Just A Little Nuts About Malva Zebrina


100_8907I grew my Malva sylvestris Zebrina from seed this year. I couldn’t be more pleased with it. My seeds came from Thompson and Morgan. It will grow to 3 feet tall and bloom all summer. This is one plant I recommend for beginner gardeners because it is so easy. Sure is pretty and gives a lot of bang for the buck. I probably have about 10 plants in all.

100_8900I like the delicate look but it’s not delicate at all. It takes the heat and dry days without skipping a beat.

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  1. Heather says:

    I’m not a big hollyhock fan but i love the malva it is so wonderful and beautiful i am starting some indoors since it is already getting late when they start popping up i will keep them in a planter til next year then transplant them


  2. RobinL says:

    It’s good to know that Malva Zebrina is a coopertive plant, since I started some from seed this year too. No blooms here yet, but they are growing well. I just couldn’t resist the flower photo from the seed package. Yours are gorgeous!
    Thank you and I do love this plant. I’ve had it at least two other homes I’ve owned. Sure puts out the flowers.


  3. What lovely photos of an old favorite, Anna! I sure hope the soy formula that you’re testing for rust-mold works out and becomes availabte – my Malva zebrina gets rust, too.

    The individual plants may be short-lived in TX, but we’ve kept the strain alive. In my Austin garden now are the descendants of seeds planted in our Illinois garden in the late 1980’s. They are great Passalong plants, too!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


    1. I have only tried it on a few rust situations and it worked. It is a gem on fungus and works systemically to feed the plant too. I will be happy to share soon as it gets the proper approval. You should see the crops grown using it. Higher yeild while keeping clean water and soil. Woo hoo! I like having descendants of seeds!


  4. mothernaturesgarden says:

    This reseeds easily in my garden. I have some somewhere every year.


  5. Anna you’ve grown such a beautiful healthy malva(s).

    I purchased (cheating) a couple blue ones which I planted along the pergola. Sadly one has succumbed to rust.

    I’m jealous


    1. I’m testing an organic soy formula that is working well on rust and mold. Nips it right in the bud. The product is waiting on USDA approval and I might sell it myself cause it’s doing so well in my garden. It’s soy based. They are also testing it on crops in the area with fantastic results. NC is very environmentally ahead.


  6. ~~Rhonda says:

    Love ‘Zebrina’ in our garden. It has reseeded itself, but not aggressively so as we were warned it might. Haven’t had to pull any out. We do dig up some of the volunteers and move them around or pot them for plant sales, but we love this plant. Enjoy yours! And once you have them, you’ll always have them. 🙂 ~~Rhonda


  7. deb says:

    I love my French hollyhock. They reseed like crazy here, so I’ve gotta wach em.


  8. Jen says:

    We have the most boring plants in our condo landscape, but…growing in any available crack on the driveway are lots of malva, beautiful and bright, there might even be a stripe or two in the flowers. No one has any idea of how they got there, he, he, ha, ha,….no really I had nothing to do with it. Really.



  9. Robin says:

    I grew some last year and in the location where they were planted they came back all over the place. I need to do a post on them.


  10. Very lovely! Did you start the seeds in pots indoors, or direct sow? Curious minds want to know! I do believe they are deer resistant even though they look very tasty!



    1. I started them in dixie cups in my garage. No special light–etc. No deer have bothered mine yet thank goodness.


  11. Darla says:

    Okay, you’ve done it again! I’ll be searching for this one..


  12. I like the “zebrina” part…those pretty purple zebra stripes. From seed, huh. I don’t do seeds. Impressive, flowergardengirl!


  13. Joy says:

    Anna I have had them in my garden and I love them .. they have an attachment to a wonderful neighbour who introduced them to me. He was such an enthusiastic gardener .. sadly he passed away a few years ago from cancer. But I always remember him with these plants and sundrops.


  14. Janet says:

    I saw one of these at Monticello and it was over 6 feet tall!!! Be on the watch for rust spot on the leaves. If you get it remove the leaves that are affected. I ended up ripping mine out because of the rust spot. Have some new volunteers both outfront where they were and surprise..out in the wildflower garden as well.


  15. Phillip says:

    Lovely flowers. Thompson and Morgan’s head office is just a few miles from where my parents live.


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