Copper Top Cottage Update


The front will have lots of windows and let in the winter sun. MrD worked this weekend doing some tedious stuff on the shed. Like, he cut the angle on that siding so it fits and looked nice. He is so thorough and meticulous. He’s not a carpenter but he’s doing a grand job.

He works in a suit all week. His office is pretty cool but my shed is more cool– thank you honey.


The old windows are from various places. One of my neighbors had her windows replaced and I carted off the old ones. They were in good shape so I used them for Copper Top. They are on hinges and open. I have also been collecting lace to make for curtains.


Windows on the backside too. This is a very sweet setting. The neighbors behind us have pretty landscaping and natural areas. I wanted to be able to look out and enjoy it too. Plus, I wanted my little shed to be pretty for them to look at. Yes, I’ll put window boxes on it. Probably not this year but in the future.


That stained glass piece is going on the front side. I got it at a salvage yard for $10. I can’t wait to see light streaming through. I’ll paint the inside white on top and robin’s egg blue below the windows. I’m still not settled on the outside. I go between barn red and sage to match the house.


There are two opaque strips to let the light in. My shed won’t have electricity for at least a year so I needed this sort of solution.


I love his hands, his tool belt, and my favorite–his brain 😉 I am nuts about him. Don’t get me wrong–we’ve had our share of not so lovely moments but life gets sweeter as you get older. Seeing your kids grow to adulthood and everyone being healthy becomes the main focus. I no longer get angry that he leaves pop bottle caps all over the place. He’s learned to get out of my way when I get mad cause I get over it just at quickly. He’s a very quiet man but very witty when he chooses to speak. He doesn’t mind me taking pictures of him but he hates the whole video thing.


My Lady  Banks rose is blooming nearby.


And look at these little guys. What are they called? The leaves have been crushed during construction. Do you suppose if I move them that they will come back next year? I know the bulb needs the leaves to feed for next season. What if they don’t get that opportunity? I’m going to move them–probably.

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  1. Kathi says:

    Copper Top is looking beautiful! Mr D is doing an incredible job! I love all of your windows and can’t believe you found the stained glass for $10, nothing like that around here! I can’t wait to see it completed but I know things take time 🙂

    I would move your little clumps of flowers, just make sure you dig around them big enough to take the whole works, they’ll be fine, bulbs are easy to move and divide!

    Kathi 🙂
    I do have to move the bulbs. I thought they were adorable. MrD is too.


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