do get the chance to stop by.

    I’ve decided that agastaches must be NC’s favorite flower–you know–they do so well here.


  6. Darla says:

    It all looks happy in their homes. Don’t you just love the variations around the eye of the Susans?
    Yes Darla and there are so many of them aren’t there? I’ve lost the names on some–never was good at keeping up with names.


  7. Phillip (UK) says:

    Don’t know this one. Great combinations again Anna. Love those Nasturtiums.
    Those Nasturtiums are on my list for next year too. They’ll reseed again but I’m going to get extra anyhow.


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