The 4 Seasons (large file)



The four seasons from my garden to yours. This is a collage of pictures taken over the last year at my current home. We moved in April 1st 2008.

Because they are such large files, I’m going to upload them individually so that each season has it’s own post. They will all be under the catagory—The 4 Seasons

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  1. Shruthi says:

    Awesome pics


  2. Phillip says:

    Now that is terrific – a year at a glance. Love it.
    Yes, if you live long enough a year will pass and we had a good one. I bet if I compare this summer to the last–things would be more green. We’ve had monsoons this year and a drought last.


  3. I like how you can see the color schemes in these collages, they could be a garden design tool!
    I didn’t think about that. I suppose it does show off all the colors in that range. I’ll probably have hordes of designers come over here when they find out;) Thank you


  4. cindeesgarden says:

    Your pictures are beautiful! Things have really done well there this year! Hard to believe a whole year has flown by I bet!!!! Things will keep growing and filling in and continue to be beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Thank you and it is growing fast with all the rain we’ve had. I can’t believe we are out of that long drought. I’ve been trying to go walking or biking all day with no luck. Too many raindrops. But…the garden loves it.


  5. Cathy says:

    Wow Anna great flowers, great photos and great Collage, now that I’ve said all that is your head swelling? I thought I had a lot of energy, but your garden is really looking beautiful!
    I already got a big head but it’s cause of all this hair. Thank you and I do think my garden is coming along pretty good this year. I can finally enjoy it for awhile. I guess I’m done planting this year.


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