A Quaint Garden Inn

Blowing Rock 252A quaint little place called The Azalea Garden Inn is located in Blowing Rock, NC. The owners work tirelessly on their gardens so that visitors enjoy their stay at the inn. I love this place. It’s chock full of personality.

Blowing Rock 280

Lots of pots laid on their sides, paths to explore, interesting sayings, and window boxes galore to explore.

Blowing Rock 259You can rent their little cabin. It’s a one bedroom with a downstairs living and kitchen area. A nice screened door opens on to the front porch.

Blowing Rock 234Or sit in the outdoor room and chat with other travelers.

Blowing Rock 276It can get hot in the mountains of NC in the summer but with cool places like this you’ll soon feel a nice breeze.

Blowing Rock 194

Blowing Rock 173These pictures are all from last year. I’m ready to go back and see what’s in store for 2009.

Blowing Rock 181I’ve done quite a few post on this little inn and Blowing Rock. If you search The Azalea Garden Inn on my search feature, you’ll find all the post.

The Azalea Garden Inn now has a beautiful website.

The Azalea Garden Inn

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    I’d much rather stay at a place like this than a big chain hotel, no mater how elegant. In fact the last hotel I stayed in had plastic foliage in the lobby. I think NOT!!


  2. cindee says:

    What a beautiful place. I would love to visit there and dig a few things up to take home with me(-: LOL(-: J/K
    Are those frogs made out of rocks in the second to last picture?
    Thanks for sharing these pictures again(-:


  3. I want to have morning coffee on that porch! Love it! Helen


  4. Phillip says:

    Wow. I love their sense of colour combinations, particularly in that first picture.


  5. Their gardens are so pretty and inviting! It looks like a very relaxing place! How do you come up with your ideas for feature stories?
    They are so pretty but the owners work tirelessly to make it happen.

    I have more ideas than there are days to write them. NC is blessed with gardens private and open to the public. I could visit a new place every day and would if I could. I’ve been trying to get over to the community of Old Salem and take pictures of their gardens. Maybe next week.


  6. Janet says:

    That first photo is really great! I can’t believe the Black-eyed Susans are blooming already. A few of my coneflowers have bloomed, but none of the Black-eyed Susans.


  7. Darla says:

    Gee Whiz! That’s a beautiful place. I could spend an entire weekend just taking in the grounds.


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