Verbascum Jackie by PW

verbascumjackie11Jackie Verbascum Mullein is so delicately bold. She is loaded with blooms and rises high above other plants with her 24″ tall flower stems. It is hardy to -25 degrees and blooms all summer. She is a short lived perennial by Proven Winners and will usually die off in the 3rd year. So worth it though don’t you think? Plant in sun or partial sun. It does not like wet feet and you need to remove spent blooms.

The one below is Southern Charm Mix.



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  1. Racquel says:

    What a great color, I’ve never tried Verbascum before but it always catches my eye in the catalogs.
    I’ve had it in my former garden and it did well for me and bloomed a very long time.


  2. Anna, have you had this plant for very long? I did have it and it shuffled off its mortal coil after a couple of years, same with Caribbean Crush. So I’m off them except for the species (I have an awesome white one that comes back faithfully and seeds a little but not much). Sigh.
    I had it at my former home and it did beautifully but I left that home before it ran its course I suppose. I don’t mind short lived perennials. I buy wallflower every three years cause it’s one of my favorite flowers. It blooms here from February to July.


  3. Sunita says:

    Hi ! I love your new look. And the verbascum!…. will it mind a bit of heat and humidity? I love the way it looks.
    Thank you. I think it will take a bit of humidity but doesn’t like wet feet. It’s humid here in NC and it does great.


  4. Marnie says:

    Beautiful photos. I grew several of the newer cultivars including Southern Charm but they were very short lived here. Mine didn’t come back this year so don’t think I will get more.


  5. Betty says:

    Beautiful that melon colored one..are they annuals or prennials? Almost remind you of being in the delphiniums or hollyhock family. Guess you’d have to stake them up once they start growing? I like the idea that somebody posted that the deer and rabbits don’t like them. After losing 15 portculaca plants to Bambi on Saturday night, I’m at war with her!
    They are perennial here in my zone 7 garden–but not sure about yours. Check the Proven Winners site to see. Cameronis the one who posted about bunnies. She has a beautiful blog and you should go visit. She’s a pro and has a gorgeous home here in NC. You would like here gardens as they are cottage style. So sorry you lost your plants to bunnies as that is so discouraging.


  6. Phillip says:

    What lovely colours. Not a plant I know very well.


  7. Kathleen says:

    Hi Anna. Love your new hairdo and your blog header. A cloche can make almost anything look better but those birdnests are sweet. Verbascums are great. I have a couple of the southern charm. The colors are so soft they blend with many plants and bloom all summer. Jackie is pretty too with her soft yellow. I usually can’t find these PW that you write about???
    I wrote Proven Winners about their availability in some locations and haven’t heard back from them. I suggested they get more trial gardens in your area and get the name out there. We’ll see!


  8. Catherine says:

    I’ve never grown verbascum before. It really is a pretty color!


  9. Oooh — that’s a pretty verbascum! Deer and rabbits hate them, so I love to grow them. I have ‘Southern Charm’ so far… actually, I think I added 3 of some other verbascum a few weeks ago… but, that seems like years ago already. My mind has been elsewhere (with me).



  10. cindeesgarden says:

    Those are really pretty flowers.
    Geez I am busier then a one armed paper hanger. I don’t have time to sit for more then a few mins. Hope all is well there. Just wanted to stop and say hi!


  11. Kim says:

    I need some of these for my garden – they are gorgeous, and I don’t mind deadheading.


  12. Darla says:

    What a great looking flower! I’d say it’s well worth it.


  13. Gail says:

    Sign me up for all of them! Gorgeous! I have no space but I can surely find a corner in the sun…who needs those daylilies! Hope you are well…miss visiting, life is moving way too fast! gail


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