Sitting on the front porch drinking some of my iced tea…lalalalala


Supertunia® Raspberry Blast by Proven Winners is planted with Lavender Cotton. I planted the Raspberry Blast in a separate container so it can be put back in this big pot with something else when the LC is spent.

100_8468Lavender Cotton is an evergreen in my zone 7 garden. When it finishes blooming, I’ll plant it in the flower beds. I did have violas in with it during the winter. I’m looking for a Fine Line Rhamnus as a replacement for the Lavender Cotton. I’ve been having trouble locating it though.

100_8574The yellow and hot pink look good together don’t you think?

100_8463Lavender Cotton smells really good too. I’m in the garden quite a bit these days and my eye dr says to rest my eyes more. So that’s why I’ve been slow and getting around to see you all. Big hugs to everyone. And , my White Dome hydrangea from Proven Winners is looking especially pretty this week.


I purposely gave my garden a late start this year. Honestly, I’m such a good gardener that I wear my plants out before the season is done. I’m left with beautiful weather in September and October but no bloomers hardly. So this year I planted everything a month behind schedule. I’m liking the change and youth of the plants at this time of the season. Last year, my beds were already producing twice as many blooms. Anyone else know what I’m talking about? You plant too early and they give out too early?

100_8510I’ve got a lot of interesting things in this bed. There are narrow leaf yellow zinnias, purple and pink angelonias, Dragon’s Bloom grass, veronica blue salvia, dark leaf begonias, spider flower, black–pink–old fashioned hollyhocks, zebra mallow, mauve bowles wallflower, Lo and Behold Bluechip Buddleia, 3 Oso Easy Roses, Mexican Sage, Russian Sage, 3 Knock Out roses, an Incrediball hydrangea, a Miss Kim Lilac, 2 rose of sharons by PW, Gertrude Jeckyll rose, lantana, Bordeux supertunia, Lemon supertunia, purple supertunia, painted daisies, and so much more. Wait till it’s all blooming and that is just in my front beds;) Wait till you see the back with the new buddleia’s from Proven Winners.

100_8503I’m sitting in my swing talking to ya’ll right now. I’ts a beautiful day here in NC. The sun is shining and there is little humidity. When I say little, I mean about 40% which would just kill some of you. But it beats the 80% of this weekend.


So—I’m sitting on the front porch sipping some of my iced tea!

100_8481Just sitting here in the shade watching the buds come out and listening to the birds talk. My biggest challenge is keeping the squirrels out of the feeder. Won’t you come help me? I need another scary face.

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  1. greenwalks says:

    I dunno, my Mad at Squirrels face is pretty frightening. It might make you spit out your tea! Wow, your house is looking amazing, ditto your garden. Love the outdoor “room” on your porch, complete with ceiling fan! Looks like the right way to live, lalala indeed!
    It is–it is the very best place to live n laugh n dream. I like studying the garden from the swing. I also like for other folks to enjoy my garden and tell me so as they pass my house. Lots of people walk in our neighborhood and shout out a friendly hello as they go.

    Bring on the squirrel face!


  2. Rebecca says:

    Anna, your garden and containers look fabulous. What a wonderful work you’ve created. Sorry to hear about your eyesight. Make sure you rest those peeps and wear sunglasses.
    Thank you and I’m trying to be good about my eyes. I go next week for an unexpected update. I was having bit of trouble these past few days.

    Love your lake! Beautiful pictures on your blog. You have quite the view.


  3. Marnie says:

    Hi Anna, enjoyed you photos. It’s much to chilly and damp to porch-sit here. It’s of a hot tea, easy chair indoors day.

    I have the same trouble with nothing blooming late in the fall. I planted more annuals this year to keep things brigtht and a couple later perennials I’m trying for the first time.
    Our season can run in to early December. That’s almost two planting seasons and it really looks scraggly the first of October. I can’t believe ya’ll have cold weather. That’s nuts.


  4. gail says:

    Hello! I’ve missed you! My bad…I am just now getting settled from the Spring Fling travel! Your porch looks fantastic and I would love to be sitting there with you…The squirrels are bad here, so I stopped filling the feeders. I miss the birds. Your garden looks great, too…I love the sweeping curve of the sidewalk. That’s a design element more folks ought to choose! gail
    Thank you and I’ve missed you too. I haven’t been around to visit blogs in ages. Some of it is my eyes and some that I’ve been working and reworking a few other things I do that make a little money on the side. I hope you have some news up about Spring Fling. I want to see and hear the gossip and be included as one in the know.


  5. Heather says:

    Hi Anna- It all looks so nice and I love your porch! Very relaxing, indeed!
    So nice to have you stop moving dirt a few minutes and stop by Miss energetic. Love your gardens and am wowed by your projects.


  6. myenglishcountrygarden says:

    I volunteer for the job of scaring squirrels-I was trained to be scary as a lawyer LOL- and I’d love to sit on the porch.

    Stupid question time- do you have to take the furniture inside during the summer season?Or is it made of materials that can withstand rain?…or do you just not get enough rain to bother ?Being English I know we always get rain, so porches beautifully decked out like yours are never an option.:-(
    We get a good amount of rain since we are in a normal weather pattern. Last year was a drought. I leave my furniture out all the time. The porches are covered and the rain doesn’t reach them unless the wind is blowing like a maniac. I am in the process of recovering those cushions. I’ve got some cute material with cherries and french designs. Love it. Wish you were here to sit a spell. We could fine tune our squirrel chasing techniques.


