Redesigned and Coming at You



Here it is….an amateur’s attempt to reinvent her blog. I was getting bored with the same old options so I rowed out in the middle of the sea, climbed out of the boat, and made my way safely to shore. What do you think?

My word that was hard, fun, exhausting, nerve wracking. But I did it! I conquered html. I can see why people pay big bucks to have someone else do it. It’s sorta like weeding. Every now and then you make a mistake and pull the real thing right out of the grand. Good thing I practiced on some dummy blogs and even better that there is a preview button before you save. And OH, even better than that—if you mess the whole thing up, you can start over.

That is a Felecia Daisy by PW

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  1. Kathi says:

    Anna, it’s always beautiful here! I love our visits 🙂


  2. Jen says:

    Love your new design. I’m impressed – also because I’m html-phobic, so I think you are very brave. I really want to re-design my blog for the one-year anniversary which is coming up – I’ll be lucky if I can get a new header up there.
    Thank you. Don’t do it until you’ve had a good night’s sleep and can run a two day marathon. Do practice on a sacrificial blog first. Keep plenty of chocolate around for stress. And then dive in. There is no way to learn unless you trial and then error a lot.


  3. James says:

    Very impressive, very lovely and very blue, Anna.
    Bravo: you have much more patience than I have.
    Thank you and you just don’t have the time to fiddle with something like this. You are busy creating beauty in the garden. And those gardens you do have a hand in–are magnificent.


  4. I do like it a lot! Especially without those SNAP popups that were keeping me from being able to see your photos and read your stories.

    Cheers back at cha! So let me get this straight—you do not want the POPUPS–right! You live close enough to come see Copper Top one day and I hope you do.


  5. Betty says:

    Love that Felecia Daisy by’s going on my list when I go shopping for my annuals/perennials in a few weeks. It’s hard to find a lot of plants that are blue in color. Is that an annual or perennial? Light yellow is another color that is hard to find. Thanks for displaying that for all of us to see. Check out “Soprano” purple did so well for us last year. Even the person in charge of our community’s landscaping wanted to know what it was..It is by PW also. Also Lemon Symphony Osteospermum..
    Opps! I spelled it wrong. It’s Felicia. I did a post on it Here.
    It’s hardy to -2 degrees. Also on the link above is a link to Cherry’s blog. She has a cute display of Felicia and you’ll love her blog.

    I have grown Osteospermum, Soprano and Lemon Symphony. I prefer Felicia just because it is hardier in this NC heat and humidity. Go over to the PW site and do a search on the hybrid petunias. They have some yellows you will love.

    You are welcome about all the pictures and I’m so glad you are enjoying them.


  6. Wanita says:

    You did a great job, Anna. I like the new look. Yes, HTML is very challenging. I took a class years ago, and it has been helpful to know some of the basics. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Thank you and I have a hard time remembering stuff. I had to go back and forth a million times.


  7. Kathleen says:

    You’re so brave to redesign Anna. I spent two days getting mine up and running last year and now I’m afraid to change anything!! I think it looks great!
    PS I just saw Jen’s post about receiving her envelope and it looks so amazing. What a treat all of us are getting by participating. Thank you again for organizing and coordinating everything.
    Thank you and I’m enjoying sending out the cards. Everyone is so creative and the cards are excellent quality.


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