Mr. Delicious Chapter 2


100_5829That’s me on the left with my best friend Sandy. 1978

Mr. Delicious Lives With Me

( Read Chapter One HERE)

Chapter Two

We Dated

After a few good trips to the lips, we drove back down the mountain to the real world. You might say we were physically off the mountain but I still had my head in the clouds. We’d had a really good first date and it seems as though I had survived the exchange of passion. Well almost unaffected you could say but it had left me with a taste for more.

All my outfits were planned for the next couple of hundred dates. Sandy was amused as I was suddenly aware of every pimple and mole that flawed my size 7 body.  Would the phone ring again or would I be left to suffer for the rest of my life. Sandy remarked that I probably didn’t have long to live.

Life went on for a few days and somehow I managed not to set the flight line on fire or crash any planes. The jobsite was riddled with all kinds of dangers. You have to be careful where you walk or you could end up a spec of dust strewn across three states and two continents. We had seen the safety briefings on things that got sucked in to the intake of a jet.

I was lovesick in the worst way. I was certainly paying better attention to clean teeth and other such hygiene. You just never know where there might be some sort of chance meeting. I wasn’t going to be caught at the baseball field again unprepared.

But the days turned in to a week and no call. Some irritating guy called later that week and out of desperation I agreed to go out with him. Poor thing. My heart was already taken. Come to think of it his life is probably hugely more successful cause we never went out. Mr. Delicious called me that same day and I blazed a trail to his side. I could not have Mr. D’s children without Mr. D.

We were two poor people who took advantage of eating at the chow hall for most meals. This was our date routine. Steak night was our favorite. But you know, Mr. D is a jealous sort of person. I would never figure that as he is much more confident than I. The first I heard of it was after about the 5th date to the chow hall and he sat me facing the wall.

Why the heck would he insist I sit facing a wall and he facing the window? I learned it’s cause I’m so dang outgoing. I would talk to everyone who came by. I guess if you live on a base with mostly guys then most of your friends are guys. It wasn’t bothering me any. Evidentially, it bothered MrD. We got in our first fight over it. He won. He always wins right? I mean, when does the woman really win?

Our dating was nothing ordinary. I worked the 3-11 shift and he the 8-5. He stayed up till I got off at 11 and we’d exchange pleasantries until about 3am when he’d nod off and drop me off at my dorm. I was always thankful he made it safely home. No one drives well while snoring.

I worked hard in the blazing sun and high temps. I came home dirty, tired, no make-up, stinky, covered in jet fuel, hydraulic fuel, grease, desert grime, and just plain messed slap up. He worked in the hospital! He wore whites, was always clean, smelled heavenly, never had bugs in his teeth, and was cool-calm-and collected. We were opposites. We adored each other.

The Williams Air Force Base women’s softball team traveled to other states and we played professional women’s teams from other cities and other branches of the service. My commander had assigned me this duty after seeing how well I could pitch. He allowed me to have time off my job to practice and attend games. It was a very good life. I did not mind the job or the play. Both were taken seriously.

We were hard to beat and I pitched many a no hitter. It was really cause we had a wicked infield. And nothing got past the outfield. I couldn’t take MrD with me on those trips but it just made our passion grow stronger. He didn’t mind my athletic ability. He came to some of the games and I showed him off. He was an excellent short stop for the hospital team and I was nuts about his physique in those ball pants. So we pretty much admired each other’s ability to play ball or more importantly what we looked like as pitcher and short stop.

When we first starting dating, he was seeing some hussy who will remain nameless as I still don’t like her.  She was cute and really more like him than I. But she wanted to be courted and I wanted to be with his heart. I won cause she was stuck up and I looked better in a ball uniform. She didn’t even play. I bet she’s not even living any more cause hard times probably caught up with her. I bet she lost her will to live after MrD was gone. I don’t care.

In the heat of the moment, we decided to take a trip to the Verde River and camp. I could not believe my good luck. Yes, it was not really that right for us to go off alone on a camping trip and not married.  At that time, I was after him and he me and we didn’t care what anyone thought. We had both had a very hard childhood and both sets of parents were 3,000 miles away. My father wanted me to get married at 15. He said all women need to be barefoot and pregnant by the time they are 16.

So we camped up by the Verde River and a good time was had by all. He wore a fraternity shirt that was well worn and so attractive. He went to college and sowed his oats long before I met him. He and I weren’t sowing oats, we were preparing the soul. By the time we marveled at the chilly water and fought off the skeeters, I was wearing that shirt.

And one day not too long after that—–we went to The Grand Canyon to camp and boy was it grand. Stay tuned!

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  1. James says:

    I have missed so many Blog posts recently from being too dashed busy. Delighted I tuned in and got this one, have been waiting for Part Two for months!
    And I’ve only just realised that you are on Twitter so expect a new follower immediately.
    Thanks for the follow. I full expect you to be busy this time of year. Well–any time of year. I need to come visit you again too. You can make brushing your teeth sound fun and exciting.

    I’m thinking there may be 30 of these chapters. You’ll get to know fgg from 1978 to today. I know it will be the most thrilling thing you’ve ever read.


  2. What a lovely story; I love the way you write. Love the 1978 photo, too, it takes me back down memory lane…
    thank you, and yes, memory lane—for me it’s a long road to travel but well worth the remembering.


  3. Liisa says:

    What a lovely story, Anna. I am looking forward to Chapter 3. 🙂 Your seasonal photos are just beautiful!
    Thank you so much. I feel like there are about 30 chapters cause we’ve been married since 1978–so Chapter 3 or 4, we get married and that is a hoot!


  4. Phillip says:

    That was lovely Anna, well told.
    Thank you and I enjoyed telling it to ya!


  5. Deb says:

    Aww…the romance of it all.
    And the kids turned out pretty good looking too! :0


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