Rudbeckia x herta Cherry Brandy and Mexican Sunflower


Rudbeckia x hirta

This is suppose to be Rudbeckia x herta Cherry Brandy. Looks like it’s trying to be? I did google images of it grown by others and a few came out as such. I’ve not grown this before so am wondering if the petals continue to turn more burgundy. I grew it from seed and this is the first bloom from that bunch. I’ll keep you posted. It doesn’t look like the picture from Thompson and Morgan. But it does look like a few on the google internet images.

Since my seed packets got all mixed up in a storm, it’s hard to tell what is what except that it is a rudbeckia.

My Mexican Sunflowers are doing marvelously. Take a look at the Black swallowtail who decided to dine on her today. Botanical Interest Seeds


The swallowtails are just returning to my garden and just in time for the opening of most of my sunflowers.

100_9896 Gives me even more reasons to sit on the porch and watch.

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  1. Robur says:

    I see that your post is over a year old.

    This season I’ve grown what I thought were T&M’s Cherry Brandy.

    There are a couple of cherry ones, but many are in quite a range of colours, from almost orange to almost black. I was wondering if I’d got the packet mixed up with something else, but I don’t know what.

    I Googled for Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy and most of the images are the deep cherry colour, as advertised. Your image on Google was more like the ones I’ve got, so I came to this page, to see what you had to say.

    Actually, I quite like the variations.

    You’ve got some nice butterfly pictures.


  2. Hi Anna

    I’m growing the Rudbeckia in a pot. It’s sent out some flowers like this. Otherwise they’re a burgundy hue.

    I’m glad to hear you have some that look the same. I hope more become that deeper burgundy. It sure took a long time to flower.


  3. gail says:

    So glad you captured a beauty of a photo! They do flit around fast! Your blog is looking fantastic…must learn more so I can make that leap! Have a sweet day…I’m off to hunt flutterbies for a photo op! gail
    I hope you found some today. I do see more and never tire of taking their pics!

    Thanks about my blog—I created a glitch in it last night that took me hours to fix. That was no fun.


  4. autumnbelle says:

    Your header for the blog is lovely. And the photos so beautiful. I have never been able to succcessfully photograph a buttterfly before. They are so fast and constantly moving! I only get blurred images.
    Thank you so much. One of the reasons I fell in love with the blue on my blog was because it is easy to read. I knew right away I wanted that farm to go as my header cause the blue matched so nicely.

    Thank you for stopping by. I tried to get a photo of a white butterfly flitting about but she wold not sit still.


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