  7. Catherine says:

    That does sound very nice to be sitting on the porch swing. Your garden is looking really pretty!
    Thank you and it is very nice to sit looking at my flowers. Most are just starting to put on a show. Not nearly as many as your beautiful garden.


  8. I love your front porch… .the pillars are amazing made with that stone. We have that same stone only on the back / main wall of the porch. I will have to blog it soon!
    Stop by my garden sometime!
    Yes, do blog about it. I love it. I think it was suppose to turn out a bit different. I didn’t say anything because I arrived at my house after most of the rock work had been done. The crew who laid the stone did not notice or care that the stone had edges that fit together in a pattern. They threw that plan out the door and chipped away at the stones rounding out the corners to make them fit more easily. The builder and I weren’t getting along too well and I decided this wasn’t a big enough issue to cause a scene. He knew that I knew and it might have scored me some brownie points.


  9. Looks wonderful! You’re a lucky flowergardengirl!
    Thank you and I’ve got dirt under the nails to show how much I love it all.


  10. Les says:

    The smell of santolina has always reminded me of Listerine, but I like it. We have been having good porch weather as well.
    How funny that you think it smells like Listerine. I guess I do really like the clean smell just not too much of it right? It can be over powering.

    I really enjoyed your TV clips and if anyone else wants to see them( Les is walking and talking and can even chew gum if he had to. All while talking about plants on the local news)—-go


  11. cindee says:

    Lookin good there!!! Lots of pretty flowers. I have never heard of lavender cotton before. Looks really pretty!!!
    As for the squirrels…You know me I would feed them too(-:
    I have some fat squirrels right now. Course, the oak trees put out record crops this year too. Been nutty around here. Thank you!


  12. jgh says:

    Shoot – wish I had more time for iced tea today. I love the idea of wearing the plants out — give ’em a workout – why not? Especially the annuals. They’re not coming back, so they’ll never know that they’re being exploited.

    Love those color combos!
    I had to go fetch you out of my spam folder. Have no clue why that happened. You are a cherished friend here.

    I too wish you had a few minutes to sit and chit chat. I do so wear my plants out. I make them work hard and earn their keep. I’m good to them though and give them plenty of food and water for the journey. They get only the best beds to sleep in.


  13. dave morris says:

    You have an awesome porch! We are porch lovers and porch sitters (even created a website dedicated to front porches!). Would really love it if you would submit some of your porch pictures; there’s so many people looking for great porch ideas. Your porch is one of the most inviting and beautiful we’ve seen! Lucky you.
    Oh goodness and thank you. I will consider posting the pictures. Sounds like fun. I know when I was looking, I loved to get ideas off the net. I need to make my new chair cushion covers. I have the material just haven’t done it yet. This might be the motivation I need. I wouldn’t want to put it on display as such just yet.

    Thank you for visiting. You also visited once before when I posted and loved your comment then also. In fact I only approved your site after visiting and checking you out! 😉 Good ideas over there.


  14. Anna, I would love to sit on your swing…it looks so inviting. It is beautiful at your place…your yard, house, garden…just lovely! 40% humidity isn’t bad, I understand! It was yucky here this past wkend as well. I tried to be outside w/my ‘boot’ on, and did get in the garden a litte-but had to quit due to feeling ‘weak’ from the heat! I hope your newest ‘plantings’ do very well for you. I know you are excited to see them develop! Jan
    You write the sweetest things. Thank you. I do look forward to my new plantings getting a good foot hold this year and fun that you know that about me. Not many know how young my gardens are. I appreciate it.


  15. joey says:

    All looks grand in your garden, dear Anna. Glad to know you are kickin’ back and enjoying yourself … very important! Rainy and chilly here today but fine with me … catching up on the full weekend at the lake.
    Lucky you to have that pretty place at the lake. My parents had a lake house and we loved it when everyone was down there together. We would play chinese checkers, rook, dominoes and such till all hours. I always loved how the light danced on the water in the mornings.


  16. Anna you have so much on the go.

    Sitting on the porch sipping iced tea. Doesn’t sound shabby at all.

    The French refer to summer as the ‘beautiful days’.

    That’s very nice to call it the ‘beautiful days’ and I shall too from now on. As you might guess, I’m a warm weather gal. Since we only have about 3 months of winter usually, I like NC. We get all the seasons with Mar-Jun and September-November being the best days on the porch. I love pumpkin season with all the apple cinnamon home baked goods in the air. I’m a home gal through and through.


  17. Darla says:

    Your gardens are beautiful. Love the curvy walk, curves are more forgiving than straight lines don’t you think? I, of course start my gardens as early as possible and then replant seeds in the middle of summer for fall color…. Love your home, how can you rest your eyes when there is so much color to take in?
    Thank you and so sweet of you to comment in such a way. I had a long time to think about this house. When MrD was in the AF and we were traveling all over the USA, I would long to be back home where people sat on the front porch swatting flies and swapping lies. It was just as necessary to have a front porch as it was to have clean undies.


  18. Jen says:

    Everything is looking wonderful. You just keep resting those eyes of yours. I will send Bootsie along to scare away the squirrel. He is doing such a bad job of it here.

    Thank you and I need Bootsie very badly. Feeding the squirrels is getting expensive. They eat twice what the birds do.


  19. Randy says:

    Very beautiful! I looks like a wonderful place to rest your eyes. 🙂
    And you know, somehow looking at the garden is never hard on the eyes huh? Thank you


  20. Jackie says:

    Your porch and garden is so lovely! I could definitely sit out and just relax all day. You have a beautiful blog! I’m glad I stopped by for a visit. -Jackie
    I’m glad you came by also. Thank you


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