Diamond Frost Euphorbia and Scaevola


100_8597Scaevola and Diamond Frost Euphorbia

100_8424I love Diamond Frost Euphorbia but it will take over the upper part of the pot. That’s why I pair it with Scaevola. They go pefectly with each other and live well together.

100_8527Both need a big pot as their roots grow quite large. They are heavy feeders. I feed with a slow release and also give them 1/2 strength MG once a week.


100_8502It’s sitting here at my front entryway where I can see it from my swing.

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  1. Ann says:

    I would like to know how to keep my potted Scaevola (fan Flower) throughout the winter months. I spent so much time growing it from a babe. What do I need to do to preserve it year after year. Ann
    Cut back the stems and the roots to about 1/2 what they have now. Replant then in new soil. Store them in a place that will get some sun throughout the day. Keep watering it but let it dry out a bit between waterings. Start fertilizing it once a month in February and then twice a month till it’s ready to go back outside.


  2. I love the names of those plants and the pots are gorgeous!
    Thank you and I just enjoyed seeing that you posted some flowers also. Looks like it’s beautiful there in Maui right now. Or –oh yea–it’s always a pretty day there.


  3. Great combo! Love purple/lavender with white anytime.

    I covet the tall garden verbena you have. I could not find any this year. I thought I had purchased some and it is the dwarf variety. Opps..not the same affect. Why would you want a dwarf tall garden verbena anyway?


  4. I love Diamond Frost euphorbia, although mine didn’t like the big cold wind we had last week and it’s sort of trying to revive itself. Scaveolas don’t do it for me and I don’t know why, because I love your design.
    Sorry you’ve felt bad jodi. That is not fun. Yes, you did have a cold spell and that is nuts. But your orange bloomers look terrific. I hope your DF makes it. That’s an expensive plant to lose to one cold wind spell.


  5. Catherine says:

    I was just thinking I need to put another container together. I saw the Diamond Frost at the nursery near us, think I better go back and get some! It looks great with the scaveola.
    Thanks and you’ll love it especially with your weather. The girls will think it very fairy like.


  6. Janet says:

    Anna, love the combo of the Diamond Frost and the Scaevola. I like playing with pairing plants in containers.
    You have awesome containers! I was just over at your site–sight seeing. Ya’ll would be a fun couple to have over. There would never be a lull in the conversation. We could talk about the Susan Constant and such things.


  7. Darla says:

    I LOVE my Diamond Frost……….the Scaevola, Fan Flower……..now I know what I did wrong with it last year……………….to tiny of a container!!! Never thought of this combination, looks lovely together!
    I did the little container one year and learned too. It likes loose well drained soil. Give it good fertilizer and keep it watered but not wet and it can take about any condition. Both plants will outgrow this pot too early probably but it will look good for a long time.


  8. Marnie says:

    I’ve seen Diamond Frost on other posts recently. I wish I could find it locally. I really like that airy look. I’d love to add it to a few of my pots to give some height and soften the overall look.
    It does do all you just said. I have two this year and plan on more next. Maybe I can put it in Copper Top Cottage and over winter it for next year.


  9. Jan says:

    Anna, I really like Diamond Frost but hesitate to grow it. I am afraid it may not take our summer heat, and I would hate to plant it and then lose it early. I love your combination of Diamond Frost and the Scaevola. It is lovely.
    I think it would survive heat. We had your weather last summer and it did very well. I was glad to see that after last night’s storm, I still had any arrangements at all. This one did.


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