Another Exciting Post About Senorita Rosalita


I am over the top excited about this cleome cultivar by Proven Winners. I’ve planted it every year since they released it to the public. They don’t reseed that I know of—boo!!! And this year I could only find one—-but look at what a statement it is making. She is one sassy woman.


She loves that mushroom compost I put in the soil in the Spring. I guess she likes that Black Cow I put in for the Autumn. I guess you could say she thanks me in abundant blooms.

100_9783She’s a big tease and always looks her best.

100_9791Lots of plants look at her and admire her upright stature. She’s got a good backbone and doesn’t slouch under the weight of her big blossoms;)


She’s right by my back entry so I can enjoy her when I’m both coming and going.

100_9659She’s not shy huh? She’s been dying to get around back and see what is blooming in my back beds.


Lots of sunflowers getting ready to burst open.

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  1. Jen says:

    I want to plant some cleome soon. It looks like your plants have just lept (leaped?)up out of the ground. Have they grown like a foot since you last posted a photo? They look beautiful.

    BTW, the doghouse you saw on my blog isn’t mine! (I wish!!) So you can’t sleep there. But you are definitely welcome to visit!!!
    That is some dog house and looks like that restaurant–Carrabus. They grow stuff on their roof. Thanks for the invite and you just never know!


  2. mothernaturesgarden says:

    I was sad because I saw no cleome had sprouted in my garden this season, until recently after rains and heat, all is go with seedlings here and there. They are the tall ones but my garden can handle it. I do like the variety pictured and am glad to know about it for areas where I want something shorter. Thanks.
    There are all kinds now and it’s fun to get the tall and short varieties. Too bad I have to buy the non seeding varieties over and over huh? But they are worth it.


  3. Anna, you have the most beautiful gardens and porch. I love looking at your photos and reading your journals. It’s relaxing just doing that! I’m excited to feature your porch on our website very soon. Thanks for sharing your beautiful gardens, porch and home here.


  4. ~~Rhonda says:

    I love the bushy habit of this cleome. So nice! And the pinks, blues and purples are beautiful together. Very nice job on the color combinations! ~~Rhonda


  5. Janet says:

    Senoritia Rosalita sure looks great in your garden. Having those that do reseed, it is a mixed problem…lots for next year…………and, lots for next year!


  6. myenglishcountrygarden says:

    That is beautiful:I tired growing cleomes a few years ago-disaster complete . I don’t think we have the necessary heat or the right growing conditions at all for them here in nearly East Anglia:-(

    Your is very very graceful and elegant:I like that in a plant, though Im not so keen on it in a person. I like messy 😉


  7. Phillip says:

    Great pictures and a beautiful plant. Presumably an F1 hybrid if it doesn’t seed. Wonderful colour.
    It is one of my favorite annuals. I wonder how long it would keep on keeping on in a semi tropical environment. So would it keep on blooming like this?


  8. deb says:

    Anna, that is a lovely cleome. Your flower beds look fantastic. Have great weekend. Tomorrow, I must camp. I might get dusty and hot. Back to gardening on Sunday if I live.
    My heart goes out to you and watch for ticks. I’m not a camper unless it rolls on wheels and has indoor plumbing.


  9. Gail says:

    She’s a beauty…I have white sparkler…couldn’t find Rosalita…how disappointing that she won’t reseed….The garden looks wonderful Anna! gail
    I’ve got to look up white sparkler. PW has a white Spirit–love it too.


  10. meghan says:

    i love it!! definitely putting her on my “must have” list for next spring!!
    Thank you for stopping by! yes, do get you one.


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