Coconut Lime Coneflower


Coconut Lime My Coconut Lime Coneflower is pretty no matter the stage of flower development. I’ve got so many unique coneflowers this year. They give you outstanding flower power. I have some in the front and back. I bought several new perennials today and will be working outside in the high heat and humidity. If my bikini wasn’t at the cleaners, I’d wear it to keep cool. 😉

I want to sing that song—Put the Lime in the Coconut and Eat It  All Up! I say Dr is there nothing I can take—I say DOCTOR, to relieve this belly ache!—– Great, now I’ll be humming that all afternoon.

I just know there will be a big thunderstorm tonight. When you can see the air, sweat before you start working outside, and your sinuses are crushed, you know it’s a good recipe for a very bad storm. What you want to bet I’m right?

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  1. Jen says:

    I just planted a white coneflower but I dont’ think it has a green middle like this one. The purple ones did come back but haven’t seen any buds yet. Thanks for showing this. The name makes me want to bake something. I make a lemon coconut cake for my husband’s birthday sometimes – maybe lime next time around.


  2. myenglishcountrygarden says:

    I adore greenery-yallery flowers,and your echinacea are beautiful.I adore the mathematical precision of the centre of the flower and if my Darwinian expert of a son were here he could tell me all about it 😉
    I like yallery too! That mathematical pattern is called a Fibonacci spiral. I wrote about it HERE


  3. Les says:

    We just got a batch of these in at work, and they have started to bloom. I really like greenish white flowers and this cone flower is nice. However, I have sworn an oath to never plant another non-species Echinacea. I fall in love with all the new colors and new forms only to be disappointed that they don’t last more than one season. Yet good old reliable E. purpurea comes up in my garden nearly like a weed, and I just need to appreciate what I have instead of what I want.

    BTW, thanks for the mention and the links in a previous comment about my adventures into TV land.
    I agree Les and have warned a few on here about the cultivar’s inability to spread or come back. I have several of the common coneflower planted and am certain it will bloom and continue to bloom. Jodi has this Coconut Lime and it has come back for her. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


  4. Catherine says:

    I just got a gift card for a nursery and coneflowers were on my list. I’ll be looking for this one. Hope the storm isn’t too bad.
    Tonight’s storm was more tame. We got our 1/2 inch all at once but I’ll take it. I was hauling hoses this time last year. Hope you find the coneflowers you are looking for–and another 10 things!


  5. Racquel says:

    Now you got that song stuck in my head too, lol. Love the color of that Echinacea! Another one to add to my list of possibilities… 😉
    You and I can find room for just one more plant. Obsessive isn’t it? I bet your garden is so perfect this year.


  6. That is a BEAUTIFUL coneflower. Now I’ll be looking for one of my own.
    Yes, go get you one. Let us know if you do.


  7. Janet says:

    Don’t you just love those songs that become ear worms? We have a game at our house…see who can have the other one humming your song at the end of the day. Hubby usually wins. Your Coneflower is nice looking.
    You have the best sayings–I love–ear worm. It is that annoying. I get a jingle on my mind and it takes over fast. I like all kinds of music so I can’t just change to something else as it will be just as addictive.


  8. Ladybug says:

    I too only have the purple coneflower. That mixed with my black-eyed susans is pretty but now I have to find the lime coconut!
    I miss NC. 😦
    Awwww, wish you were here. I love my state storms or drought–I love it. I planted a bunch of Black eyed Susans too. You can’t be the original coneflowers as they will still be around no matter what.


  9. Meredith says:

    Those coneflowers are beautiful — and I’m such a fan of that song! As a new gardener, I started with the classic purple coneflower, but I’ve since discovered how many other lovely varieties are out there. You will inspire me to try more!
    Oh good. I’m in a new home and you can bet that I put the old fashioned coneflowers in first. The cultivars aren’t as strong but they are pretty.


  10. Randy says:

    They have so many interesting cone flowers now, we really need to increase our collection of them. I had hoped for a bigger clump of the ones we planted last year but they don’t seem to be spreading very fast.
    The cultivars don’t clump as well and lots more slowly. I do love many of them but would not trade my old fashioned ones for anything.


  11. Darla says:

    I really need to add to my coneflowers, all I have are the purple ones….a lot of them I might say. I like yours………………oh and the song. Dang my bikini is at the cleaners also!! LOL
    I don’t know the last time I owned a bikini. I think it was 16. EEEk. Yes, you do more variety although the common type is a must have.


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