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  1. Anna, lovely collage–it’s so much fun creating them! I have a new idea now; there are literally hundreds of photos I’ve never uploaded to my blog…placing them in seasonally-labeled collages could be an option for me;-) It always takes a very long time for each photo to upload to blogger and that’s why collages are an easier route for me.
    I didn’t know it took so long in blogger–well that is a bummer. yes, collages are great fun and having Picasa is a easy cheesy way to do collages. Thank you.


  2. Phillip says:

    Lovely collage Anna but I don’t honestly want to be reminded of Autumn just yet! The weather here is bad enough as it is – the Summer has not started yet (Summer here starts with Wimbledon).
    You’ll be glad to know I’m cleaning them off my puter and making way for the summer pics and watermelon. I’m so sorry it’s cold there. It’s raining to beat the band here. Coming down in sheets and I just saw the caskets floating by from the local cemetery. Well not really but they probably will before too long.


  3. Great job, those are pretty enough to frame! It makes me want to listen to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons as I look at your photos.
    Yes, it does make you want to turn up the classical and reflect. It was easy with Picassa. Just point and click. Easy cheesy.


  4. mothernaturesgarden says:

    I like the seasons on the sidebar idea.
    Thank you and I hope folks will enjoy it.


  5. Fay says:

    So loving these wow factor large collages. Beautifully done!
    Thank you and after doing the first on which was winter–I knew I wanted to do the rest.


  6. Darla says:

    What a great collage!!
    Thank you and I loved how they came out also. Even if some weren’t all that great singularly–they look good as a group.


  7. fairegarden says:

    Hi Anna, what a fantastic job you have done with the seasons! This will be viewed for years to come. I really like the winter one for some reason. 🙂
    Thank you and I like the winter one too but it’s cause of the humidity today. I bet it is in your neck of the woods too.


  8. RainGardener says:

    Great collage – it must have taken forever to do.
    OH it was easy except for the upload part. I have Picasa on my puter and there is a button for making collages out of your whole albums. Time consuming but easy. It took up a lot of space on my site–but I’m all about pics right? Thank you


  9. Janet says:

    Very nice collage Anna. I will have to check the other seasons, I don’t remember you posting others….maybe before my blogging time.
    You don’t remember cause I just posted them;) I did them all today. It’s hot and humid outside and I’ve done nothing but play on the puter. Nothing at all productive but a few loads of laundry. It was great. thank you


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