The Brick for Copper Top Cottage

100_7833Don’t laugh, do not laugh! See the one brick wall going from the second floor to the first. There it is just past that huge pile of debris on the left side of the screen. Those are solid hand made brick. They are going to be the patio for Copper Top Cottage. They may be a little outdoor fireplace too if there are enough of them.

100_7832No one said it was going to be easy but it is free. Did you hear me–free! I just have to climb through the debris, over the hazardous pile of nails and such, and dodge the snakes.

100_7830The wood is mine too! I’m going to use it to make a fence. This house is over 100 years old. I just love it. So this is my summer project. I’m going to take it down and haul it to my house. I might need MrD’s truck. He won’t mind;)

100_7834Copper Top Cottage is still about 3/4 done. Mr D has been swamped at work. He is too brain dead at the end of the day to tackle it on most weekdays. He went fly fishing this past weekend with our two sons. They went up to Virginia and it was a beautiful weekend. So Copper Top Cottage is a get to it when you can kind of project and that is just fine with me. Half the fun is planning and building. Some of the wood above will be used as a pergola for the brick paver patio. Won’t that be pretty?

And so why have I been so busy——-Ok, I got the commercial finished for The Briar Patch. Shew–that was hard and fun. I emailed the last of the pictures to them tonight. I first put the words and pictures in to a powerpoint presentation so they would know which words went with what picture. They only have to shave 4 seconds off the presentation. It was so hard to say the right thing and convey appropriately all the Briar Patch had to offer in exactly 30 seconds. You want to choose your words wisely. Then I sent the pics in several different emails so as not to crash the producer’s puter. He said they would edit the first of next week and it should air next week also. Stay tuned.

I also entered 300 names into a file so the BP can send out email specials. It’s rewarding to see them grow and build their business.

I’m working on two more flower beds for some folks this week. I told ya’ll I was nutty busy right now. I still don’t have all my seedlings in the ground. I’ve got some black hollyhocks that have to go in the ground by Saturday at the latest. I’m so busy that I haven’t even seen myself in the mirror since yesterday. I had to come over here to my blog to see what I looked like.

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  1. Gail says:

    Anna, This is a dream come true for some of us! I want to have a find like this!
    I can’t wait to see the finished projects….gail
    I’m so slow though Gail, you know it will take me forever. It is a pretty grand opportunity. I’m not so sure MrD feels that way–he will when it’s finished.


  2. Jan says:

    I know you will use all that material and make something gorgeous. It will be a lot of work, but having old materials is so much better than new. (You can’t beat free, either)

    Always Growing
    Yes, you can’t buy character or if you do—it’s so expensive huh? I love it too and will be grand for birdhouses.


  3. Racquel says:

    That is a great way to recycle some great old wood & bricks. You are one busy woman. 🙂
    I was hoping to get over this week but looks like you and me are going to get a ton of rain. Better than last year’s drought huh?


  4. nola says:

    What a find; it will be worth all the work! I can’t wait to see the completed project. Be careful!!!
    I will and can’t wait to get started. Too much rain this week I think. I bet there are snakes and I’m so worried I’ll see one. I am not too afraid of them but do have a healthy caution about their bite. Yikes!


  5. Great, now I have brick envy.

    Loved that line “I have to come over to my blog to see what I looked like” –
    I do have to come here to see if my clothes match and make sure there are no bugs in my teeth. I know I’m wearing clean undies as my mom would not let me out of the house without them. I use to think—who would wear dirty undies? Why did we need reminding?

    You can have brick envy as that is a good thing. They are very good brick. Solid and hand made.


  6. Betty says:

    If you use the old wood to build a pergola, you’ve got to have an old rocking chair to sit in while you relax and drink those mint juleps! No corn cob pipe or straw hat is necessary though!
    I’m already a country girl through and through so I know exactly how to act. It does look a bit like a hillbilly hut.


  7. Marnie says:

    Can’t wait to see the commercial. They will let you publish it, right? Taking down that building won’t be easy. Please be careful. It will be worth it to get the bricks and some free lumber. Wood for fences, birdhouses, some for the potting shed, life is good.


