Last night’s storm damage

Last night we had a freak storm in our town. Here is a short clip I did on the damage. So sorry I’ve not been around much. I am finished with the commercial I was doing but there are still changes it seems. All part of the process I suppose. I’ll be around to see you all soon.

No damage to my home or trees down. This is from our neighborhood.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Anna, we have had rain for so many days here that I think webs are growing between my toes! I’m so sorry about the damage in your neighborhood but I have to tell you, I loved watching your commercial!



  2. Betty says:

    Anna, so glad you or your husband were not injured or your home were not damaged. Those big old oaks make good firewood when they are seasoned for a year or so. Do you have a fireplace? We did in our other home but we had to buy the firewood, think we paid $150 a cord the last year and we would go through 2 cords each year. FIREWOOD FOR SALE..SEE ANNA! LOL!
    I do have a fireplace but it’s gas. I’m not too fond of the smell of ashes and it kills my allergies. Back in 99 our town had a tornado come through and do lots more damage. You could buy firewood really cheap back then.


  3. I’m so glad you are OK. I remember we were tweeting at the time and you had to go. Good job on the video.
    I’ll probably die on the net. They will just bury my laptop with me.


  4. Peggy says:

    Hi Anna, great reporting on a terrible event in your neighbourhood. It is scary to see such huge trees down like matchsticks but thankfully there was no loss of human lives.
    I can’t believe how fragile they really are even though nothing else is capable of knocking them down. Try to remove an oak that big and it will cost you about a $1,000. We are blessed that no one was hurt.


  5. Jen says:

    That must have been intense. A good reminder to everyone to find out and remember – maybe even post – where the safest areas of your home are, especially when you’re surrounded with big old trees.

    Who needs Eyewitness News when Anna is around?!
    Coming at you Live! 🙂 We cut down several big oaks when we built our house. Otherwise, we were just sitting targets. Our neighbor just informed us that he is taking down a big oak that sits just outside our garage. I hate to see it go but it’s got to be at the end of its life. The trees we took down were dead on the inside. You would never know it by looking at them. It’s a tough decision to make as to when the tree needs to come down. Sad no matter the time.


  6. We saw on the radar that there was a well-formed severe thunderstorm moving across the state. It went just south of us after going over your area. I’m sorry for all the damage. I’m glad no one was hurt and that your property is okay.

    It looked bad didn’t it? Do you remember the storm that hit Clemmons back in 1999. It did a ton of damage and folks still remember that like it was yesterday. I’ve never in my life seen a sky that dark. I lived in tornado alley out west and never experienced a sky as bad as that in Clemmons in 1999.


  7. Very sad to see so many huge trees broken and uprooted. So sorry for you all in Clemmons. Great newscast, though, and very informative pictures. Hope everyone recovers quickly.
    Thank you. There was a tarp over the home tonight. I’m sure they haven’t had time to pull all the furniture out. I would be scared to go in there with the tree lodged on top of it. I suppose they have moved the tree by now but it can’t be safe.


  8. Hey Anna

    Sorry to hear this. Summer storms are so devastating. Trees in full leaf get dragged over too easily. I’m glad to hear you were unscathed but it must be so awful for so many other folks.

    They seem to be handling it like real champs. Sad that their daughters have to be away from home till it’s fixed. They did get lots of offers for help and have plenty of places to stay. I’ll keep everyone posted on the story.


  9. Darla says:

    We have experienced some very strange weather all over the map. Glad you didn’t suffer any damage. Those are some very large trees. Also nice to know that people will pull together in times of need.
    I did just see that you had that freak tornado. I’m glad you are ok and hubby too. It was at his work wasn’t it? Scary when you have no place to go.

    My neighbors are the best. I love this town. Many of the folks have been here forever. My family is from this area and it’s the only place I can call home. I have a gazillion cousins and some I’ve even met:)


  10. greenwalks says:

    Crazy! Glad you are okay! Wind storms are scary. We had one here last week but it was brief and I don’t think it did too much damage. Hope you are keeping well!
    Good to see you! It was scary for a few minutes and then it’s gone. I freak for that time and then life goes on. I don’t like the loud thunder claps. Puts my nerves on edge.


  11. Phillip says:

    What a shame for those poor trees, and their owners of course. Glad you are okay.
    It gets a bit nutty weather-wise in the Southeast this time of year. This is a bit more than normal. I really hate to lose those trees. It changes the whole face of the neighborhood.


  12. Catherine says:

    That looks really bad. How often do those types of storms happen there? Those trees look huge, thank goodness there were anymore injuries than just the one.
    It is pretty amazing how some of the trees dropped without crushing the houses. We do have these storms throughout the Spring and Summer. Lightening is usually the most dangerous part of the storm. These trees would not normally have fallen so easily if it had not been raining for weeks. The ground is saturated. No one is complaining really as we just came out of several years of drought.

    Most of the houses around here have basements or like me–a storm cellar. We’ve lived in this house for a year and only used it twice. We also have a weather alert radio. The storms are usually gone in 30 minutes or less. I think that is the pattern throughout the Southeast. Hot humid days you can watch the thunderclouds build and you tune a ear to the weather channel. Just like today, I knew it was coming and sure enough—we had bad storms this afternoon again. This time no hail and excess winds.


  13. gail says:

    What a delight to hear your sweet voice…but I am so sorry that it was to report such serious damage…Glad no one was injured. gail
    Thanks, I’m having fun doing some amateur podcasting. I would love to report on small town America.


  14. Janet says:

    Mother Nature’s fury is pretty amazing. Glad you didn’t have any damage. That was a pretty strong storm.
    Last year I wouldn’t be able to describe a raindrop. This year the creek behind my house is overflowing. Copper Top Cottage may become a lakeside destination.


  15. myenglishcountrygarden says:

    Goodness…I;m so glad no one was hurt. An how sad to lose so many old and beautiful trees. Im ashamed to say that today that I moaned about a little hail storm had.
    It’s bad but not nearly as much as it could be. We had bad storms again this afternoon but the worst of it went around us. I’m not sure the pots on my back steps will make it. They got pounded by hail too. The rest of my plants seem to have perked back up today. I’m sorry you had some too.


  16. What a freak storm! That is so scary Anna. Those uprooted trees were huge. I can’t imagine what it must be like to see that and be in the midst of that kind of storm.

    I loved your report, by the way. Excellent reporting.
    Thank you so much. There are a lot of downed trees and fortunately not much structure damage. In some cases, trees fell all around the house but not on it. I think that is amazing considering the size of those trees. Some of those trees are 75feet or more. And oak is so heavy and solid. I noticed today that those trees fell as whole trees. Rarely did I see one broken in pieces. The house gave before the tree.

    Most folks were in shock. You could see it on their faces and hear it in the voices. But neighbor was helping neighbor and that was a blessing to experience.


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