Valle Crucis North Carolina and The Mast Farm Inn

100_9450I love North Carolina more than there are apple trees in one seed. Which means, it’s endless. As far back as my memory will take me, I’ve come to these mountains to celebrate the beauty in every season. You can see from the picture above that The Smoky Mountains are named appropriately. I’ve rarely seen my mountains on a clear day but rather it is the norm to see them cloaked in this magical misty presence. The picture was taken today about about 3pm. MrD and I drove up to Valle Crucis, Vale of the Cross, for the day. My destination was

The Mast General Store and The Mast Farm Inn.

100_9411MrD and I like to stay at quaint country inns and this is one of the best. The farm was established in the 1700s and has been completely renovated with all the comforts of today. The restaurant is called Simplicity and serves food from the garden you see above. Those are little bunny houses in the middle of the garden.

100_9413There are hives to assure the gardens are pollinated and of course delicious honey is the byproduct.

100_9408Lovingly maintained raised beds!

100_9260Stay a night in one of the rooms. I like them all.

100_9257The bathrooms are just as lovely.


100_9261Long wide hallways with period art and a sleeping porch on the far end. This is the second floor.

100_9265Beautiful quilts and comfy plush beds. I love the seating by the window—and look what else this room has to offer—–>

100_9266The perfect place to sit and absorb all the days treasures you purchased from the surrounding areas rich cultural events. Valle Crucis is a charming town with several antique stores, The Mast General Store and Annex, Boone and Blowing Rock are with a 30 minute drive, and you can go fly fishing or tubing down the river. In the winter, you can ski.



100_9282Enjoy the front parlor on the first level.


100_9289The dining room is quaint and inviting. They aren’t open every evening so make sure you check and get reservations before you go. There are two indoor dining areas and a pretty side yard area as well.



100_9288This is where you check in. Look at the old keys on the wall. The downstairs also has two rooms filled with local gourmet items and cooking mixes. Just look at all they have to offer!

100_9291Loved looking at all the goodies and it will make you want to take one of everything home with you. Our mountain folks are truly gifted and talented.


And maybe perhaps my favorite part was the porch!




If you prefer, you can stay in one of their fully furbished cottages and guest quarters.



100_9318Cozy and comfy inside.

100_9321A loft bedroom.

100_9319I can see myself enjoying this spot!

100_9334Things look so good weathered.






100_9447Please click on the link to read the history on the Mast family and this general store. This is the second of two stores in Valle Crucis. The one above has a huge candy section. You fill your bucket to overflowing and don’t worry above cavities. The Mast family tried to carry everything from candy to caskets for those who lived in this remote area.

100_9451Thanks for joining me and MrD in the Smoky Mountains today.

31 Comments Add yours

  1. Looks like a beautiful and peaceful place to stay! Love the B&B decor and at the garden area. Hope to get there one day. 🙂


  2. Patty Hicks says:

    Such a lovely setting. The weathered things are most beautiful to me…timeless. The patina of time always makes me wonder about those who spent their lives there.


  3. Natalya says:

    I am originally from the mountains of Northwestern NC, not far from Valle Crucis. I’ve always wanted to eat at the Mast Farm Inn. The pictures are wonderful, and considering that I now live in Southeast England make me feel pretty homesick! I just wanted to point out, however, that this area of the NC mountains is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains, not the Smokies.


    1. Anna says:

      Natalya, thanks for visiting my blog. I hope this year has been good to you and you are enjoying NC. I am a 9th generation NCer and have heard it called the Smokies all my life. Maybe I have been misled and need to research that. Very interesting.


  4. love the blog! my wife and i spent our honeymoon there and plan on visiting again soon. Check out my blog when you can!


  5. Rebecca says:

    I love that area of NC too. Several years ago I spent some time in Blowing Rock. I took off for a drive one day, to check out the surrounding countryside, got lost in a snow storm and ended up in Valle Crucis. I found the Mast General Store and spent a couple of hours there, waiting out the snowfall and drinking coffee. I could not believe my luck. If one is going to get lost or stranded, what better place? The store owners were kind enough to direct me back to Blowing Rock with a refill of coffee, and a slice of cake.

    Your pictures are beautiful. I’ll have to pay a visit someday to the Inn.
    Wow–what a great story. I too would love to be stranded at the this general store. So glad they were welcoming.


  6. Peggy says:

    Hi Anna, your love for your country comes across so well. It is a beautiful place and I love the old fashioned look and I am sure old fashioned hospitality and courtesy also. Thanks for sharing so many lovely photos.


  7. Anna

    That’s a seriously beautiful place in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Even the raised beds are a class act!

    They will love that you said such nice things. I hope they stop by your site and see how you entertain in such grand style! Wait till they see your France.


  8. Oh how fun Anna! I love the Mast Farm Inn. You make me want to take a long weekend! H.
    It wasn’t even crowded when we were there. The Mast General Store was crowded but the area was quiet and pristine.


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