Official flip flop season!

sunflowersummerSummer is here and so begins my search for the best flip flops on the market. Found some I’m nuts about so I need to know if any of you have tried them. The company is called Havaianas. Really cute sandals! The claim is they don’t smell and the bands won’t stretch out like less expensive brands. I love the selections. Take a look.

havaianastropicalfruitYes, I like themed shoes like these cuties with the charms looking so stylish and unique. If you click on the site, be sure and visit the About Us page. Watch what your cursor does–it was fun! I played with it for quite awhile. You know me—amused by such things and all.

havaianasgardenPefect, these are called Garden. All my shoes should be called garden cause they will end up in there at some point in their life. I ruin every pair of shoes I own walking in black mulch. You know what I mean. I would suspect so. You reach to deadhead and pinch–then you’ve done it. I know!

havaianasipeOk, this is just saucy!

havaianasslimlittlebirdsLittle Birds is right up our alley.

havaianasstarI love stars! Who doesn’t want them? Your piggies would look cute painted silver in these sweet shoesies.

And lastly but there is more on their site! You need to check out Havaianas! I’m going to order a pair and make my flip flop loving feet very happy. Can you resist?

havaianasLet me know if you own a pair!

I’ve had a bad cold you all and add to that a sinus infection and soon as I’m back up to speed, I’ll be around to visit. Mean time, I’ve been looking for flops.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Catherine says:

    Those are all cute! I love flip flops and would wear them year round if it was warm enough! We called them thongs when we were little, but now that means something else 🙂


    1. I called them that also. That is dating us you know.


  2. Jen says:

    I love the ones at Target – most under $16. I wear a pair out every year.


  3. I have been weraing flip flops since February…LOL!!! They are a must here during summer. Most people here don’t wear shoes…..flip flops only! I met a lady once that lived at the beach and called them beach side floppers!


  4. I will check out the site; I am a flip flop fool. I wear them all year long! Wow, though, there’s no way I’d pay $64, what’s up with that?


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