The Estate at Fair Oaks

100_8413If you have one million seventy-five thousand dollars, you can own this painted brick traditional southern home. It looks old but is brand new. I appreciate that the new trend is to look old. I want to see this sort of thing repeated in all price range neighborhoods. There is something so welcoming and inviting about the old southern homes.

You can see the inside of the home HERE

100_8417That painted brick gives a plantation feel and the white keeps the home cool by reflecting the light instead of absorbing it. This home has such a pretty view out the front. I would have added a big front porch for rocking chairs wouldn’t you?

100_8418It does have a very pretty back porch. The kitchen and family room open to this area. There is a paved patio and 3 car garage under the porch. The home is over 5,500 square feet.

I think it’s really pretty don’t you?

100_8415The homes in the Fair Oaks neighborhood are part of an estate called the Blumenthal Home property. It was a Jewish senior living care facility started in the early 1960’s. The massive home still sits at the end of a lane leading in to the Fair Oaks community. The Blumenthal home was purchased and restored. It is a private residence today.

A new facility for the seniors was built in a neighboring town and the Blumenthal organization has used monies from the sale of the home toward grants to help care for the elderly.

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  1. Brooke says:

    The porch and look is beautiful, but I am not sold on that stone fireplace and wet bar, it is totally different than the rest of the home. Ours is white with navy shutters, so that of course is right up my alley. Needs more landscape too, I can help them out there! Lol….Brooke


  2. Wish I had that porch! I used your idea to anchor my gazebo, but had to use cat litter buckets, as the milk jugs were already in use!


  3. Wanita says:

    What a beautiful home! I do think a front porch would be lovely.

    I agree that more new homes should be designed to look like older homes in all parts of the country. Our neighborhood is a redeveloped area, and the builder did design the homes to look like older homes, and each home looks different from the next. That’s one of the things we love about our neighborhood.


  4. I loved that and agreed with every word you wrote!! I am also looking forward to when you do a post on the Biltmore in Asheville. (Hint-hint. I’m afraid I am never going to get there to see those gardens.)
    Oh yes, I do want to do the Biltmore house and thanks for the nudge. I’m going to a lavender farm next weekend and that will be a grand photo opportunity.


  5. Catherine says:

    It is beautiful. I wish I could buy it, then we could be neighbors.
    I would love that! I’d be over all the time.


  6. Darla says:

    My goodness Anna, I ‘m surprised you didn’t just write them a check, LOL! It is a beautiful home.
    I was out of checks or I would have. I have white brick on my home but it’s not like this. I ordered mine stressed already. Like—they paint the brick, put them in a tumbler, and then they build your home with them. The one above was done by painting the home after it was built. I like both ideas.


  7. Rowan says:

    I love the style of the old Plantation houses, they always look so gracious and elegant. I went round one of the genuine old ones when I was in Virginia a few years ago and it was beautiful. The Southern lifestyle has always appealed to me though minus the slaves.
    So glad to see you here. I’m not the writer you are but we do both share a love of history. I am nuts about the South. As I told Phillip, my family has lived here since the mid 1600s. I can make southern dishes with my eyes closed. I can tell you about Daniel Boone and my grandfather of that time who made a name for himself that our family is still known for today. I’m working on that story and will post it soon. I hope you come back to read it.

    I had to look up the dog’s name Bilbo Baggins. How clever of you and so does he get smarter with age and keep his youthfullness? I read that to be one of benefits of having the ring. I knew of the story and my children know it well. They read the whole thing in 5th grade I think. They’ve seen the movie and went nuts. I’ll have to tell them your dog is Bilbo.


  8. Phillip says:

    I like it. That is so cheap compared to similarly sized properties here in the Old Country Anna. Mind you we do get real history thrown in. My house (separate from the flat I live in which is Victorian) dates back to at least the 16th century.
    We do not have the antiques that you do that is for certain. I am so interested in seeing your home. If you have show it before I don’t remember. I do remember your flat and it is so pretty. Your view is outstanding. Has your home been in the family for a very long time. My family came to America in the mid 1600s.

    This a very expensive house for my area. You could buy that same house in another neighborhood for about $450,000. I have half that square footage and paid a lot less for my home. You do get a good deal for your money around here.


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