Haint Blue Color Formula

wilmington 1 119The blue above is what I refer to as Haint Blue, a color that is traditionally used on porch celilings throughout the south and starting to catch on up North. I have finally tracked down an expert on this color. I hope this will help many of you who are trying to achieve the historical color.

Funcolors, a expert in her field of color consulting, has written an article on Haint Blue. You can read it HERE

(May 2012)New Haint Blue article showing the color on an 1800’s farmhouse here.

She has those color samples available and will help you figure out the right shade based on historical homes that have this Haint Blue. Haint Blue is more of a term that originated in the South when folks thought it drove away evil spirits called haints. There isn’t an official color called Haint Blue and Funcolors explains the reason. So don’t be fooled in to accepting a substitution—go over and visit Funcolor’s article so you can be as historically correct as possible.

The article by Funcolors gives an in depth look at the color and history behind it. She has provided examples and studied the color from their original sources. So if you are looking for a color consultant or just curious about the color Haint Blue, take a look at her article.

I also wrote a post about it and here is the LINK. I show Haint Blue on several porch ceilings. But here are a few for you to look at and notice the different shades of blue that have been used—anywhere from a true blue to an aqua.


wilmington 1 070


Wilmington 2 218

Interesting what you get in to when choosing Haint Blue so be careful and be correct. All of these are beautiful but not all are the traditional Haint Blue. Your paint store will have a 100 different formulas for Haint Blue. It’s best you read Funcolor’s article.


You can find these houses on my sidebar under Impressive Entryways and Wilmington. Thanks for stopping by and please leave me a reply if this was helpful. I have so many people come by searching for Haint Blue since I did my first article. I wish you the best as I know it’s important to get it just the right color. You can also see my big porch on my sidebar under—A Craftsman Home.

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  1. Sarah says:

    This was helpful. I was going to paint the ceiling of my kitchen nook a glossy white. But then I remembered about haint blue. I learned about it on a recent trip to Key West. I love the story and tradition behind it. I realize it’s not a porch – but same idea.


    1. I’m glad this article was helpful. It continues to be one of my best articles not because it was so well written but that so many folks like the color. I just may paint my pantry ceiling blue. Good idea.


  2. Christa says:

    I am in the process of remodeling my front porch and am determined to use maintainance free where I can. I have found Permaporch pvc ceiling in Skyblue, it looks like beadboard. I will send a pic after it’s done. Love the information and “folklore” 😉


  3. I am a Yankee and had never heard of the haint blue porch ceiling tradition. I will have to study up on it. I wonder if it is related to blue bottle trees?


  4. mothernaturesgarden says:

    It seems the blue sky has been brought right onto the porch.
    Very pretty isn’t it? I wish I had thought to do it when I built this house. Now I am studying a way to paint the vinyl.


  5. myenglishcountrygarden says:

    We dont really have porches or a porches culture in England-the weather I suppose precludes it 😉

    But I love the idea and the look of these porches.

    Interestingly we used a similar blue paint in kitchens and especially dairies from the 14th century onwards because it was thought that the blue deterred flies from settling in places flies were not wanted. We also used to hang up fresh elder leaves especially in dairies,where bowls of cream were settling- for it encouraged the flies to land on the elder and not the milk,cream or cheese!
    Well I’m all for keeping the flies udderly away from the bovine products. I do love a good porch and the culture of it all. I was born to sit and swing on a porch while entertaining my buds. Let me know when you are coming. I’ll leave the light on for you. If I come there–I want chocolates on my pillow.


    1. myenglishcountrygarden says:

      Deal !


  6. Deb says:

    I’ve been told that the blue ceiling paint on porches keeps wasps and dirt dobbers from nesting there. We are painting mom’s little shed red with blue overhangs.
    A little red shed sounds cute as can be. Of course it has to have a blue! Yes, I’ve heard that about the bugs too. I don’t think it’s true but it’s so folksy that I’m going to claim it anyway.


    1. Mary Aa says:

      When my porch ceilings were white they were covered with bugs. They have blue for several years now and the only place I have problems with bugs is on the white trim. Really does make a big difference here in Virginia. And they’re beautiful, too.


      1. good to know and thanks for sharing about your haint blue experience.


  7. Sherri says:

    I miss my front porch – I now live in a ranch. Several years ago I had a farmhouse with a wraparound – it would have been beautiful with the ceiling painted that color
    Seems to go with every house type. I’m just mesmerized by it and can’t stop taking pictures of blue porch ceilings. It’s so refreshing.


  8. I just wish I had a nice porch to paint it’s ceiling! Boo hoo! I do find the articles interesting, and never realized what the blue really meant! Thanks for the info.
    My great uncle was the one who told me about it. I had heard about haints all my life. I didn’t realize other people call them spirits, ghost, goblins–etc.


  9. cindee says:

    I have a blue house and of course a blue ceiling on my front porch(-: Hopefully that keeps away the evil ones(-: The above porches are beautiful. My Grandma loved blue. She had everything blue. Except her house paint. I wonder why. To bad she is gone now and I can not ask her.
    I love your front porch and entry way. So pretty Cindee!


  10. Love, love, love this!
    Thank you–blushing!


  11. Catherine says:

    I love how the painted porch ceilings look, very charming! Our house is blue and I think it would be fun to paint the porch like that, a little bit of the South in the PNW 🙂
    Oh yes!!! do paint it blue. I have a white ceiling on mine but it’s going to be blue first chance I get.


  12. Darla says:

    I remember reading about the blues here …
    You’ve got a good memory!


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