Ornamental Oregano Ovation


100_8606Ornamental Oregano  grows to about a 12″. Smells wonderful but is not edible. Propagate  by dividing the rootball.  Grow in full sun to part shade.

It’s sitting by my swing so I can give it a nudge every now and then if I need a wiff.



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  1. greenwalks says:

    Wow, never seen that before. My oregano generally ends up being ornamental anyway, I always forget to go out and clip some when it’s sauce-making time. What does yours smell like?
    Smells like the regular stuff just a bit more soft and light. I love it cause it seems wholesome.


  2. Jen says:

    I remember when this first came out to garden centres for sale. We had some growing in hanging baskets, people would be walking by, and come to a dead stop. “What is that? Where can I get it?

    It caused a huge commotion the first few years.


    It did cause a commotion and the nursery where I worked ran out of it. Has it slowed this year?


  3. Jen says:

    I started an herb garden this year – hope my oregano comes back. This might be nice for my “pace e bene” garden that gets part shade. I definitely need more purple in that spot.
    Your blueberries look perfect and almost ready. Soon the kids will be covered in blue stains.

    This non edible variety sure puts out a lovely scent. My favorite thing is the veining and purple pink tints.


  4. Catherine says:

    I forgot to thank you for the great magazine and card you sent too 🙂
    You are so welcome.


  5. Catherine says:

    Very pretty, I hadn’t heard of this type of oregano.

    I want to say Thank You so much! The gardening by letter package arrived yesterday, it felt like Christmas! It sure has been lots of fun and I’m so glad you came up with the idea 🙂
    You are welcome and so glad you will get the chance to sit and go through the magazine tomorrow. No one gives the gift of periodicals any more do they? I am still a garden magazine fan.


  6. wow, that’s gorgeous!
    The scent is not overpowering and I love it by my swing. I’m glad I thought of scent in my new gardens. Makes it seem more like home.


  7. Randy says:

    What a pretty color! I love the way it changes as it progresses up the stem.
    oh yes, isn’t that so unique. Love the hint of purple pink. So you guys came to Asheville–that is so neat. Next time plan a day trip to my house if you go back.


  8. Janet says:

    I have always been intrigued by this ornamental oregano. Thanks for profiling it !
    I’m enjoying it. Yesterday’s storm left it alone. Thank goodness. Not the same for the pots on the back. They may not make it. Such is summer in NC huh?


  9. Darla says:

    Love all of the veins in the leaves. I bet it does smell nice. Thanks for sharing yet another neat plant.

    The scent is clean and natural. Makes me feel like a part of my porch is French country.


  10. Phillip says:

    What a lovely plant – new to me. Must look out for it.
    I wonder if you have it there. I plant at least one or two each year. It’s not been out long–maybe 3 years? Not sure.


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