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  1. Betty says:

    I see you have started your seed in what I call “Dixie cups” like one uses for toddler or in a bathroom. I need to get some started myself or self sew them in the ground now. What about asking for viewers to show the different ways they start seeds, like you have above. Would be interesting. Let them submit photos to you via computer. Do you have a heating tray under those plants?
    I have seen a lot of ways to start seeds that is for sure. It would be a good idea to gather a few ideas from here and there. I might give that a go next year. It’s too late now. Good idea though.

    I did not use a heating mat and some of my seeds did not germinate. Oh well—I just thinned the ones that did start and moved the extras to the empty pots. The hollyhocks did the best. Once night time temps were above freezing consistently–they went from my garage to the window garden. I just fertilized them tonight with some experimental grow juice that my neighbor gave me. I was out of regular fertilizer and we’ll see if I killed all my seeds. I told him he is responsible if they croak. More on that later.


  2. Cinj says:

    Your seedlings look better than my poor seedlings did. I fried the poor things under a light that was apparently too strong for them. OOOPPS!


  3. Gail says:

    Love it Anna! Ours some of the cups from Christmas! Especially the windows! gail


  4. Robin says:

    Your seedlings look great. I lost a lot of mine while I was in Alabama!

    I like the little Dixie cup idea! What do you use for your starter mix?


  5. Everything that I sowed directly is doing great. The ones in starter pots, not so much. I guess it’s that same problem that I have with house plants versus garden plants! I always need Mom Nature to help out.



  6. Jen says:

    I didn’t start many flower seeds yet and now I’m wondering why. Are hollyhocks easy?! (I’m a beginner!)


  7. Cathy says:

    Looks sturdy, You know if I made one like that over here in the windy city it would not have a chance with all the wind we have (Almost everyday) Nice and healthy looking seedlings.


  8. cindee says:

    Your seedlings are doing much better then mine. I saw a snail on one of my starts. Grrr snails. I planted a bunch of cosmos…three came up. I am going to try some marigolds and zinnas next. Wish me luck.(-:


  9. deb says:

    Looks like something the monkeys might have put together:)


  10. Janet says:

    HIII ANNA!! I am back. Your seedlings look nice and healthy. Not sure how that ‘frame’ is staying up. You must know an engineer or something! 😉


  11. Darla says:

    Where would we be without hopes and dreams?


  12. Should it collapse, you’ll have to recover the house from the wreckage!


    PS Joking aside, it obviously works.


  13. Phillip (UK) says:

    What a great sight. Very cheering of good things to come.


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