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Hey everyone—I’m working on blog stuff. So if you see me come by your blog and not comment—well then you know I just captured a pic of your home page to put on my sidebar. WordPress has a cool way of linking the blogroll to your site. So if you are a regular here—you will see your name in lights soon. It’s going to take awhile so keep checking back to see yours.  ;)!

Hugs to all! Anna

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  1. Dave says:

    It looks like a neat feature!


  2. deb says:

    Well that sounds cool. Can’t wait to see it.


  3. linda says:

    You’re always up to something new and surprising Anna! Kudos!


  4. Darla says:

    oh to see my name in lights! LOL Great work Anna.


  5. I agree with Philip, It makes for easy reading with the text and background.


  6. myenglishcountrygarden says:

    You are so clever-I didn’t know WordPress had this feature….I might be tempted to avoid potting on hollyhocks and dividing iris to discover just how to do this.
    I tlod you below-I love the new look page with the black and aqua. Stunning and sets off your posts beautifully. And I adore the header.


  7. patientgardener says:

    I too like the colour of the text on the black background. Would you mind if I copied it? Looking forward to seeing the blogroll. I’m on wordpress as well so I will have to see how to do this.


  8. Phillip says:

    I like this new text colour too – very easy to read.


  9. Janet says:

    Have fun with it!


  10. Jen says:

    This is really interesting, now of course you know that I am going to be checking back to see everyone.

    I really love this turquoise text on the charcoal. It really isn’t that hard to read.



  11. I wish I knew how to do cool stuff like that! H.


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