Sunshine Lavender Farm


The Sunshine Lavender Farm in Hillsborough, North Carolina had an open house this weekend. The weather was perfect except for that humidity we are dealt on hot summer days. We try to ignore it best we can. The sky was ultra blue and a few wispy clouds offered some welcome shade ever so often. And the color lavender was everywhere.


I tried very hard to stay clean and presentable until Helen Yoest from Gardening With Confidence arrived. I was at the farm early and she came about two hours after I’d already laid on the ground shooting pictures of the lavender against the ultra blue sky. I had also walked all over the farm several times and participated in the hands on activities.


So when Helen got there, I was in a mess. So she took a picture right away. She’s going to post it on her blog soon. You’ll have to go check it out. Helen was fortunate to have Tina from In The Garden visit her in Chapel Hill and you can read about that visit HERE. It is loads of fun to meet fellow blogging buddies and I couldn’t wait to meet Helen.


I was so impressed with Helen and her children. Her 3 children are mature and engaging. Helen is a tall slender lady with a real Southern genteel personality. I expected her to be professional and she was. She’s in the know about everything and made my head spin as she caught me up to speed on who is who is the gardening world. You can follow her tweets @GWConfidence so you can be in the know too.


So we walked around the farm admiring the hens and rooster ;). We talked about her couple of next projects. She’s going to see Les @ A Tidewater Gardener. I want to go see Les too. So I was jealous when I found out. Look out Les, she’s going to pick your brain about woodies. What is a woodie? Should you be worried. Helen is obsessed with weepers so if you could find her a woodie weeper, she’ll talk about it for ages to come.


Here is a really funny story on Helen. You can tell she’s a true gardener. Not more than a few seconds after we met, she exclaimed there was a tick on her back. I said what? She said there is a tick on my back and she then proceeded to pull it off and squash it. I never in a million years would have expected this very proper well spoken lady to act like this was pulling lent out of a belly button—but she did. The she said—-oh good—it’s not a deer tick. I said Helen—you smashed it to pieces–how can you tell it’s not a deer tick. She just smiled and we looked to admire the Sunshine Lavender Farm homestead. Helen got out her camera and took pictures and we forgot all about the tick.


The homestead is a two story craftsman with big front porch 😉 and screened in back porch. The house is a buttery yellow with a most attractive red front door. The front looks very Americana with it’s flag and blue accents. I loved the two potted petunias planters on the front stoops.


Tents were set up around the farm with folks advertising and selling their goods. There was a lavender barn chock full of lavender stems to purchase, a gift shop that sold all things lavender, a little ice cream cart that sold vanilla lavender flavor, and so much more.


Helen and I stood by the chicken coop admiring how it was made. Helen made friends with two little boys who were tormenting the chickens with a stick. She was able to talk with them and guide them toward better behavior without them even knowing they had been corrected. It was a true show of her kind and loving approach to kids and nature. I loved that moment. I thought–she really is who she says she is.


We had the best time and I’m looking forward to visiting her some time in the not so distant future. She’s got a teasing twinkle in her eye that makes you think every visit will be one to remember. I stayed on at the farm a bit more. The lavender smelled really good and I was enjoying watching the ladies in their hats. It’s good to be around gardeners even if you don’t know a single one. There is something good and wholesome about that sort of atmosphere. I never tire of it.


More tomorrow!

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  1. Suejardien says:

    I missed the harvest this year due to a HS reunion, but have been there several times. Each year is better and better and Annie is such a doll. Thanks for the pics, I loved the new chicken coup and the windowbox. yellow is a very complimentary color for blue and purple. Happy gardening to all your readers


  2. Hi Anna

    I really like the planting in the window box.

    Sounds like you had a great day!
    I get so overwhelmed when something is this neat. I really had a very good time. I’ll go back again next year if invited.


  3. PurEssenceGirl says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful pictorial from the Sunshine Lavender Farm. I was unable to go this past weekend, and so you helped with the tour. Thanks for your blog and all it entails. I am a Gardener at heart, but have to work most of the time so I have little time to garden. I would love to hear more about “weepings” and “woodies”. Hugs from the PurEssenceGirl
    I know you don’t I? From the decorator board at hgtv? If so or not—I’m so glad you commented. Glad you have enjoyed the tour too. You can bet that there will be more about weepings and woodies. I can talk a blue streak about plants.


