Oso Easy Paprika Rose


I am growing several of the Oso Easy roses by Proven Winners. They are growing like mad and my Paprika variety is blooming its head off. I will post about Fragrant Spreader and Strawberry Crush as they bloom. This is a very good ground cover rose. It reaches mature height in one season is hardy to zone 5. I fertilize in the Spring with Espoma Rose Tone and my gardens receive mushroom compost at that time also. 100_7599

If you need to cover a steep slope or similar situation, give these Oso Easy roses a try. I will add that they have spread by layering after being in the ground for only one season. Wherever they had been covered with heavy mulch, they set down roots. They do not require a lot of watering.

100_6932( Above you can see Oso Easy Fragrant Spreader. It is a bit bigger now as this was taken about a week ago. You can also see how it layered and formed a new plant. It has a lot of blooms on it and I will get pictures when it blooms.) My experience is they get larger than the 24″ suggested. I would say more like 36 and more if it layers.

From Spring Meadow Nursery:

Hardiness: USDA Zone 5

Bloom Time: Continuous blooming, early-summer to frost

Bloom Color: Paprika fading to Coral with golden centers

Foliage Color: Glossy green

Size: 12” – 24

Exposure: Full sun

Soil: Moist well-drained, loose soil.

Pruning: Prune in early spring, remove small weak branches, cut back to strong, greenish-white wood, prune to shape. Cut out old spent flowers to increase flowering.

Breeder: Chris Warner of England

Awards: Rose Hills International Rose Trials best ground cover class

This sunset impresses you for weeks. Starting out as a beautiful paprika and fading to coral with a golden sun in the center, it will make you happy from summer to frost. Only reaching about 12 to 24 inches it is ideal for the residential landscape.

Another post on the Oso Easy Rose

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  1. David says:

    Hi Anna,

    I am reading more and more about the Oso Easy Roses and have enjoyed your information and pictures. I live in Charlotte(Zone 7). How available are these roses? I know it is still early, but I have checked with quite a few nurseries and they do not have these. Any suggestions.

    Thank you,


  2. Edith says:

    We have a garden center in Northern Wisconsin (zone 3-4) I have ordered in the OSO Easy roses for spring delivery. There are 6 in all: Cherry Pie…Honey Bun…Paprika…Fragrant Spreader…Peachy Cream…Strawberry Crush.

    We carry Proven Winners Shrubs and plants. You should be able to get these roses at any Proven Winners Garden Center.

    I spoke to my rep yesterday because on-line they are listed as Zone 5, but our catalog says they are Zone 3.

    He said they, at first, thought they might be zone 5, but after testing them further, they found ‘Fragrant Spreader,’ ‘Paprika,’ ‘Peachy Cream,’
    are a solid Zone 3. The others are a firm zone 4.

    This was delightful news to us. I am very happy to read your experiences with these roses. We are excited to carry them.


  3. Jen says:

    I love how some varieties change color as the blooms age. I’m enjoying the same spectacle with some tulips right now. They change by the day. Love the color of this rose! (I’m also new to the color of “Paprika” — I would have thought that it would be deep red.)
    That’s true, they do look different as they age. I went out to see it today and more blooms have opened. I hope it does that all summer. It’s right by my front steps growing under a red twig dogwood.


  4. Randy says:

    This is a new one on me, black spot it a MAJOR problem around here. I’m glad to hear it’s disease resistant. I’ll be checking into these…
    I’ll see if I can find an online supplier. They have just come out and introduced new colors too. No black spot ever for me and I’ve had them over a year. Last summer was a real test as it was very hot and humid. No bugs or disease.


  5. Janet says:

    I like easy care roses. If it is a needy rose, I don’t want it. Lazy, me? Sure ok.
    I got these in the Spring of last year and was impressed. But this year they are full of buds and growing like mad. I’ve never seen black spot on them and other than fertilize them with Espoma Rose Tone, they get no other attention.


  6. I’m out the door to go get Ivory soap cause all I have is detergent. It needs the drying power of real soap. It dries out and breaks down their exoskeleton. Brb to let you know.


  7. Wanita says:

    Beautiful roses! Wish they were hearty to zone 4!
    You could sure try one cause they were evergreen in my zone 7 garden. They didn’t bloom in the winter but the cold never affected them. We had some 20 degree nights. So I’m thinking if it’s that hardy–you could give it a try.


  8. cindee says:

    I bought a similar plant a couple years ago at HD. It has a small flower. I put it in a wheelbarrow. They said it would be a good groud cover. It has almost filled the whole wheelbarrow. It has a lot of stickers on it though. Seems to do fine in the wheelbarrow so that is good right?(-: Yours looks really pretty. I love the color!
    I’m excited about showing you Fragrant Spreader when she opens. She seems to have been busy putting out new growth and is just getting with it producing buds. Paprika always blooms earlier than Fragrant. I’ll sure post when it happens cause it’s going to be a sea of beauty.


  9. Cathy says:

    I think I’ll try this variety of roses not only for the beauty but if it’s disease resistant maybe it won’t get the black spot disease that we seem to have in this area.
    Our weather has given it plenty of chances to get black spot and none so far. There were hardly any aphids on them either while the Knock-Outs and Gertrude were covered. They are very hardy and disease resistant.


  10. Marnie says:

    Love the color. I hadn’t heard of this variety before.
    They are new and there is a deep cherry red too that just came out this year. I’m hoping that it will be in the new shipment that arrives at my house in a few weeks. It is an excellent ground cover and gets to maybe 2 feet tall. Very glossy healthy looking leaves.


  11. Darla says:

    Never heard of this either. You show the best flowers!!
    Thank you and it is cool.


  12. Anna, this is one of the easiest, most disease resistant varieties I grow. I love paprika, and she finally found a home in the garden proper and not a container.~~Dee
    Coming from you Dee—that is a good and reliable report. If Dee says it’s good–then you can bank on it. I was thinking of putting the new cherry red in a container. I have three of the Oso’s but I think they are up to 5 now.


  13. You’ve got a great garden started at your new home. I love your rose selection (sigh. deer.)

    I’m liking that new –Camero, reminds me of our high school years and those hot Cameros our boyfriends drove. They are worth a fortune now.

    I have deer too but they didn’t eat these Oso Easys. I can’t guarantee but they sure passed them right up.


  14. Joy says:

    Anna .. I have been looking for these roses here in Kingston .. so far nothing .. but I am still looking and especially for one that is VERY fragrant .. I’ll be watching to see what you think of them !
    Our zone is right there .. 5b
    They are tough. The Fragrant Spreader is about to bloom and I’ll post when it does. Mine stayed evergreen so I know it’s tough. I hope you can find them. There are two new colors and one is a really pretty deep cherry red.


  15. Phillip (UK) says:

    What a useful rose, I like the flower too.
    It really is and hopefully it will bloom all summer. I do love my Gertrude best!


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