Senorita Rosalita Cleome


I’ve grown this cleome since it came out and was introduced. It blooms all summer long in my Zone 7 garden and looks good in containers or the landscaping. It’s not as tall as other cleomes and doesn’t reseed. It will get to about 48″ tall. It will eventually bush out more than what I’m showing you as mine is still young. I just planted it two weeks ago. Pest and disease don’t bother it and no animals have chewed it up.


It’s looking a bit yellow at the moment but that is because it was starved for fertilizer when I bought it. It was worse but is looking much better. I fertilize all my heavy feeders once a week with 1/2 strength liquid fertilizer.

Below is a stock photo from Proven Winners Plants–but I can promise that if you plant them in mass they will perform exactly like this picture. One of the best plants in my garden.


You can click these images to make them larger. You can also search my blog for other information on many of the Proven Winners. Thanks for stopping by and next will be some of my containers.

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  1. Gail says:

    I’ve looked for these but all I’ve found are Sparkler! They look wonderful and Pam/Digging grows them in Austin. Talk about a good southern plant…gail
    Gail I hear this a lot and actually wrote PW about the nonavailability of some of their cultivars. They said it wasn’t a problem:(. I think it is. Some of the nurseries around here who buy from local growers –say that the growers aren’t growing as many varieties. I found mine at the Briar Patch( who grows most of his own stuff) and got some for my neighbors too. But now it’s gone. Boooo!

    You would love it for certain as it takes the heat and drought without a blink.


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