  4. Les says:

    Thanks for the heads up Anna. I hope Helen will not regret her visit after she sees that my very small urban garden has no weeping trees or shrubs, but I do have gently arching ones, maybe that will count for something.


  5. annie says:

    Oh my, 300 photos! I’d love to see every one!! Yikes about that tick. I had to pull one off just as I was starting a tour … So wish that you had cornered me. A fun weekend with everyone enjoying our tiny farm and gardens. I think I’ll go roll in some lavender now! We harvested all day and trimmed the last bunch just before a downpour at 3 pm this afternoon! Whew.
    Yea Annie, I’m so glad you stopped by. I did so much enjoy my visit to your lavender farm. The setting is perfect. I’m sold on the soap and its purity. It smells heavenly. You were a gracious hostess and I look forward to coming back.

    You got a tick out too? Oh my-we need to be careful this year. Lots of steamy air for everything to grow and thrive. You must be exhausted. You are so cute that I’m sure your exhausted state is still very attractive.


  6. I wish I could have been there, too. What beautiful photos, and I really enjoyed the story of your visit!


  7. I’m a big lavender fan, too. We had an exceptional lavender farm on Maui with all sorts of fantastic products–lotions and soaps and tea and scones and salad dressing. There seems to be no end to the uses of lavender. And that heavenly smell–what a treat. I’m trying to figure out how to grow it here in VA.

    By the way, I love your new lavender header on your blog. Thanks for sharing your great day!


  8. Darla says:

    What a charming place. Sounds as though it was more than worth the trip.


  9. Catherine says:

    Well it sounds like you had a great time! It’s fun meeting other garden blogger’s isn’t it? The farm looks beautiful, I’d be in heaven there!


  10. cindee says:

    What a wonderful time you had! I love the picture that Helen took too! You look very happy!
    I love the smell of lavender. It smells best in the early morning here! Which reminds me mine needs cutting(-:


  11. Brings back memories of my visit last year. Annie also wrote a guest story on my blog recently on how to grow and care for lavender.

    Isn’t her farm wonderful? I loved her kitchen garden and flower garden around her house as well as all the lavender.

    Sorry that I wasn’t there to get together with you gals. We’re just back from Virginia.

    Helen talked about you a lot. You should have been there to defend yourself:) I was disappointed that you weren’t there. You and Helen should come up to my house and let me fix you lunch. I’m a darn good cook.

    I’ll have to go find Annie’s post. Would love to read it.

    She does have a grand farm and she was swamped by people or I would have gotten a word with her. She sure looked cute giving all those tours. Let’s all go next year and corner her off for ourselves.

    Glad you are home safely. Did you do a post on your trip? I’ll go see in a bit.


  12. Peggy says:

    Hi Anna, I have grown some Lavender and would love to spend a whole day like you on a lavender farm. I love the photos you really captured the sunshine and lavender for those of us who only dream about a place like that.
    Glad to take you along. I really enjoyed it too. I bought some lavender soap and it smells so good in my guest bath.


  13. myenglishcountrygarden says:

    I loved the picture of the lavender drying on the shutter: but Im such a sucker for blue and yellow.Its my favourite colour combination(I Blame Monet). I lvoe lavender and row tons of it. Love, love, love it 😉
    That lavender drying caught my eye right off. There were so many places to take a good picture. I took over 300 and it was hard to decide which ones to use. I need to turn some of my photos in to cards.

    I love blue and yellow together also and planted a lot of that combo this year. Can’t wait to show you.


  14. Phillip (UK) says:

    I really like lavender, we have fields of it over in Norfolk and a whole farm full must be great – and such fun you had meeting what sounds like such a nice lady.
    We did have fun. It smelled so good around there. Not too sure I liked the lavender ice cream. It’s a very pretty little farm set in the rolling hillside of our piedmont region. The perfect climate for the lavender.


  15. You crack me up! No doubt, you made the encounter all the more funnier in print. It was so good to meet you. I felt I knew you for a lifetime…the true sigh of friendship. Until we meet again…I’ll visit with you on our blogs. H.

    P.S. I posted about our meeting on my blog today. There is a photo of the tick…now can you see that it’s not a deer tick?


  16. Janet says:

    I love lavender. A LOT!


  17. Tomorrow you’ll get to go inside the gate of this little vegetable garden.


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