Painting The Barn Where The Lavender Is Drying



I have so many pictures from my visit to the Sunshine Lavender Farm that I thought I’d post some of the best. Hope you enjoy.















That’s Tom Heggie above and he was painting the barn where the lavender was drying.


I saw Tom giving a few pointers to the sweet lady painting with him. Tom was offering lessons and I would sure enjoy hearing about what he sees as he puts his talent to paper.


This is one of two horses on the farm. I like the cool sunglasses.

100_8845At the barn where Annie has some lavender drying in the loft.


I like the rock chimney.

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  1. linda says:

    What a wonderful, delightful place Anna! Thank you so much for sharing your visit. I wish lavender liked our soil, (not that I have enough sun to grow it anyway.) It’s definitely one of my favorite scents. There’s something so fresh, and so relaxing about it.

    I know it’s been a while since I’ve been back to visit – still catching up from Spring Fling. So this is the first time I’ve seen your new haircut and color. I love it! It frames your face so beautifully, and (not that you needed to,) makes you look even younger! Absolutely lovely.


  2. That was such a peaceful retreat, and I didn’t even need to leave home. The quilts on the line make me swoon. I swear.~~Dee


  3. myenglishcountrygarden says:

    I love these posts.I love lavender….and I adore the quits.


  4. Catherine says:

    This place is just too cute. I’ve enjoyed all the posts about it. There is a lot of lavender grown in a town called Sequim (sqwim) towards the west coast. Every year I tell my husband I want to go see the festivals but we never make it. Maybe this year.
    I think lavender is my favorite smell of all. Ours is just starting to bloom now.
    Me too! My favorite scent. I put it in my wash both before and after the load is done. I like it to perfume the laundry room.


  5. Robin says:

    I harvested some of my lavender today. I love the smell of it!
    What a beautiful place this farm is…so picturesque.
    And you have the most beautiful table set with strawberry lemonade. Love that photograph on your blog.


  6. Brooke says:

    Wow…. Love it all, and can smell it from here…lol. Glad all is well and have a great week.
    She does have the best lavender and I can see why you can smell it there.


  7. Here’s how crazy I am; I read all the way through your post thinking “Why is the lavender DYING?” Pests, heat? I got to the end (almost) wondering why you weren’t explaining the cause of the lavender DYING. Then a little light went off in my head, I went and REREAD. OKAY, the word is DRYING! Now it all makes sense! Sorry, my bad.


  8. LOL — horse sunglasses! As a former horse breeder (Arabians), I can tell you that is to keep flies and gnats out of their eyes.

    Great photos of Annie’s farm.

    LOL! I thought it was to shade their eyes from the sun.


    1. annieb says:

      Ding, ding!! You are both correct. Spottie, the leopard appaloosa POA (Pony of America) does wear it for sun protection too since he had a spot of cancer on his eyelid. Thanks for visiting!
      Awwwww–that’s nice that you got him some cool shades to protect his eyes.


  9. Jen says:

    As if the scent of a sun-dried quilt isn’t nice enough – these are sun-dried on a lavendar farm?! Must be heavenly!
    It was and I want to go back. I didn’t buy enough products from Annie’s farm. You can oder online though.


  10. wonderful! love that beautiful setting and all those beautiful shots of lavender makes me wish your pictures also had the fragrance attached! very cool country place!
    Now fragrant pics should be the next craze of cyber invention.


  11. Candy says:

    Oh wow! Your blog is so pretty!!!

    Candy-faith 🙂
    Simply Pretty Cottage
    Welcome and glad to have you. Please come back often.


  12. Phillip says:

    Love the Lavender and it looks such a lovely place to be.
    Wish you could have smelled it. So fresh and clean. Wish my house smelled like that all the time.


  13. cindee says:

    Lovely! What a wonderful place. Love the pictures(-:
    Wish you could have been there. But then, she might be missing a few things as Annie had a great many things right up your alley.


  14. mothernaturesgarden says:

    You get around. I love to travel with you.
    You make a good traveling buddy as you like the same stuff I do.


  15. Darla says:

    It is still very interesting.
    I never tire of places like this.


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