Summer Toes



Here are my collection of summer toes. Do you have summer toes? I’m going again next week and get them dolled up for our beach trip. I’ve got a bunch of flip flops too. Who wants to wear bulky shoes in summer—not me!

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  1. Shirley Bovshow "EdenMaker" says:

    Your feet are adorable…like a baby’s! Great summer splash.
    Thank you! My brothers use to tease me about my feet. They also told me I was adopted. Since I was the only one who looked exactly like my mom, it was more likely they were adopted! Ha! Brothers?


  2. jgh says:

    These are so cute. My daughter is really into the pedicure and is always after me to get fancy toes. I’m not the most patient and they always end up getting smeared, so I particularly admire anyone who can sport designs like this!
    I love the gal who does my piggies. She’s new to the US but honestly, our town is such a mix of folks that I don’t even pay attention to where people are from anymore. She is cute as a button and is learning English very well. I talked enough for both of us.

    The nail polish still looks fresh. I wonder what she used as a topcoat. It has stayed on through my gardening and flip flop wearing. That’s a miracle.


  3. Darla says:

    I love summer toes! Mine, are not blog worthy right now, they are barely flip-flop worthy!!
    Not sure what I’m gonna choose for the beach trip. I better choose something that will go with everything.


  4. cindee says:

    Super cute! Usually mine do look nice but at the moment they are in need of a pedicure(-:
    I would prefer to go once a month but don’t always get to.


  5. nancybond says:

    Lovely red piggies! 🙂 They look very summery, indeed.
    Red is the best huh? Cute and stylish. Sometimes I like a flower and sometimes I go nude 😉


  6. Cathy says:

    Looks great, I never had my toes done before I am too ticklish ha ha 😉
    I have a hard time when she puts the separators between my toes.


  7. those are some very fine looking toes! flowers, so appropriate here.
    I never got a hibiscus 😉 that would be a real statement huh?


  8. Heather says:

    How fun! I always spend so much time just trying to get the garden dirt off of mine. I suppose one shouldn’t garden in flip-flops. They are really cute painted and adorned like that!
    All my flops have been in the garden. I keep woolite so I can soak the flops and attempt to get the dirt off. I’ve had times when there was no way to keep a pedicure—especially when I worked at the garden center full time.


  9. Les says:

    I don’t have summer toes, but I do have summer socks. Since I work outside in shorts with work boots on, my legs are very tan, my feet are very white all the way over the ankle, like a permanment pair of socks. My working man’s tan line looks very silly at the beach.
    I hope you don’t wear black socks with tennis shoes! I know you are too cool for such a practice–right?


  10. Beth says:

    Hey, Love this blog!
    I have flip flop tan lines!
    Spent forever at your blog just looking around. You give a lot of blog love and promote beauty around the internet—lovely!


  11. Betty says:

    Which beach are you headed to? Have a great trip! My foot Dr. got after my son-in-law for wearing flip flops, said they ruin your feet and makes the Ft. Drs. rich! No support what so ever. I could never wear them myself, because I can’t stand anything between my toes.
    I’ve got comfy good for you flops and then fashion statements. I switch them off. We are going to Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort down near Pawleys Island. We’ve got some folks staying here at my house to take care of the flowers and chase off the burglars.


  12. myenglishcountrygarden says:

    LOL Youare funny. I cant wear flip flops because I hate to feel anything between my toes. I blame thsoe ballet lessons (and the pain of being in pointe shoes) So no- no flippies for me 😉
    Well I can’t nor have I ever worn ballet slippers. Now I use to be able to walk on my toes but wouldn’t try that now for a million reason–breaking my toes being the main.


  13. Janet says:

    Well, one of your ‘piggies’ is sure decorated nicely! I need a pedicure!!!
    I’m old enough to be so brazen huh?


  14. I call them piggies!


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