Scabiosa Black Knight


Bachelor Buttons have always stolen my heart. Their pretty little heads whirl above the leaves and stems in a whimsical sort of way. I love them in containers and when the spent blooms are removed consistently it will bloom all summer.


Bachelor Buttons, Pincushion Flower, Scabiosa are all the same. I like to pair them with Verbascum like pictured below when planting them in the ground.100_7758 Take a look at this Scabiosa Black Knight!



I’m going to get this today. I just love it. Scabiosa Black Night

Growing Tips
Removing spent flowers will encourage repeat blooming.

Full sun



Hardy Temp
20°F (-7°C)

Great for use in landscapes and containers

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  1. Jacque says:

    What a wonderful colour Black Knight is! But I’m in love with that Verbascum! Do you know the name of it? Would love to try and track it down here in New Zealand as we go into spring.
    So glad you like it–the name is Southern Charm.


  2. I love Black Knight; also has a nice honey smell to it (not strong, but definite). I lost mine when I moved, so now am growing them out again; they just do a rosette the first year, but now we’re heading into the second and I’m getting flower stalks!

    By the way, my understanding is that bachelor buttons are Centaurea cyanus (there are other Centaurea sp. but I don’t think people call them bachelor’s buttons), which bloom late spring/early summer here and are cool-weather annuals (though self-seeding ones in the right place). Scabiosa, on the other hand, is Scabiosa atropurpurea, at least a short-lived perennial, and blooms in the blaze of mid- to late summer. Of course the problem with common names is that definitions can vary from place to place!
    Very interesting Pomona and thank you. I haven’t grown this one but plan on going back to get it.


  3. Randy says:

    What pretty photos! Such a wonderful way for me to start my day!


  4. Gail says:

    Anna, They are all gorgeous and deserve a spot in a sunny border! I had to go and fall in love with day lilies early on and they have taken up most of my sunny space…hmmm…maybe thay can move over and share the light with a few of those beautiful verbascum again!



  5. Kathleen says:

    I like your Black Knight Anna but the verbascum stole my heart! It’s gorgeous. Now I want to visit the greenhouse again and my wallet will scream at me if I do!


  6. cindee says:

    Wow those are beautiful! I would love those in my garden too. I have the purple ones and I love them. The bachelor buttons are awesome too. (-:


  7. kari & kijsa says:

    Your photos are amazing!! love the flowers!
    kari & kijsa


  8. Wanita says:

    Scabiosa are so pretty! I love all of your pictures, Anna. So far, only my bleeding hearts are blooming. The blossoms on the crabapple tree are also starting to bloom. Yes, I must post pictures. I have been so busy that I haven’t taken time to post to my blog or leave many comments. But I do always read your posts, and I keep you in my prayers.



  9. Cathy says:

    I like that black knight very nice, love the color ah too bad it cannot survive our winters down here.


  10. Oooohhh I love the photos. The Black Knight should be Knight in Shining Armour. Great shots


  11. Janet says:

    I like that Black Knight!! Very cool. The Verbascum is very pretty too.


  12. Jen says:

    Of the photos that I can see, they are lovely. Most of them never upload for me. Silly things, and they are always the ones that I would love to see.

    Well I will just have to drop by again and visit later, maybe they will show up then.



  13. Racquel says:

    Oh that’s a gorgeous color Anna! I love Pincushion flowers, so this year I bought a collection with the Butterfly Blue, Pink Mist, Perfect White & Yellow Sun. 🙂 Now I might have to add Black Knight to the set as well.


  14. That verbascum is really pretty, too. The bird nest jars in your header are divine; love the new look!


  15. I have “Black Knight” seedling about 6 inches tall right now… I cannot wait. I have tons of the blue BB’s, and have seed started for white and pink. I love them and they do reseed like crazy, but I just keep moving them and give them away to friends. They pop up really early and put on a good show every year.


  16. Sheila says:

    That verbascum is my favorite! I must go look for some and while I’m at it I will look for Black Knight scabiosa, one I have not seen. Thanks for sharing!


  17. Darla says:

    You what though? Years ago I grew a bachelor button with the flower head very large and compact. I have not been able to find them…..they reseeded quite well too. Have any idea what type I am referring to?


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