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  1. Jen says:

    Oh Anna, that was simply charming, in the nicest sense of the word. I needed to both see, and hear that.

    You are one talented woman. Amazing

    Beautifully spoken story, wonderful images.

    Thank you.

    Blushing here—it’s just my Mac. I learned how to use it and it’s fun. I don’t sleep much but do enjoy exploring what this puter will do. So when I can’t get any shut eye, I see how badly I can make a movie. I’ve done some fun things with our family photos. The kids like it when I’m goofy.

    I did love my Aunt Nana more than words will express. She taught me so much.


  2. Betty says:

    My brother-in-law used to grow hollyhocks and I always thought they were so pretty. Wished I’d paid attention to see if he bought the plant or grew from seeds. I can picture the location in the flower garden beds and them standing so tall and erect. Brings back many memories for me. Somebody talked about growing up with a cigar tree in their yard. He had one of those too. I loved your video and you’ve got a wonder story telling voice! The commerical you did, what show did you say it appeared on? Was it just locally?
    Thank you Betty. If I get excited, I sound like I’m 5 so I try to keep it slow and lower my voice a level. Not easy for me since I get excited easily.

    I never heard of a cigar tree. I’ll have to look it up.

    My commercial is appearing locally on the Fox channel. It appears several times a week. Mostly during Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, and The Morning Show. I feel famous when it airs 😉


  3. Catherine says:

    I enjoyed your video! I love all the pretty flowers in it. Our hollyhocks have just started blooming here.
    I just saw your hollyhocks and they are so perfect. I can relate to your last post. I try to get things to grow that have no sense growing in such hot conditions as my garden. I try it once and then learn my lesson. But I do try!


  4. Yes, they are, in fact, mine died off right after blooming, so I assume they are in heaven right now. I’m not sure if they’ll return to earth next year or not. I will keep trying, though…
    I sure hope you got all your plants named. I have a few missing tags and that’s frustrating. I’ve never been good with names. I call a coreopsis a coreopsis and half the time foget if it’s Jane or Jill.

    You are funny about the hollyhocks being in heaven! I can’t believe they are gone already. Mine are just starting. My tomatoes are slow as Moses taking off. They are going to die of old age before we get to eat one.


  5. Darla says:

    Just beautiful. I planted some Hollyhock seed this year. A few came up, guess they will bloom next year?
    I have some that bloom next year too. I guess they are biennials. I try to read the packages and see which are first year bloomers. It gets confusing. I sure do love my deep burgundy one. I need to find the name. I planted so many and the tags either got ruined in the weather or accidentally thrown away.


  6. Janet says:

    Beautiful blooms Anna. I especially like the dark hollyhock at the end.
    I have several of the deep burgundy. The name is stuck in a pile of seed packets that got way too weathered. Remember all those seeds I started—well, not good if you need to remember which is which. They got all mixed up. Some tags got lost in a storm. But –I want to know so I can buy more since they bloomed the first year.

    I had a mild heart attack reading your take of the 4th festivities on your blog!


  7. I’m starting to write low down in the box because the ‘Select Categories’ heading sticks into the top bit.

    And I haven’t watched your video because moving images sometimes snarl up my computer so I generally avoid them. – And the still photo doesn’t look like Holl hocks as I know them – so I’m not doing very well!

    BUT – Hollyhocks are amongst my favourite flowers. I have some gentle-peach-coloured ones in flower at present and they get more interesting as the summer goes by – higher and higher and more flowers appearing as they grow. And when the seed head comes – they are amongst the most fascinating there are.

    I have learnt, recently, that Hollyhocks are not to everyone’s taste – but they certainly are to mine!

    Oh Esther, so sorry you were writing upside down—and couldn’t see the show. I’ve been working on this blog for two days. I’m hoping all is fixed now. I get a bit bored with my layout and am constantly changing things around. I am so glad you stopped by though.

    I am 100% a hollyhock lover. It just screams old fashioned to me. And you are correct. The still shot isn’t one—I had lots of my garden on the video.


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