My Cottage Garden Today


I’ve been working hard over the last year since we moved. The beds have good composted soil and beneficial microorganisms. There is a good worm ratio and it’s all organic. The bees and butterflies are in heaven. I had imagined more beds being complete and more plant material in by this point but when you do it properly it’s slow going right?

100_9151Normally, I plant in masses of color and I will. But the perennials aren’t big enough to divide yet. Next Spring I’ll divide and start my masses of color by the same plant. I like tall plants like phlox, rudbekias, daisies, bee balm, salvia, along with roses, peonies, and ornamental shrubs.

100_9084One of my favorite annuals is this Senorita Rosalita Cleome by Proven Winners. I wanted more but could only find one this year. I’ll get out early and buy several next year. It blooms like this all summer right to frost.

100_9086And you can’t have a cottage garden without lots of rudbekia of different varieties and daisies of course. Got to have my phlox too.



100_9119I’m waiting on the new red to bloom. I also have quite a few coneflowers.


100_9145The bed above is the newest. It was a vegetable garden last year but was so messy that we dug that up. I never plan my beds so this will evolve with plants that strike my fancy.

100_9142The back beds are full of sunflowers, hollyhocks, cleome, and so much more!

100_9077Malva Mystic Merlin by Thompson and Morgan

100_9112Hollyhock , this is a mix that a friend gave me and she didn’t know the name. I sure love it.


100_9078another hollyhock and my blacks haven’t bloomed yet.

100_9139Geraniums, caladiums, cockscomb, cosmos, hydrangeas, portulaca, Spirea, Lily of the Valley–and how can they all grow together–because this bed gets beautiful morning sun and afternoon shade.


Love this cockscomb. It’s getting so big. Goodness, how tall does it get? My seeds are a mix so I have orange, pink, red, and peach.



100_9127Told you that nerembergia rocks!



100_9136That’s a little Pine Tree succulent in bloom. It’s cute huh?

100_9068Thanks for stopping by the garden today.

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  1. Sweet Bay says:

    Wow, your garden looks fantastic!! You have done an amazing lot of work and it’s really paid off! I love Rudbeckias and Cleome too.
    Thank you and I really do enjoy my garden. I’m going out in a bit to sit in the front porch swing and watch the fireflies.


  2. joey says:

    Anna, your garden is stunning … pat yourself on the back … it’s only been a year! Your take on gardening is much like mine … find a love, adopt it, and make it fit! Love your cleome and cosmos, 2 favs in my mother’s garden and once in mine that should be re-introduced. Hubbard Lake hugs … EMS issues with Nan this week so life has been back/forth crazy … but family (including both sisters) left tonight after sunset supper, a night as good as it gets 🙂 Home tomorrow for quick home/garden fix before returning for 10 ‘dreamed-of’ days. Posts from me will be far and few between as … summer calls … BIG TIME! But you know where I am (only a thought away, dear friend).
    So glad you are at the lake a lot. I miss ya but am so happy for you and the whole Hubbard lake clan.

    Thank you for the sweet comments. I will save some of my cleome seeds for you. Then a bit of my garden can grow in yours.


  3. mothernaturesgarden says:

    Everything looks just wonderful and I like your idea of the plants up the stairs. I have some stairs on the high end of the deck we seldom use. It is perfect to display flowers. Thanks.
    I like the plants on the stairs too but it does make them a bit messy. That Nierembergia is spectacular.


  4. What fabulous gardens! And I love the succulents in the pots on the stairs. Now, I’m not sure what you mean by planting in mass color? Oh well, that’s just me!
    Thank you, planting in mass color means to plant a lot of the same plant–or a similar color in one area. I like sweeping groups of color and not mix matched all over. It will make sense when you see it next year.


  5. Betty says:

    Anna, love the cottage style look and it suits your beautiful home so well and your personality. Are you familiar with Russian Sage(aka Perovskia). Saw it planted everywhere in Arizona. It is supposed to be heat resistant and deer resistant. Beautiful plant. Saw another one that was orange planted in the landscape along the Phoenix highways/freeway while heading to airport. Have my feelers out to find the name of that now. It looks like a winner too. Have never had cleome or tall phlox so that will be on my wish list next year.
    Thank you and I do have both Russian and Mexican sage–love them both. They like to take off when the weather gets really hot. Russian sage is a perennial here in my zone 7 garden.


  6. Phillip says:

    Looking really good Anna. It has that slightly jumbled feel and great colours that to me mark a good cottage garden.
    I don’t think I could do a formal garden as there is too much planning involved with it. Thank you.


  7. I just love your garden! What a masterpiece of planning and hard work. Beautiful.


  8. All you hard work certainly shows, your garden is beautiful. So much color it’s so eye catching! Well Done


  9. Jen says:

    I especially love the containers on the steps – you have some really creative combos.
    Thank you and I didn’t get as wild as usual.


  10. Janet says:

    Anna, what a lovely garden. Love all the coneflowers and blackeyed susans. Think you garden like I do (only more organized) with a lot of color and variety.
    Thank you but I’m sure not that organized. When I see a plant I like, I buy it and then figure out where it is going.


  11. Les says:

    I know your house is new enough to still smell new, but your garden is beginning to look like it has been there longer than the bricks and mortar. You have a great collection of cottage classics, and they are filling in nicely. I hope you are having a great summer!
    Thank you Les and I’m still trying to figure out a way to come get two more Lo and Beholds from you. Not sure I can boo hiss.


  12. Looking great! Love your selections.

    Thanks and glad to live in NC where we have so much variety.


  13. myenglishcountrygarden says:

    It looks so lovely- you must be very proud and I admire you for tackling everything slowly and correctly. its frustrating -a little- but I think you will reap the rewards in the years to come .
    You are so right–frustrating when I want it to happen now. But I don’t want to watch a bunch of stuff die either cause it was put in too quickly or overcrowded. I tell myself it’s all fun–right? Even the weeding.


  14. VP says:

    It’s looking great already and you’ve given your plants lots of room to breathe so they’ll do you proud next year 🙂 It just shows that taking your time to get things right first time pays dividends in the long run.

    Have a great weekend!
    Thank you and I want this to fill in with some variety blooming all season.


  15. cindee says:

    Holey Spamoley!!! Your beds look awesome!!!!! Are you doing Fertilizer Friday? I just finished pruning the hedge and fertilizing everything. It was a long morning…lol(-: I am not sure what will transpire this weekend because the heat has arrived! Hope I don’t lose to much.
    I hope you don’t lose much either. Gosh it has been hot here too. I’m doing my fertilizing on Saturdays but can give you the credit. I saw your results and decided to get on the ball. Thank you


  16. Darla says:

    I second that, “Gorgeous!”. Can’t you gather the seeds from your cleome for next year? I wish my husband would agree to let me plant around our house. My flower gardens are throughout the yard. Your pine tree succulent, is that Angelina Sedum? You are very creative with your flower gardens…Just breathtaking ..!
    Thank you so much, I think my succulent is this one from the Dave’s site of info:

    I can save seeds from the Cleome and will. I do want a few more varieties. Now the Senorita Rosalita does not reseed. Some of the new cultivar varieties don’t.


  17. Your place is gorgeous! YOu have done so much hard work! It looks like you have lived there 5+ years!
    Pays to have moved so often that you know works and doesn’t. Hope I’m settled for a long time now. Thank you.


  18. Phillip says:

    Everything looks great. I love your front porch.
    Thank you and I love to sit out there. Come and join me sometime! I’m on my way to get strawberry cake and veges from a local mart. Supper is going to be yummy. Are you hungry?


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