The Bob Timberlake Gallery in Lexington, NC

Bob Timberlake is a true NC patriot. When big furniture wanted to take the production of his furniture overseas, he fought back and was successful in keeping it at home. Mr. Timberlake is known for his beautiful furniture and art pieces that reflect the true NC spirit. You can see his pieces on his website Bob Timberlake.

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  1. Jen says:

    NC has such a great reputation for furniture making, but I have a feeling Bob is among the top of the top. Beautiful stuff. Interesting to hear that he started out as a painter. (He’d be a fool not to take you up on the fried chicken, though)
    Yes, he should trade one of his bedroom sets for my chicken. I’ll even throw in mashed potatoes for one of his sheet comforter sets. His stuff is so beautiful. He is one of the best! He’s still a painter and probably most known for that. He’s got some very detailed flower prints. Love his pansies.


  2. That was really great. I love your new header and your high-tech site. Very impressive. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story.
    Oh funny–I’m not high tech! My puter does it all for me right? I’m waiting for this Mac to start cooking supper.


  3. Darla says:

    Love the furniture showroom..I could get lost in the nosing around. The grounds are pretty too. Enjoyed the story!
    When Bob stops by my house with his deliver truck I’ll let you know:).


  4. Janet says:

    Very nice production Anna. You are really getting high tech! Lovely photos.
    I really am moving up in the world. I can remember when we got our first black and white TV.


  5. Phillip says:

    What a gorgeous gallery and heart-warming story. Good for him.
    His stuff is pricey but so is my chicken.


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