Blowing Rock 181I’ve shown this picture before but wanted Rob to see it. He recently posted his pictures of these pelargoniums. Here is my POST(<—click there) about the Azalea Garden Inn in Blowing Rock, NC and you can read about how Jimmie works tirelessly to care for all her flowers. Rob posted a beautiful picture of his pelargoniums all lined up in a row and I thought it was beautiful. His blog post is about–Plants In Pots!<—-Click there.  He lives in France and that certainly adds a  bit of romance to the pelargoniums don’t you think?

I too love geraniums and was wondering how many pictures I had of them–let’s go see—-

wilmington 1 050



Opps–that’s not a geranium is it? It’s sorta fuzzy cause I was taking his pic from a distance. He didn’t know;). He’s waiting on me to get done taking pics at The Mast Farm Inn. He had to wait a long time 🙂

Even the one below is pretty in all its plasticness.


I’m going to start looking for geraniums every where I go. I’m going to make a whole book full of nothing but geraniums. Looks like I got a good start.


Bees Late October 020

The picture  below is from this year. Ok, I’m off the the farmer’s market in Statesville, NC. I’m going to meet Kevin Campbell from Campbell Family Nursery in Harmony, NC. Tell you all about it when I get back and I may be hauling one of his Japanese maples to my house.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    Man! I didn’t plant any geraniums this year. Usually I do. Now I REALLY miss them.
    It’s ok, you got permission to plant them next year. 😉


  2. Hey Anna

    Nice images!

    I really like the pink one in the hanging, weathered terracotta pot.

    Cheers for the link by the way.

    Ur welcome and thank you.


  3. Janet says:

    I like the cascading geraniums (pelogoriums) but those red ones are sure nice.
    I like those too! There is a pink variety that I get almost every year but couldn’t find it this one. Will be go earlier next year and see.


  4. grrrrr-eat! I like the red ones best–so cheerful.


  5. gail says:

    They have a beauty that always makes me think of gardens in Europe! gail


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