The Perennial Beds


Come go with me and see what’s  blooming at the nursery with all the know about new and sought after landscaping plants for my hometown.  While looking for some bedding plants, I snapped a series of pictures from the Perennial beds to the fresh market. For this post, we’ll take a look at the perennial tables which are outstanding and irresistible.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I call these mouth watering and quite delicious colors. They are so healthy. You’ll see in upcoming post, how very impressed I am with his hanging baskets and  bedding plants. I hauled off a wagon load today.


One thing I purchased was these Cheddar Pink Dianthus. My word they did well in my former gardens so you know I had to have them again. They bloom all summer and sometimes stay evergreen. The columbine was tempting but my shade beds aren’t ready at the new house. Copper Top Cottage has to be finished and after construction I’ll amend with lots of leaf mulch. That will be my summer project.


And just maybe, I’ll have to go back and rethink these Bachelor Buttons.  I don’t just go around once, twice, seven times. I keep circling inside and out dragging my wagon hither and yon adding to the treasured selections until the wagon won’t hold anymore.


Be sure to enlarge the photo above so you can see the deep burgundy of this columbine. I didn’t have time to jot down the names cause my list was long and I had to chat with all the good folks that I helped over the years when I worked at this little shop. I worked last week and just may again at some time.


So as I walked the isles, I saw folks who are there every year getting their plants or fresh vegetables. And everytime I saw someone—they said—-you colored your hair and got it cut! And I said–yes!, it’s the new me. Di


The sweet men and women I saw today, were sorta like family. I even remembered what flowers they had purchased in years previous. .


I remember when they planted that Amethyst Falls( thanks Les @ A Tidewater Gardener for identifying this type) Wisteria. It’s not as invasive as the wild thing wisteria. It bloomed the first year and after 4 years makes this dramatic announcement that I look and smell good. This whole area of the nursery smells good cause the herb tables are close by. I saw lots of pretty lavender and a very nice assortment of tomato plants.


That columbine looks nice with the wisteria in the background. How come that wisteia keeps getting in the picture?


This was a fun day. I really respect the owners of private nurseries all across America. I support several on my sidebar. I know they work extremely hard and from my experience, the plants out perform those purchased at any other retail garden centers.

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  1. Sherri says:

    Oh I want to go – Just Map Quested it – only 45 minutes away – Maybe this weekend! Thanks


  2. Gail says:

    I had a great time and am feeling just the tiniest bit envious of you! We used to have a garden center filled with deliciousness like this…but it’s now selling the safe 10 plants! I was thinking that I could be happy having a container garden if it were as varied and as beautiful as their pots of plants! I saw a mullein that didn’t come back this year! Too wet! Thanks Anna, love the description of your sunflower hair! gail


  3. Heather says:

    What a great looking place. Ours is 1.25 hours away but nice in a small sort of way. I always enjoy my trips there, even if they don’t result in much of the plant life. How fun for a trip to the nursery!


  4. Les says:

    That looks like a great garden shop and I like the fact that it looks “lived in”. Thanks for promoting local garden centers. Are you sure that wisteria isn’t American Wisteria, it looks like Amethyst Falls.
    Les I’m going to take your word for it cause seems like I remember it was Amethyst Falls and glad you mentioned it. I changed it.

    The shop does have that lived in look and everyone acts like family.


  5. janet says:

    Color abounds!! All too tempting.


  6. joey says:

    My favorite kind of day, Anna, and fun to be with you 🙂 Lots of my favs in your photos, especially the Hardy Gloxinia (I’d forgotten about it since mine never return). Love your hair (you are tempting me)!
    So that is what it is—hardy Gloxinia–thank you. My hair–well I’m still working on the right color but I’m determined to get it like the photo. It’s a bit too white right now. I do love the cut. If I work extremely hard for two hours—I can get it to look like the photo on my blog. So why not show my dressed up side huh? I might scare folks off with the real gardening hair. I like this haircut too cause it doesn’t have to be worn like that—you can just put it behind the ears and go. I can actually still put it up too. good for the hot weather.


  7. cindee says:

    What a wonderful place. I loved going on a tour with you(-: I wish I could go shopping at my local nursery! Budget cuts here. Can’t get anything new right now. So its nice to see what you are doing with your garden(-: Can’t wait to see the new “do” Hope you have a great day!!!!!
    Cindee you are so far ahead of me with your garden and it looks so grand. You could divide all yours up and send me some! I do understand the budget woes. Our poor little town is feeling the pinch. I hadn’t made any major purchases this year. This was my first big round of planting.


  8. Everything looks so healthy. It looks such a beautiful place, why not forget the house, copper top etc. and simply move in there! A veritable paradise.

    Beautiful pics Anna, as always

    Hey! guess what! my cherrry rudbekia has tiny green leaves. I’ve got to go read your remark about that one.

    I use to be at this little shop quite a bit as I was one of the main workers. Now I just flit in and out and write about them a lot. I think I’m a better socializer.


  9. Phillip (UK) says:

    What a great sight Anna, so cheering. This is such a lovely time of year. Thanks for sharing your trip to this obviously lovely nursery. Working there must be a pleasure with such lovely plants around and lovely people wanting to buy them.
    It is and then some! It’s sure not easy work and everyone drops a few pounds this time of year. Poor Diedra was trying to eat her lunch today but the phone and all else came first. I was one bugging her and sure hope she got a chance to finish her lunch.


  10. Catherine says:

    That looks like a fun nursery. I do the same thing, circling around and around just in case I missed something the first or second time around. I love the privately owned nurseries too. We’re going to one on Mother’s Day to pick out flowers for the containers and I can’t wait.
    I am at the nursery so long that sometimes people return for a forgotten items and remark—are you still here? I also leave and comeback and they never move my cart. They know I’m not done. They say—oh that’s Anna’s cart—she’ll be back. I have to buy groceries sometime.

    You will have loads of fun buying for your containers. Wish I was there to get you in trouble.


  11. Deb says:

    I love nurseries like that. We need to get a group of north Texas garden bloggers together and go on out to Blue Moon.
    Yes, do go to the Blue Moon and back. 🙂 My trunk is still full of flowers. I haven’t unloaded yet. I’ve been too busy since I got home.


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