The TV Clicker Was In The Bathroom



How many of you have lost your clicker? Some say lost your changer. Others say lost the remote. Well, I did last night. I had not moved out of my comfy chair for several hours as I read blogs and mostly stayed in a relaxed comatose state.  MrD had gone to bed. He came home from work in a comatose state.

I wrote an article for my Examiner site about Ninja Bovines and other such run of the mill things.

So with us being unable to focus, what had we done with the clicker? Some moronic thing was yelling at me from the TV and I couldn’t stop it. There are no buttons on the front of my smart TV that say–change the channel here. I saw the buttons once when we first got it but don’t remember where they are.

There are also channel buttons to push on the DVR but every time I do, The DVD tray starts opening and closing. I found the channel button once but it’s much easier to keep looking for the clicker.

I finally found it. It was on the bathroom counter where my husband had taken it along to get ready for bed. He had long been asleep and I was looking everywhere as quietly as possible. I had to go in the bedrooom to get to our bathroom as see if by chance it was in there. It was the only place I hadn’t looked. Why would he need the clicker to prepare for bed?

I’ve done that, I’ve carried the phone outside with me. Someone calls my cell phone and says—, ” why the heck are you ignoring me?” I tell them because they don’t garden and I have purged all such useless people out of my life. They laugh and forgive me.

Where have you left the TV remote? The picture above is that Kwanza cherry tree that I’m nuts about. It bloomed out a bit more and I went and stood under it. I thought you might like to stand under it too.

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  1. Looper says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about.
    Awwwww–Kisses and big hugs! You did take the clicker to the bathroom. I love you though! Are you going to finish Copper Top–your fans want to know. We love it when you wear that tool belt.


  2. Jared says:

    B called me from the street a few days ago and said he thought he’d left his cell phone at work. Then he realized he was talking to me on it. Sheesh.

    Thanks for letting us join you under the cherry tree. It’s beautiful.
    That really takes the cake. It’s up there with wearing your glasses while looking for your glasses. Or holding your coffee cup while trying to remember where you put it down. B must be very busy.


  3. Kathleen says:

    I think there should be a way to beep the remote ~ like you can page your phone ~ sometimes that’s the only way I find it too! You are giving away some beautiful things ~ I’m definitely coming back to sign up!!! thanks Anna.
    Beep the remote sounds perfect. I have turned off the ringer on the phone and then lost it. Not good. My son lost his cell phone in the couch and because the ringer was off he only found it by accident. It drove him nuts.


  4. I’ve left the remote on top of the TV before now. It’s the last place I’d look.

    Beautiful photograph of the Cherry.

    Oh Lordy yes, a dumb place for it to be. Our unit is dark cherry and the remote is dark something. You can’t distinguish the two.


  5. Genevieve says:

    I love those Kwanza cherries – so elegant this time of year. Ours look like fluffy pink clouds.
    It is such a unique tree. The blooms last a long time too. I put mine down near Copper Top. I’ll admire it next year from there.


  6. Cathy says:

    I have actually went out to the car to go somewhere and had the remote control in my hand as I sat in the seat and then realized what I did, I felt silly.
    It’s so great that you finally confessed that. MrD sat it on top of his notebook once and lugged it off to work. Took me all the dam gum day to change the channel. MrD is the most calm man on the planet. He once rescued 9 cats from a burning building and never broke a sweat…not really but I’m sure if the occasion happened….he would be calm. So when he discovered he had the remote, he just laid it off to the side and made a mental note that he’d bring it home later. No phone call to me, no rushing home to tell me he had the clicker and not to worry, no mention of his possession all day. He just never thinks anything is an emergency.


  7. At my house, it’s not the remote, it’s my reading glasses (which I need pretty much all the time, making them NOT reading glasses, lol). Mr. Catnip and I look for them everywhere, and here are the noteworthy locations they’ve been found:

    on my head (only one time, really)
    out in the yard on the ground (fell out of pocket)
    under the covers
    in the refrigerator
    near the microwave (thankfully, not in it)
    Would I be naughty to ask why you needed them under the covers ;)? I can relate to needing glasses ( reading) and losing them. MrD is worse I’m sure. They were once on his eyes and he had no clue. My son ask what his dad was looking for and MrD said his glasses. The son said–you mean the ones you are wearing. I’ve never done such nonsense.

    The bad thing about leaving them in the fridge is they get cloudy when you put them on. I know!


    1. You’re very naughty! I laughed out loud. FYI I didn’t need them under the covers – I took them off, set them down, and fell asleep – or something like that 🙂
      Something like that 😉


  8. Randy says:

    Well, back in my party days years ago I have been known to leave the remote in the refirgerator on more than one occasion. About a month ago I lost a bread tie and found it a week later in the jar of peanut butter. LOL
    OH the bread tie is a good one. I heard your batteries last longer if in the fridge so you saved some money.


  9. Marnie says:

    LOL, I just did something similar. I carried the flashlight up from the basement and went directly to wash my hands. Later I looked everywhere for the flashlight–except in the bathroom;)
    I’ve lost my glasses in the bathroom. Losing a flashlight is funnier. I just lost the phone. I could hear it ringing but couldn’t tell from where. I was in the middle of the house and it was ringing in the morning room. In fact, all three phones were in there—-that’s MrD for you. I’m sure it was him and not me 😉


  10. Darla says:

    You don’t even know the countless times that clicker has just walked away!
    Or run–the little idgit.


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