Tastefully Achieved Painted Brick


This painted brick home is an example of how to do it with style. The home is a traditional type that you see in many neighborhoods. ( Make sure you visit the Whitewashed Brick Homes category on my sidebar to see the rest of the homes in this series)

The style may be ordinary but the look is old South with a modern flare. Most old South style paints are white. What makes this modern is the color, window trim, accent lighting, and landscape they chose. It’s a grey tan paint with black shutters, black window trim, and white trim accent. Had they gone totally old Southern, it would have been white or whitewashed white brick with white window trim. I like the look of painted or whitewashed brick and it’s making a comeback.

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Their circular driveway with faux affect stone adds to the old Southern style with a modern twist. The stone faux color matches the house paint. I think it is a stunning combination.


The home is beautifully landscaped with detail of design given as to what needed to be painted tan for the best affect. The Southern shutters painted white is a perfect way to make it look old Style. Yet, they have mounted the shutters in a more modern fashion. Again, they blended to the two superbly.


What a clever way to allow light but give privacy and allow the Southern breezes to flow. Old South meeting modern is so well orchestrated in this house redesign don’t you think? And they can enjoy viewing their home from a nice seating area in the backyard. It’s just lovely.


Choosing to paint a brick home is a tough decision. Once you go there it is very difficult to return the brick to its original state. Choosing total coverage means having to repaint every couple of years. If you choose a whitewash verses regular brick paint, it will last a couple of generations. So what is the difference? There are paints that bind to brick but they do require you repaint several years down the road. Whitewashing however will last a very long time.


Whitewash last for 40 years or more if done correctly and with the best materials. Whitewash is ivory hydrated lime, table salt, and water. Add some portland cement for extra holding power. Apply to all parts of the brick and then wash off in the areas you wish the brick to show through. You can take off a lot or a little depending on what look you would like to achieve. Whitewashing and painting are making a big comeback. Have you noticed?

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  1. Graham says:

    Hey, Ive been planning on painting my brick house but have yet to find a color that I liked until I saw this, do you know what the name of the color is?


    1. I’m sorry, I don’t know. Glad you found this too–did you see the others in the series? I did several…just follow the category. Nice speaking with you.


    2. Judy says:

      Don’t know whether you ever found the color or if you have already painted, but I recently had my orange brick house painted . Color is Burnished Clay by Behr and looks much like this picture.


  2. Get Excited!!!! I finished taking photos of the painted brick homes this weekend and have decided to offer them free to you. Starting tonight–April 11th 2011, I’ll be posting more photos for you—-they are spectacular!!! I will make a category for them on my sidebar. I hope you will comment and tell me how much you enjoy them. Thank you for visiting my website.


    1. The second in this series is here: http://wp.me/pbhKR-2sF and all others will be under the category, Whitewashed Brick–you can find it on my sidebar


  3. Hello to all who visit this post. I am grateful you have visited my site. Today is January 25th, 2011 and soon I am making a magazine just for Whitewashed brick homes. We have many in the South. Stay tuned. If you would like an email about that magazine–please leave your name here in comments! The cost will be $20 and you will be able to pay by credit card.


    1. I didn’t forget ya’ll. I’m working on it. I had 3 people send me photos of their painted brick homes—so I am working on another post. If you will link to this post—-then I will respond here when I have the new article up and running.

      If you want to see what has taken up the majority of my time–go see my website http://bestgardenblogs.com/. Not only have I started that site but I’m also publishing an online magazine full of gardening and landscaping photos which you will love. I promise.


      1. Hi fans of painted brick—this is an update—-I just finished the March issues of http://toilthesoil.com/ magazine. it comes out each month on the 15th. Next week is going to be dedicated to getting the painted brick pages together—–and then they will be uploaded to view. I will continue to update the progress here at this post—–and will post the link to the magazine when it is finished.


  4. BBarrettGA says:

    Whoever has posted these photos of this 2 story home with the painted brick, can you please tell me exactly what paint colors were used???


    1. I will ask the owners of this home and take some new photos. These are mine and this is my blog. Thank you for visiting. I won’t be able to get by there until next week. It is beautiful isn’t it? They have painted their door red and it looks marvelous.


      1. Tarnas says:

        Thank you for posting these great photos on your blog. I would love to see more photos of the whitewashed brick if you happen to have any more. Great site.


        1. Thank you–and I am just out today taking those very photos. I’ll post in the next few days with more. Thank you for asking.


  5. Renee says:

    This post is enormously helpful. I’m having a really hard time finding pictures of whitewashed brick! I’m going to get my camera out into the neighborhoods for examples to show my painter. Kind of a leap of faith. Would love to hear your thoughts on whitewashing a brick split level (in a very vain attempt to have it look more charming). xoxo
    thank you and I do love painted brick. My home has whitewashed and is called a multi sided home. Meaning–I have stone, brick, and siding.

    You don’t have to have blind faith. Go to Benjamin Moore and download their paint program. Put in a picture of your house and you can see it before you paint it. It’s fun and easy. I don’t have the program on my new computer or I would do it for you.


  6. Two lovely homes–and I am a sucker for whitewashed brick. I think it adds that special something to any brick house.
    It definitely has character and old Southern charm.


  7. Randy says:

    I’ve never been a fan of painted brick, but that was very tastefully done. It’s a beautiful home… I think it’s like you said, you just have to choose the right colors. Hmmm… I have a new way of looking at it now.
    Oh good! These folks made believers out of a lot of their neighbors. Everyone loves it.


  8. Phillip (UK) says:

    That is a lovely house – straight out of Homes & Gardens, but very well done.
    I like the blending of old and new.


  9. Wanita says:

    What beautiful homes! I especially like the first one with the lovely seating area in the back yard.
    I like it too.


  10. Catherine says:

    They do both look really nice. The last one is the type of home I picture when I think of homes in the South.
    And there are lot of them too. Even some new homes being built have this technique.


  11. Cathy says:

    Hope you are doing better, love the southern style homes and the gardens are beautiful and charming.
    Thank you, I looked like a bug for two days while my eyes recuperated but today is much better.

    I returned home after years away in other states cause my southern memories brought me back. I do love these types of homes and the atmosphere that surrounds them.


  12. Gail says:

    Hi Anna, How did you know this is what I wanted to be done at our house…I have painter coming tomorrow to discuss this very thing! I love the look, but it may be that our brick will require paint…I’ll let you know~~hoping you have a good weekend? gail
    You are!?? Did you mention it yet? I’m behind on reading cause of my eyeballs being dysfunctional lately. I have new specs and I’m styling. So are you considering both paint and whitewash? I like both a lot. Good luck and do let me know. I think it’s a super idea.


  13. Gail says:

    Concerning the first home…I really like what they have done with the brick and with the driveway. It took lots of “guts” to make such a radical change, but it really has enhanced this home and its surroundings.
    I was thinking it took “guts” too cause there is very little going back. You know exactly where this is ;). I just noticed two Kwanza cherries out front that are going to be fantastic when they grow. This neighborhood is just getting better and better as families find it irresistible and continue to keep it up and make these sorts of remodels. I bet you saw it being built!


  14. Darla says:

    Both homes are lovely. That first one with the seating in the back yard, just says, “Southern Charm”.
    It really does.


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