  8. Catherine says:

    You have been and will be busy! Those bricks will look great, just be careful getting them!
    Will you be able to share the commercial with us so we can see how it turned out?
    I’m hoping to get a copy of the commercial. I’m not in it—I just wrote and took pictures for it. I’m just off to plant another garden this afternoon. I love it but maybe I need a nap first.


  9. cindeesgarden says:

    It is that time of the year to be so busy you forget what day it is!!!
    I love the brick!!!! OMG you are so lucky to get that for free!!!! And the wood of course will be fabulous!!!!!!!
    You will be busyyyyyyy
    I know you will have a good time though. Watch out for those snakes though….Yikessssss I hate snakes!!!!
    I am lucky and here to rub it in of course. You guys are the only ones who know the great gardening value. I am watching out for the critters. I need to wear a big cow bell to let them know I’m coming.


  10. Robin says:

    Wish I had some of your energy, both physical and mental, girl, you are amazing!
    And I’m half as fast as I once was. I do have many projects and ideas but with MrD involved it has to wait on when work isn’t driving him nuts. He loves his job but he is super busy and uses his brain too much. I think he gets more tired from the mental than the physical.


  11. Randy says:

    Oooooooo, I am going to be so jealous of your copper top cottage! That mortar will probably come off easier than you think. I cleaned up some old brick once by scrubbing them against a cinder block with a little water. The mortar just crumbled like sand. Before you start you should probably get a Tetnus shot, just incase you find one of those old nails by mistake.
    Good to know that the mortar will crumble. I was worried about that. I do need a tetanus shot though.


  12. Les says:

    Over the years I have found the coolest stuff by looking in abandon houses. Your bricks will be a nice addition to the cottage. Watch out for those exposed nails and hidden serpents.
    I’m not looking forward to staring a snake in the snout. I am going to give them fair warning before I go in. You do find neat stuff in old houses don’t you. I am hoping the wood floors are still in it as my son wants them.


  13. Betty says:

    Not only are you multi-talented but also resourceful. I would have never thought to go looking for bricks or lumber like that. How did you find it? Is it near your house? Before too long, everybody will know to call Anna when they have something that can be recycled. That’s a compliment! They will know that you will create beauty from whatever they give you. What does Mr.D think about this? Besides shaking his head in awe!
    First, MrD is not too fond of me climbing around with snakes and rubbing mortar off old brick. He is a sophisticated man and I’m Ellie May Clampett. He will let me borrow his truck and call me a million times on my cell phone to make sure I’m not laid out with snake venom pulsing through my veins. It’s not too far from my house or the ambulance service.

    Thank you for the kind words as I do pride myself in being resourceful.


  14. Darla says:

    All of this is so exciting Anna. Get to it when you can projects happen a lot around here. It’s going to look wonderful. Congrats on finishing the commercial, I so want to see it. We can remind you how beautiful you are with your new do, no need for mirrors!!
    I’m not in the commercial–just wrote it for them. I’m supposing it will air sometime this week. It was going in to the final edit tomorrow. I’ll let everyone know if I get a copy. It is exciting.

    It’s suppose to air during Paula Dean and the morning show. Good spot to advertise as that is when most of the plant audience will be watching.


  15. Sylvia (England) says:

    Though you are busy Anna, you ‘sound’ really happy – I think you are thriving on all the work! Really exciting to be doing a commercial, congratulations. What a lovely old house sad to see it fall down but great that you are using the materials for Copper Top Cottage. It doesn’t matter if it takes time, you can enjoy the process more this way without anyone getting stressed.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)
    It is fun to plan. I am a visionary just in case you didn’t already know. I exhaust MrD but he likes my projects when they are done.


  16. If you re-use that wood to create a Pergola you’ll be importing age to a new structure. It’ll look really good and there’ll be no query over your re-cycling credentials-right?

    Right! This shed has it all…. old—borrowed, new, blue, and a penny for the shoe. I love old with new. It’s romantic. You know what I mean. Everyone loves the look and it’s calming.


  17. Phillip (UK) says:

    Now that is busy Anna. That wood looks really good.
    It is isn’t it? Lucky me.


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