Miniature Buddleia, Lo and Behold

Lo and Behold Blue Chip Buddleia
Lo and Behold Buddleia

I’ve done a couple of post on this little mini butterfly bush called Lo and Behold by Proven Winners. HERE is one of those post and I give details on the specifications.  I really love it and tried to find more this year. It really is a mini and though it’s growing a bit taller in my garden than it’s 3 feet tag describes, I’m happy with the size. It’s pest free, maintenance free, and blooms non stop. Most of the time it is covered in butterflies. Take a look at how it is doing in my garden this year. It was planted Spring of 08.

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100_9852It is just to the right front of my bench. I have it in the front beds and it’s doing nicely as a small shrub. It stayed evergreen all winter in my zone 7 garden. I think it’s very hardy.


100_9771The blooms are the perfect size and don’t overwhelm everything around them.

100_9862 My gardens are starting to stop traffic and you know I love that! I get to tell people about my flowers. People need to slow down and enjoy isn’t that right?

100_9658I don’t build gardens for fame or glory. I build them to enjoy and hope that others will too. They seem to enjoy driving by slowly and the kids point and smile. That thrills my heart to no end.


100_9856Fun to watch the bees try to hang on!

100_9771And I really do love the little touches of orange. My garden loves being organic. Earlier had a horrible problem with earwigs. I left them alone cause they eat Japanese beetle grubs. Well wouldn’t you know it—-hardly any Japanese beetles which do more harm than the earwigs. Yea for mother nature.

100_9787So ya’ll run out and get you one of these Lo and Beholds cause I shouldn’t be the only one having so much fun!

Oh, and look at my Limelight hydrangea getting ready to bloom!


It has the most beautiful blooms from now till Autumn when they will turn a burgundy color.


100_9671Limelight gets to over 5 feet tall and will make a grand statement on this corner! And here is Little Lamb. Bless its heart its blooms are huge and this little hydrangea buckles under the weight. She needs to get older so she can carry all this beauty. For now, I have her plopped up with a tomato cage. 100_9672I see I need to weed;). Now isn’t that a lot of blooms for a shrub only a year old. Imagine what it will do in a year or too. They hydrangeas by Proven Winners bloom for a very long time.

**See Anna’s Garden Makeover and how she makes her garden bloom! Bloom Mix

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  1. Londen says:

    I just found your blog while I was reading up on butterfly bushes. WOW, your garden and house is beautiful!!
    We would like to put one in the back garden and have concerns about the bees. We have a 4 year old who plays out there.


    1. I’m so glad you left a comment so I could find your blog too–fantastic–I’m still there reading…and you are so creative! Nice to meet you.

      The butterfly bush would attract bees but how about planting something in front of it so your little one would not come in direct contact with it. ‘Miss Ruby’ and ‘Lo and Behold’ by Proven Winners Plants are two of my favorites. ‘Miss Ruby’ really blooms for a very long time.


  2. smevd says:

    Thank you again for the encouragement regarding my “Lo and Behold’s.” All five of them are in bloom right now and the two I put in large pots on my front porch are spectacular. I am excited to see them next summer, as you said they will even bloom more the following year. They started to bloom the last week of July. They are a very pretty shade of blue. Do they winter over well? I will take the two out of the pots and plant them in my rose garden in September and hopefully they will be established before the hard winter sets in.
    thanks again for your encouragement
    You are welcome and I think they do winter well here in NC. Mine did just fine. I do think I’ll give it a trim this year because—mine got to 4ft by 4ft. I want it to be smaller. I will buy more next year if I can find them. They get sold out fast.


  3. Morgan says:

    Anyone know where we can buy mineature buddlea this time of the summer?

    We are in SE PA–near Philadelphia and suburbs–in 19018. Or where is a good source online, please?

    I have MANY giant buddlea butterfly bushes–all different colors –I love them, but they’re a pain n the neck to cut back i Spring, must be deadheaded to rebloom, and could become invasive, as they are not a native plant.

    Still, Ilove them all! Would like to replace them with dwarf minis.


  4. Kathi says:

    I never found any this year :(…I will order online next spring so I don’t miss out! 🙂 It’s awesome!
    Boo Hiss! I know you wanted one.


  5. SMVD says:

    I purchased five Lo and Beholds this spring and so far I have NO blooms! I am north though and always a few weeks behind the town i live in which is only 4 miles south of me. I have two in pots on my front porch and they really seem to need a lot of water every day. I will have to move one very soon – because in my cottage style garden it is being buried by my other perennials. I can’t wait to see it bloom.
    My Lime lights are not blooming yet either, but are growing well over 6 feet tall. I just purchased a Little Lamb – the smaller counterpart to the Lime light – and hopefully it will be as hardy as the LL’s. My Annabells are blooming like crazy though. I have over 4 acres in the country and I just plant what stays healthy. Unfortunately, the Rudbeckia wants to crowd out everything else.
    thanks for the pictures – they are awesome
    You can prune Lo and Beholds at any time. They will bloom soon but bloom better the second year. I didn’t prune mine at all last year and it is blooming like crazy right now. So it’s pretty much the perfect plant—prune away.

    It will wilt without good moisture but does not like wet feet. It will be more drought tolerant next year for you—but in that pot, it will still need daily watering. Prune the ones in the pot hard after frost.


  6. Kim says:

    I’d love to find some of the Lo and Behold. I’ll look for it next year. My “petite” buddleia ‘Petite Plum’ is over 7 feet tall, and I cut it to the ground in the spring. The tag said 5 x 5 feet . . . . . . .


  7. Les says:

    I got 30 in the store to sell, one went to my Mom for her B-day. The rest flew out of the store. I hope you found the 2 you were looking for.


  8. Phillip says:

    I like the idea of a small Buddleia. I wonder if the Butterflies know the difference – does size matter (lol).
    There were some fat bees out there!

    I can’t believe this plant arrived in a 5″ pot last year.


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