Life in the Garden Giveaway Now


I’ve posted about this for days and now is your chance to sign up. You can see the second place prize HERE.

=======You must follow the directions below.

I’m sorry but the giveaway is only open only to those who live in the US–I tried!

You must give me a short explanation of what brings the most life to your garden. For me–Copper Top Cottage. It will be home to all the seedlings next year, it will have a swing, and I will store my treasures in there. I’ll have a birdhouse on the side made from the scrap wood that went in to Copper Top. There will be chimes that tinkle softly. It will be a living shed and bring ‘Life to the Garden’. Now tell me if you have ‘Life in the Garden’ other than plants. If you have nothing—then by all means tell us what you would like to have—besides the sundial and weathervane–that’s obvious! You must include the word Birdhouse in your reply. This is to keep out spammers who don’t read this whole thing through. I hope you have a great day tomorrow and good luck to everyone.

I will pass your email address along to the folks that are hosting this giveaway—- Teak, Wicker, and  More. They will handle the shipping which is free.

Signups close at 8pm Eastern on April 22. I will announce the winner on Thursday April 23.

Info on the weathervane bunny is HERE

This giveaway was being spammed by a major sweepstake operation. I am holding those IP addresses that don’t normally appear on my site. If your address checks out, you will be included.

26 Comments Add yours

  1. It’s over—Thanks to everyone. That was a ton of fun. I will post the winner sometime in the next 24hrs–:). Maybe even in an hour or two.

    The winner’s email will be passed along to my contact person at Teak, Wicker, and More.


  2. I have a wonderful garden, filled with dogwoods, rhododendrons, a large redbud, perennial borders, and a white xeriscape area. In the early morning I sit on a swing, drinking my tea, with my dog sitting on my feet. She gazes out of the whole scene, nose lifted in the air, enjoying all the scents, watching the the birds swoop the length of the lawn on their way to the birdhouse. My dog is a keen gardener and has been by my side as I weeded or planted, or near my side with her head in a rosemary bush as she hunted lizards.
    Rosemary and Lavender bushes make the doggie smell good don’t they?

    You have a lot of good sturdy plants in the garden. It gives it good bones. I’m going to go search your blog to see some perennial borders. Do you have one over there?

    I got to get me a doggie that sits on my feet cause I already got the swings. He can look over my .08 acres and be proud. That is a comforting thought.


    1. Consult with me on good dog breeds/mixes for the garden. Terriers tend to do what they were bred for–that is, DIG. The rescue groups have lots of healthy, nice dogs that they have fostered and evaluated. Many have been given up due to foreclosures. Oops, forgot this isn’t a dog blog!


  3. Jared says:

    Hi, Anna!

    I love birdhouses, I love my chicken-coop-turned-rose-garden, I love my compost pile, but do you know what’s bringing the most life to my garden in Hebron this spring? My fire escape in New York City! On it, I’m rooting dahlia tubers and starting zinnias to plant out at Pleasant Hill. An urban propagation “shed” for a country garden!

    Gosh Jared–how grand that your fire escape is life in a city of concrete. That gives your place a good bit of character. Does anyone else do that? They use to. They use to grow some veges like tomatoes on the escape didn’t they?

    Pleasant Hill is teaming with life. Do you keep your dog in the city or does someone take care of him at Pleasant Hill? I want to be wined and dined at Pleasant Hill.


  4. Gail Morris says:

    My garden has been for the past 20 years or so, and still is, such a source of contentment, solitude and beauty. I began a rose garden last year and received so much joy from it. I also started a perennial “circle” centered with a birdbath and rabbit. The voles attacked my astilble, but one seems to have come back from the dead! I also enjoy the grass, believe it or not!! I love helping my husband mow. The reason: I am on the riding mower ALONE, there is no cell phone, I can go in any pattern I choose, there is fresh air and sunshine all around…I get immediate gratification from my labors!!! tee hee! that sounds psycho, doesn’ it??? I believe the outside of one’s home indicates the “souls” that inhabit that home.
    I was excited to see you and Dottie reply today. That’s what friends are for.

    For sure the house is one with the person and yours reflects a gentle and caring soul. I’m looking forward to seeing this perennial circle. I have not paid attention enough with all this moving in and preparing my own beds. I do want to see. What do you have in there besides a bunny and birdbath?

    Darn voles. For us it’s chipmunks. That astilbe like to disappear during the heat and reappear in the Spring. I hope it all comes back.


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